How can i start a company with no capital?
Many business candidates who fail to open a business just because thinking to start a business that requires large capital.

Yet not all businesses have to start with big capital. There are many businesses with small capital can be successful as long as done seriously.

**Selling Services**
Business service providers can actually be done with no large capital, but in most cases, businesses providing services usually require a lot of material capital.

One example of a small capital business by providing services to an online business is providing an article writer service, providing SEO services (search engine optimization)

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a business with no capital at all, I would rather agree to be called a business with little capital. When we explore business opportunities around us, in fact we can find some business without big capital that we can run.

By learning constantly and always trying to explore the potential of business around us, surely we will be able to build a successful business.
I don't really think this is entirely possible. That being said, the costs of starting a company can vary a lot. In some states here in the US if you do the paperwork yourself you can probably get it all done under $300 - This would not include opening bank accounts, but that would probably require another $100 at most.
Try to evaluate yourself and your company. Self-evaluation aims to look at our abilities, such as: what skills we have, what we have to support the business we want to do, and how much we have networks. That we must do, so we can do business.

Once we know the resources we have, we can make observations around our environment. Do the business we plan to fit in that place. If it is not appropriate, we should try to compensate in our environment about the business we want to do or find other areas.

If you have a skill in computer technology, design and media, you will more easily start a business without the need for large capital, eg online business, online services, steemit dll.
starting a company with a tampa of capital is very difficult. because capital is the main. if in my opinion you have to focus on one problem you want to be successful in your case you do.
since you have no capital, you should look for partners with capital. Partners are easy to find if you have

1) a skill that is high in demand
2) an idea of a vision that looks profitable
3) proven track record of being committed and consistent.
Talking about a business without capital, it sounds cool. very many can become successful businesses without capital and professional. Currently has a desire to start a business. However, you are constrained in terms of capital. Many businesses are offered over the internet or even businesses offered by your coworkers, confused as to which to choose. ??? In essence, most businesses offered must have the capital and go through it is difficult, there are many examples of successful people who succeed from the business.

Perhaps you are wondering, "Can I start a business without capital? all these business people this time will change the mind about the business that must be started with capital. Business without capital you can think carefully.