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Which do you think is worse, tribalism or racism?

Tribalism is not universal as racism. So in general racism has more worse impact than tribalism. Though both are harmful for the social development. 

Tribalism have some common consequences. It does not impose 'hate' as much as racism do. They certainly do follow some norms, rituals or so. But do not follow the path of violence so much as racism.

But what racism bring is hate, violence, ignorance and intolerance. So it has vast impact on the community. It hampers the human society most than any other thing. People are still carry hate for each other because of it. 

There is no tribalism in many country, but they surely follow some racism in any means. And that is what more bad for the growth. 

Many society get rid of tribalism for its bad impact but they can not get out of their mind from racism. It works like a poison which spread hate and make us love less. So yeas, it have much impact and it is much worse than tribalism.  


Tribalism is a lower version of racism, just that racism has to with skin colour while tribalism has to do with differences in tongue or language. Both of them are bad because they fight against unity and peaceful coexistence. Anyone that can't tolerate and welcome someone of a different tribe or tongue will hardly tolerate and welcome someone of a different race. A tribalism can also be a strong racist. So both are dangerous to the society


Tribalism or racism are both bad for our society and i believe they are both enemy of unity in our society and should never be condoned....

Tribalism is just another form of racism because at the end of the day they both promote "hate" and not "love".....so both racism and tribalism are worse and should be shunned...


Well in my opinion, I think both of them are terrible and should both be condemned. At first I thought that both of them were equal to the other and that's what I was going to argue but then I looked at it from two different perspectives.

Now for the first one, which is worse, two siblings fighting with each other and maltreating each other or two neighbors doing the same thing. If you ask me, it's wrong for family members to fight or treat each other badly because both of them are blood, both of them are related and maltreating your sibling is far more inhumane than maltreating your neighbor. It's the same with racism and tribalism, why would you maltreat your brother just because they aren't from the same tribe even though you guys are from the same country, doing that is far worse than maltreating someone from another country or race.

Now looking at it from the second point of view, tribalism is an attack on your ethnicity, it's an attack on your tribalistic heritage and that's a terrible thing, but racism is so much worse, it's an attack on your very humanity, because it argues that the colour of your skin determines who is better and who deserves to be treated more as a Han being. Looking at it from this point of view, tribalism almost becomes a trivial issue and in this case I think racism is so much worse.

Both of these things are truly detestable behaviours and I can't pick anyone that's worse, but if you look at it from either of the two angles I just explained then you'll be able to decide for yourself which is worse.

I hope this helps.