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What is Musing and why are you joining Musing?
As you can probably see for yourself, Musing at it's core is just a simple question and answer platform. But that's just an overly simplified statement. You see a question asked doesn't only help the questioner but also helps other members of the community who may have the same question. Then, there are answers on those questions, the most fascinating part. Every one pitches in his own opinion and everyone's opinion matters here and is valued properly. So, that's what musing is.

As, to why did I join? Well, the answer is obvious: value to the content and support of the community in terms of knowledge sharing.
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Musing is platform where you can ask questions to everyone and give answer to others. By giving the right answer of anyones post then you will get upvote, which is the only means of cryptocurrency. You can earn cryptocurrency from musing by giving right answer.

This is truth that I am joining on musing for earn cryptocurrency and I think we all are joining for earning cryptocurrency. But we all have to help others, those who are not well known about steemit and musing. There are some peoples who are well known about steemit and musing, so I think they all have to help the newbies by giving their questions answer. We should not avoid them by think that they are new or what you will get by answering their questions.

So, we all have to give up the tendency of earning cryptocurrency and giving answer in order to help the newbies.
Musing is a question answer site like Quora, but it is built on top of steem blockchain. Here you can ask any question and get the answer in time. You can help other people answering their questions. And you will be rewarded for your contribution.

I joined musing because I love to learn and help others answering their questions. If you want to know more about why I am on musing, you can read this.

Musing is a simple question and answer site like something like Quora where you are actually rewarded for answering questions and helping people out.

I personally joined Musing because it allows me to help people, which I already love doing, and provides an extra income for me, however small, to help me keep my bot up in this Steem price drop. I use Musing because I can help people understand topics that they didn't before, while being rewarded for it, making it a win-win for me.
"Learning, sharing knowledge and earning"
It is the main theme of this.
Musing is a platform where you can ask any types of questions and you can answer questions.For this you can get rewards from musing.
Your answers/questions must be logical.
For sharing my knowledge about steemit, about life,about everything in the world i was searching for a platform,i found it in musing.That's why i join here.I want to learn,i want to teach,i want to get rewards for my deeds.
I hope you have understand.
Musing is a site where you can questions for knowing anything and give answers if you can. and for logical questions and answers musing give upvotes.By giving answer you can spread your knowledge in all.There are many people who don't know something,but you know this well you can get rewards for it.Again you don't know a matter, other people will answer it.by this helpful hyman being will increase day hy day.

That's why I am here.
Musing is a wide platform which similar to steemit.In steemit we have to write a blog and it should not be copy paste work and also it has good content on it so we get good upvotes and the upvotes we get are in terms of steem power and that is our earning in steemit .

Musing is a platform which is linked with steemit and musing is a platform which help the newbies to solve the problem and so they question on the musing and we write the answer of the question and we get upvotes from the musing community so it is very good platform only we have to write the blog and summit it and we get a upvote from musing and that upvotes we get earning are directly transferred into steem power in steemit account.

I joined musing because I also want to become a whale that the people who had joined before because they are good at the top and we have a good earning from musing community from it's upvotes.

Thanks for Readings
Musing is a platform for asking, providing and receiving answers.
It's just like the popular platform, quora where you ask questions and get answers for the questions asked.
Before joining musing, I was a regular contributor at quora but I switched to Musing when I realized that Musing pays for questions asked or solutions provided.
I think that musing is a platfrom of increasing knowledge and sharing experience in every field in which we can share to the community.

Sharing our views on that fileds which we have higher knowledge is giving some required information to person to person.
While posting any blogs we can increase our writing skills and hence it is very good for every petson.

To join musing their some several reason but working in this site is very important to earn and to start working on this site is very useful to me in many ways.

Hence their are many reason for going the musing and this form of earning platfrom
Musing is a steemit based platform where one can get solutions for their question which are not know to users. Its a site like quora but its a cryptocurrency based platform. Musing helps the users in getting upvoted if the answers are written more accurately and related to the question. Musing is a platform where user can spend time to solve others problems which can be any a daily life problems or cryptocurrency platform.
As i said musing solve our problem or query which are been occurring in our day to day life so i am joining musing and spending my time here.
musing here is a well know platform under steem blockchain and its like a quiz where people have to answers the given question.
Quora does not helps people in rewarding money easily but i think musing helps us to get our account popularity if we spend our valuable time here.
Musing is a platform where you ask or answer questions and get detailed answers to your question.

Its also a fun place to learn, garner knowledge, make friends, and also make money.

You make money when your questions or answers get upvoted by the musing curation team.

These are the reasons I joined musing and why I keep coming several times daily.