What will you do without an internet for a Month?
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Without the internet for a month? Oh my God! It's terrible! Really! I do hope that it will not becoming true! Lol.

I connected to internet for a long time ago, and it really helped me a lots to connect to my little girl (now she is already 22 years old), which I left with my Mom far away, since I have to work in other place. 

Internet helped me a lots to connect with her each nite, to follow up her daily activities, as well as telling her a story before she slept. I proudly will say that internet connection is my first supporter in keeping me stay closed to my daughter, while my real body apart way. My soul flew there into her room, my voices got into her eyers, keeping me in touch with her. I believe that those description is able to describe you how much I love the internet. 

Until now, internet is still be the most support tool for me to connect me with her, and other relatives. My daughter is young lady now, and she is living in other town during her study, so that we still stay apart. And again, internet helps us to keep in touch, through voice chat or video call. It is interesting. 

But..., what will I do, without the internet for a month? 

I know, I will not like it. I hate the situation without internet. But, of course, if we face this reality, we have to be ready, right? Then, I will do these!

1.  Focusing on my novel draft.  (First Week)

Yes, I love writing fiction as well, and for now, I have 3 draft (3 titles) are awaiting to be taking care. :). I am not able to accomplish them yet, since I am so busy with the internet, lol! I meant, I am busy with the online works. Having no internet for a month, gives me a space to focus on continuing my novel draft! But I believe, one month won't be enough to make them completed. Lol. At least, I will try to continue one of them, and do my best.

2. Allocation time more for Parent. (Second Week)

Yes, my mom and dad are living with me now, and I believe that having more quality time with both of them is priceless.  My dad love traveling and there is a wish on his wish list to visit Jogjakarta by car or train. I know it is not easy, since it will take around 9 hours by driving and it will be a 'wow, I am so tired' if I did it alone! Lol.

I will try to arrange it to happen, by asking my daughter to join, so she can take turn when I am tired of driving. We will arrange it to be fun, so both of them could enjoy the trip. 

We will spend about 7 - 8 days for this trip, and hope that my dad will be happy to fulfill one of his wish list. 

3. Togetherness with daughter. (Between Week 3 - 4)

Yes, If the second point above well achieved, meant that I had the togetherness with my daughter already. But..., of course, we need more quality time. As both of us love watching movie at he cinema, so we will make it happen again. I will take her to stay in our apartment, apart from mom and dad. So it is only me and her, and let her daddy keep working (he is in other town) so no interrupt from him, lol. 

We will create quality time and unforgettable moments! We will cook, swim, or what ever together. We also will go for shopping or just do a sight seeing, or spending nite on the street! Wow, it will be a fun! Haha. 

4. The internet is back!

Yes, after a month, the internet connection is back. And...? I have a lots of content to write and publish here, on my blogs. :)

What about you? What will you do without the internet connection for a month? Share us in the column of the comment below! :)

Al, Bandung, 30 August 2018

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I think this question deserves some good reward!

I've been asking myself this question very often in recent months.

The internet has become a crucial part of my life. I can barely remember a week over the last,let's say, seven years of my life that I've had to do without internet connection. I mean it would feel like I'm sick without the internet. There are only a handful of things that catches my interest outside of the internet. I'll outline them below.

1) Playing Video games - apart from surfing the web, the only other thing that steals my time so often is playing games. I can go a day without food if I'd just have to access to my favorite game (football of course) and steady supply of power. You wouldn't be exactly wrong if you call me a game addict.

I sometimes stay up very late (try being up till 4am) to play games. It's my regular past time and I still haven't gotten out of the habit yet.

2) Write books - I like to write. You'd probably already know that by now. I see writing as a means to express myself. I'm not so vocal, not outspoken, so I tend to rely on my writeups to do the talking. I've been writing since my primary school days. I nurse the ambition to become a bestselling author one day.

So, without internet connection, I'd probably spend some good time crafting beautiful stories.

3) I will read books - I like to read too. There are a number of books I've got that I have planned to trad but I I rarely do these days because of my obsession with the internet. So, I'd probably read a lot if something happens with the internet.

Though these things are good, I won't trade them for the internet. I have become an overall better person both mentally and financially because of the Internet. It's almost unthinkable what will become of me without it.

I would probably finally get a life haha. My timeis currently spent 80% using internet and the remainder isn’t. Some things I would do include...

1. Play Sports More

I used to play a lot of basketball/football during the year, especially in summer but now have turned into a very inside person. So I would like to go back and start playing sports with my friends again.

2. Read

I really need to pick up a novel and actually read it. It’s honestly been so long, and I usually love to read a book. Without internet, I would be super bored so reading a bookcase would pass time rather easily.

3. Sleep

Currently with all the things I can do, I generally sleep less than 6 hours a day compared to my peers who probably get over 10 hours a day. Without the hassle of having a list of things to do, I could enjoy more time sleeping and feeling refreshed throughout the day.

4. Read a newspaper

I always get my news on the “news” app on my iPhone. I follow over like 15 different outlets and probably spend 2 hours a day on it. However I never have felt the need to read a newspaper, which is why I haven’t. This would kind of be fun, as well as cool to finally read a newspaper and see why my dad finds it his “special time” in the morning while drinking coffee.

Well that’s my list!

5 years ago our province was struck by a big earthquake. Buildings were mostly safe and undamaged however the power plant supplying electricity for our province was heavily damaged. We were left without electricity for over 3 months and thus no internet.

Those 3 months were the hardest part of my life as before that incident I am relying too much on electricity and internet. I am somewhat introverted so I spent most of my time indoors, just watching tv shows and browse the internet. 

So what I did at that time (or was forced to do) was:

1. Read Books - Even if you hate reading, you'll be surprised that without distractions such as the internet, you will end up picking up a book just to pass by some time.

2. Play Indoor Games - I learned so many indoor games back then like Card Games, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, I even learned "Mah-jong"

3. Get into Sports  - I also did some games such as Badminton

4. Visit Other People's House

5. Went on a Road Trip

So yeah these was some of the things I was forced to do during the whole 3 months without an internet thing (electricity). I am not answering this hypothetically, I am answering these one by experience. :)

It would be one of the toughest months in my life. I wold play all the games in my phone. Visit people. Read big novels to while away time. Maybe watch movies. But it will be boring.

I'd probably die. Lol. Just kidding. On a serious note though, I can't even imagine what I'd do. The longest I've gone is three days and during that time it felt like I'd been cut off from the rest of the world.

If that ever happened, I think I would read more (physical books this time) and get around to writing those e-books I've been putting off for ages.

Without internet it would be very difficult to me live in the world because in today world no one would live without internet. Because everything we get from Google and so without internet for week also a very bad time for us.

I will become lazy if I had no internet connection for one month and I will wake up 10 am in the morning and sleeps at 9 pm at night besides this I will do various activities such as

1)I had interest of reading books - I like to read too. There are a number of books I've got that I have planned to read but I I rarely do these days because of my obsession with the internet. So, I'd probably read a lot if something happens with the internet. Though these things are good, I won't trade them for the internet. I have become an overall better person both mentally and financially because of the Internet. It's almost unthinkable what will become of me without it.

2)I like to play games: The game I like to play should be multiplayer game because in multiplayer game I can play game with my friends and we have a good gossip and I can spend my times and at evening I like to go for watching movies so I can spend time there.

I think I would read as much as I could. Write those notes down. Do lots of house cleaning. Grow some plants and develop some new things. Learn some new skills. Hang out with my friends. But it's really hard to imagine a world where there is no internet for even a month

This is a challenging question! 

My answer is just one, make good quality time with my little daughter. 

Yes, one month is actually really short time I think to improve our bonding as mother-child. But, I will use that time better than before. 

My Little Daughter was feeding the Pony Horse

Just imagine that every day I have to write to fulfill my job desk as writer freelancer. Indeed, I just do it at home, but I think my effective time to make good relationship with my daughter is spent by me to write about more than 50%. It means, my daughter lost her chance to get everything from me like attention, love and also time to discuss everything in this world. 

So many things that we can do for a month without internet, such as:


Sometime I found that crafting is similar with “Do It Yourself” thing. Yes, I will try to do all crafting types from book craft with my daughter. Such as making a house for her dolls in a big size from cardboard, make painting frame and pin it into the family wall and many others. 


Yes, I see my daughter is too talk active, so I want to allow her to make a vlog by saying anything she wants. I will manage her to say what she likes, such as telling story about her Little Pony, her experience when hanging out with me, or maybe about her argument about something that I asked. 


Yes, I have dreams to manage a self-garden in around our home somedays. So, I want to invite her to know more about gardening too. 


Not too far, just traveling in the spot which interesting to visit. Like every parks in our home town or just go to my father’s home town to introduce my daughter with village life. Because she lives in the big city, so she has to know also about another life beside city and crowded life. 

Making Literacy Trees

Yes, we will make reading habits every day. After reading one book, we will mark the trees by pin a tittle of the book. I also will record her argument of that book. We will do it until the trees are so thick with leaves, whereas the leaves contain the title of book we have read. 


So, I will be fine without internet although it is too hard for struggling.  

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I will focus on other things if I don't have internet connection for a month.

Improve communication skills: To improve communication skills, you have to communicate with people. Without an internet connection, I will meet more people face to face and talk to them.

Watch movies: I have some movies in my collection, I have not watched that. Finally it is time to watch movies and enjoy.

Read: I love to read. I usually read online. Now I have to focus offline and read books. By the way, I have some ebook on my laptop, I can read that.

Watch videos: I don't have internet connection, but I have my phone and laptop. I have educational and motivational videos. I will watch those videos.

Spend more time with friends and family: Now I have time. I can spend quality time with friends and family. Maybe we can go somewhere and have fun.

Try to connect to the internet and use Musing: I'm doing this right now. Now I am on a trip. I stay in country side. Internet connection is very weak here. I'm trying to connect to the internet. Oh no. Don't get internet signals. Let's see if I can connect to the internet and post this.

Hope this answers your question.

There was life before the internet and there'll be life after the internet, alot of people have grown too attached to the internet that they are starting to loose touch with reality, so the best thing I'd say is with a month of no internet I'd catch up with my friends from the real world and perhaps make new friends offline as well.