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Why do some women look for men who share similarities with their parents?

One of the reason why this is so is because parents want their children to actually mirror them in terms of getting a husband because they feel that a person that mirrors their attitude, belief and lifestyle would be able to take care of their children, so it is a psychological thing, the truth is a woman who looks for the characteristics and moral values embedded in her parents in a man is actually looking for a long lasting relationship that would better her.

But the truth is that not all women actually want this the percentage of the women who you are talking about is not that much in the world except you are talking about a specific kind of people. Like I said before parents are the first love of their children and their daughter and their daughter actually looking for their similarities in a man is a way of showing that their parents is the best and if they are transitioning from their parents to their husbands home they would actually still want to maintain that core moral value which they have experienced right from when they were young but actually in the house of their husband or in starting a new family as well.

So the truth is that most women want their marital family to resemble their parental family as a result of the qualities and advantages which their parents have, so when women search for marital partners they are always wanting to tilt towards selecting people who actually share similarities in values and advantages to their parents so that they can have a continuous prosperous life like they used to do when they lived with their parents


It is pertinent to note that this would only happen in cases where parenting was awesome. We will agree that no one wants to invest in something that won't do him/her good. Where a father was an awesome Dad (in the judgement of the girl in question), such would always remain a model for manhood. 

Reasons are simple:

1. Every good father is believed to be caring and is always ready to provide for the family. This is what every woman would bargain for, hence, they'll wish for such a husband.

2. Every responsible man  is believed to have all it takes to secure his family - spiritually,  physically, socially, etc.Again! every  woman just needs this from a man.

Thus, it is not out of place when a woman seeks to look for a man who share similar characteristics with her parent. I'll have to emphasize that such cases would only happen where parenting was awesome!


The same is true for men, actually. I have seen that quite a lot. I think for some people it might be a similar mindset they are attracted to, a mindset they see to a certain degree in the mindset of their parents.