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How to be disciplined person?
Here are some of the methods I implemented in my company:

Monitor employees on several occasions unnoticed by the employee that he or she is being monitored. This monitoring is to see how employees show their work attitude every day even every time. From here HRD can describe or assess its performance. Review the nature of mind or temperament. This point is most often ignored by the company because it is regarded as unimportant to know the nature of a person. Though this action has a very significant effect to establish two-way communication. Find out the employee issues. Whether it's a job problem or even a personal problem must be known to the HRD to find the solution of the problem. Indifference to this will lead to employee disobedience, complaints of employees, may even damage the credibility of the company if employees can not control themselves when dealing with the client. Two-way communication. After understanding the character and problems of employees, invite employees to discuss. Make sure that all the secrets of an employee's burden can be confidential between one HRD person and one employee and then find the right solution. Two-way communication can also minimize the chances of misunderstanding.
Self-discipline is the only one through which man can overcome major problems and difficulties in life, or if he has to achieve any success in life, or to do some work which is aimed at his life without it This work of Self Discipline is a bit difficult.

 How Do You Keep Yourself Self-Discipline Methods-

1- Must understand the importance of every day Everyday Matters

Every single day of every person's life is very important because 50% of the person's age is taken out in gold, the remaining 50% is for the rest of the work. That is why understand every moment of every day and work accordingly.

Do not delay any work of 1 day which is to be done at the same time, because the time passed does not come back, if you start doing all the work on time, then it will become part of a self-discipline inside you. Other people will also follow you, see that this man is absolutely sure of his time.

2- Increase ambition Raise Ambition

Friends Ambitious here means that you do not stay steadfast about one thing, continue to increase your needs because if you put your thoughts on your needs then you will probably leave self-discipline.
This is something hard to achieve for anyone. It takes a lot of planning and sticking to the plan. It depends what kind of areas that you want to be disciplined at. It really takes a lot of determination. Just doing that thing even though the input may be little is a way to slowly increase your discipline in that aspect as you can slowly increment it day to day.
Well, If you want to be a disciplined person, first of all, you need to commit yourself that you are going to discipline no matter what. Do you know, what lacks in those who have no or little discipline? Nothing, else but lack of commitment. The only thing that can truly help you to become the disciplined person is commitment.

You can be disciplined by practising these things. You have to be more clear-minded, read good books, listen to good speech and podcast or videos. If you can live 24 hours of your life, that you can repeat that disciplined habit over and over again. Good Luck! Be the committed person.
My proposals to be restrained are as under:

To start with make a decent routine to take after. This implies you have arranged out and plot how you will viably use your opportunity from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed. You require not micromanage every moment but rather you should have a reasonable thought of what you want to accomplish in certain time allotment. All the more significantly you customize the routine to suite your own style and solace. You likewise claim or assume liability for the standard you have chalked out.

You should likewise record your here and now/medium term/long haul objective. Begin by laying out your long haul objectives and afterward narrowing every objective to medium and here and now objectives. Perfect utilize the Brilliant objective strategy to layout your objectives. Your routine should in a perfect world be made in a way that it encourages you achieve the objectives you have set for yourself.

Locate an inherent inspiration that will enable you to center and work towards your objectives by being restrained about after your schedule.
Discipline is a big words and it came with a lot of try and error, experiment and willingness to change. Discipline also need commitment, people who don't give up and be serious. It took me 6 months to 1 year to be disciplined in my routine, a lot of experiment, a lot of motivation, a lot of WHY I cannot give up, and etc. But first, you must willing to try anything to help you become a discipline person.