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People are well versed with innovation and technology! So why are they facing difficulty to catch up with Cryptocurrency?

I don't think it is an issue of "how well versed with the technology". Although that parameter remains during the initial stage of any technology, but at a later stage it is more about "usability" than about technology. Say for example there are many types of smartphones but iPhone still rules the heart when it comes to buy and use a smartphone. Why, because it is well designed, attractive, compatible with all devices and very attractive to you as compared to others. Is not it. So the point is that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has to come to that level to offer the end user the same thing what an end user find it comfortable in terms of "usability".

For example, the users do not like to wait for confirmation for hours or even days. So you have to improve the scaling capacity. The users do not like to pay the transaction fees. Let's make this transaction free of cost like EOS & STEEM. Lets make the components of blockchain customizable and bring modularity so that this technology can be assembled as per the need and required of the businesses and individuals and can be assembled in a shortest time frame.

The best part is that the recent projects are really focused on the usability of blockchains and the cryptocurrencies and it is really a good sign and I must say, the mass adoption has begun slowly since 2017. But there is lot to do and we are on the right track as far as the usability of cryptocurrency is concerned.