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Do you get provoked while communicating with ignorant people?
Most of the times I have noticed that it is quite difficult for me to have some patience while communicating with ignorant people. When there are lots of opportunites available for people to learn about certian things they refuse to learn anything and just stay ignorant. I find it very difficult to tackle people with forced ignorance. I even get provoked and show my anger to them. Have you come across such people and do you think it is wise to get provoked while communicating with ignorant people?

Well, it depends on the context you are dealing with. Ignorance at a workplace is unacceptable. A person ignorant of his own field is unacceptable. A person who doesn't have the basic knowledge about his own country is provocative (Especially the ones in our country who doesn't know the difference between the southern states)

But can you get angry on a person who has no musical background for not knowing a particular musical note or the one who doesn't know baking for being ignorant of a particular baking tip?? Or a person who has no interest in painting saying he have never heard about your favorite artist??  Its natural for people to ignore things that are of no interest to them. 

You can't expect everyone to know everything. Everyone is in the process of learning throughout their lifetime.


I think it's generally fine to interact with ignorant people. What I find the most difficult to deal with, are those who are ignorant yet insist that they know stuff. These people are also somewhat arrogant and most likely (and unfortunately) in position of power. Hence, instead of realizing that they lacking in knowledge, they usually will pretend that they know things and speak in condescending tone.

At work, it is quite common for me to encounter such people. The best way, in my opinion, to deal with them is not to directly confront them. In a one to one interaction situation, just end the conversation and walk away. Subsequently, bring them to a group discussion and try to convince the group. If you are the one who is technically right and have stronger reasons, most of the group will agree with you.

The key thing here is not to be provoked and get too emotionally attached. Drive your argument with logic and you will have the upper hand.


There is an old saying that “ignorance is a disease”,well i personally love to do my best to help an ignorant person

to move out of their ignorance and so i do ensure that i do not get provoked when i am dealing with an ignorant

person and that is because how will i be able to help such person when i am already provoked??so that is why i try to control my anger when i am talking to an

ignorant person,well there are some ignorant people that i have helped in terms of educating them and making them to stop being arrogant

but there are some ignorant people that will never admit that they are ignorant of some certain things,such people always believe that they know alot of

things than anyone else in the world but the irony of it is that they know absolutely nothing compared to others,i guess the ignorance is also the same reason why they

feel they know more than enough and it deters them from willing to learn more and acquire more knowledge that will cure their ignorance...


At times YES! I often am provoked by those kind of people especially when they are trying to impose their beliefs on me. As rude as it may sound but what I usually do to handle such situation is just to simply let them think that they won the argument. It might not be the best way but believe it or not there are people whose beliefs are so strong that they will deny and alter all facts presented just to favour what they are believing.

This honestly reminds me of the psychology term  Cognitive dissonance. One first real example of the application of such term was the "cult members" who believed that the world will be destroyed by The Great Flood. A lot of people back then were so obsessed with their faith that they left their homes and jobs and went to relocate to a very high place to have a great chance of survival if and when The Great Flood comes in. Obviously The Great Flood didn't happen, but what those fanatics did was re-interpret the facts and even say that they were right all along, it was because of their faithfulness to the cult that The Great Flood didn't happen, so people should be thanking them not mocking them.

You can try as much as you want trying to explain to these kind of people that they might be wrong, but if you noticed that they won't even budge and won't even take a minute to think and re-evaluate things then I highly suggest to just ignore them. As long as you already presented all facts and evidence to them then your duty is done. 


I've met tens of people like the ones you described in your thread and YES I get provoked very often when talking to some of this type of people. I am a "fire sign" of the zodiac, thus I think that it is particular to people like me to ignite easily. Although I understand the peoples ignorance I can't stay calm when dealing with them. It's not happening the same with all of them though. There are certain ones that as ignorant as they might be they don't provoke me. I don't know why, maybe it's the fact that they at least don't argue or fight for their ignorance and that makes me acknowledge their ignorance and stay calm at the same time. I am working though on this anger management thing and I hope to develop a stronger calmness in the future regarding any situation, but for now, unfortunately, I get provoked by such people and it happens almost daily. I think that answering your question might have made me aware of the situation more and trigger an awareness alert for future situations.  


Well i do not get provoked communicating with ignorant oeople because i feel they are not worth my provocation,and besides they are an ignorant person for a reason and when someone know they are ignorant then someone should not be provoked with their attitude,what the person should just do is that they should just look for ways to make the ignorant person to now have better knowledge about aspects of life so that they can stop being ignorant...


I don't get provoked by them, at least not anymore. I pity them, they exist in a world of their own and are often oblivious of how the world actually is. Ignorant people should be what makes you angry, what they deserve is your pity because they'll never truly understand how the world as a whole works. If you ask me it's just sad.


True to the words of an ulama, "ignorant people really do not know their own position, how can he know the position of others?" This word was said by Imam Adz Dhahabi.

The human brain has their own ways to learn and communicate. There are 3 learning patterns or brain communication media, namely visual (seeing), auditory (listening) and kinesthetic (touch and movement).


I am guilty with this, but I can say that only at certain times

I usually don't get angry when talking to persons having difficulty in understanding what I am saying.

I'm pertaining to those persons who don't REALLY understand me or those persons who was clueless to the things that I am saying.

I usually help them understand me clearly, but there were certain people who Acts ignorant.

I know someone who really was smart, he really is knowledgeable in many things especially to educational stuffs but he has this really annoying habit.

He always acts that he didn't know what we are talking about, he always acts that he was clueless to the topic we are discussing.

I always get angry when he was acting like this and a fight will surely began

He always say that he do it because

"Acting like an ignorant people was his delaying tactic to have more time to think"

I really don't get why he is acting like this, even in crucial time where we are rushing in doing our projects he always act ignorant and really make me angry

I guess I do get provoked to those people who ACT as an ignorant person, but talking with really ignorant people was OK for me