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What's the most interesting in musing.io?
"Share knowledge and thou shalt learn " spread knowledge and you will learn- That is the most interesting thing about musing that I value.

See, when I try to write an answer, I have to do several things at once. Research, brainstorm, maintain a valid approach and write a disciplinedd answer. And these are all the things that are needed in every academic lessons. In easy words this means I myself is learning at first and then I try to share it with you. And to me my friend whatever other things others might find interesting this is the most valued aspect about musing which I will always respect.

By that I don't mean that I find other aspects such as there reward system, helping new users to grow, Q&A factors etc not interesting. But if you are willing than you'll be able to notice hiw every single thing about musing is related to pure knowledge. And notice how every single user here is basically participating in a school program but they are doing it willingly just because they are being offered incentives for their services. I mean musing is at this phase should be a role model for schools. Hell, if I ever open a school I might create a blockchain based reward system that will incentivise the kids and belive me, they'll learn things so much faster.

That is an answer that might have revealed some emotions and sentiments of mine towards musing. But that is all true and I find no shame in revealing them.
You might say that musing is not the only question answer platform, there are other platforms where you can ask question and people will answer your question.

If you observe carefully, musing is the platform that built on top of steem blockchain. Blockchain is the second generation of internet. Everything is moving from centralized system to decentralized system. Having a question answer platform in blockchain is one of the most interesting things.

Since musing is in blockchian, you enjoy total freedom. You can ask anything or answer any question as long as it adds value to others life.

You spend your time and effort to help others answering their questions. And you will be rewarded for your contribution on musing. Is there any question answer platform like musing that directly rewards you for your contribution?

Musing is a platform where you can share your knowledge and experience that might help other people to solve their problems in life. It can inspire and motivate you to take action and do something that you always wanted.
Musing is a platform i love very much, i love everything about musing from the knowledge shared, to the knowledge known and the earnings.
Musing is a platform that has given me another hope on staying on steemit.
So i love everything about musing because every part of it is interesting.
I want to list all things i have seen on musing that make it instresting:
Knowledge shared
Knowledge acquired
Meeting new friends
Exposure to blockchain
Exposure to the world most asked question
and more........

So everything in musing is interesting and i am loving it..

I have just been on this platform for few days, and I have come to fall in love with the site. Its very simple and straightforward. You have the opportunity to ask any question that is bothering you or any topic that you would want to get more knowledge about. Then, it is also so amazing how well detailed most of the answers are. The fun part is that you can make new friends, learn different cultures, share knowledge, and also add more knowledge to yours by learning. Now, this is the most interesting part, you earn while doing any of the following. So, its a win/win situation. Musing is an interesting site, Its like a light at the end of the tunnel.
Musing.io a very helpful for the newbies or to the peeps who are not aware about steemit. It is most interesting in musing.io.

Steemit is a platform where you can share your daily activities, your emotions, your experience, about yourself and so on. If you follow the rules of steemit then you can make you as a successful steemian easily. Whenever we search on Google or YouTube about online earning then we will get many sites and apps. But most of the sites are ptc site. PTC sites mean the site which can stop giving payment at anytime. But steemit is not a ptc site. So. You all can work on steemit without any doubt.

But there are some peeps who doesn't know how to post on steemit, how to make the best use of it, how to do well on steemit, what they should not do and what they should do. The newbies can ask any questions in musin.io to know about anything. And those who are well known about steemit and musing.io, they can help the newbies to know about the unknown. And if anyone give the right answer to anyones question then he or she will eb rewarded by musing by upvote.

It is the interesting thing in musing.io.
For me it's the relationship section...
I come everyday just to read the opinion of other users, and also to contribute. The relationship section gives an insight into the world of some users
To me, the most interesting feature about musing is that you can garner a lot a knowledge from a single post.

When you ask a question, different people come to give their perspective of that question and since you may get more than one correct answer, it kinds of broadens your knowledge base.