Do you think mind reading is possible?
Some people claim that they can read other people's mind. Some people have even performed practical demonstrations. There are so many videos available. Do you think it is possible for someone to read another person's mind?

“Mind-reading” is a very vague label.

Ultimately, what we’re talking about has to do with sensory perception.

Without getting airy-fairy, everything IS energy. For example, ALL “thoughts” essentially being INFORMATION ENCODED WITHIN BRAINWAVES.

And, the human body-brain-genetic system has much greater potential to receive and process information/energy on frequency spectrums outside of those the common five senses pick up. For example, the pineal gland is LITERALLY a third eye - which upon activating, DOES pick up different forms of sensory input.

That all said...

Undoubtedly, activation of our DNA along the path of ascension DOES open up senses and abilities which have often been categorized as “mind reading,” “extra-sensory perception,” clairvoyance, clairaduience, etc.

HOWEVER, there is also OTHER sensory perception which one might arrive to similar conclusions/perceptions as through those channels, which wouldn’t be so much “mind reading” as COMPLEX PATTERN RECOGNITION.

For example:

You might not to be a “mind reader” to know someone is feeling/thinking a certain way, as it may be able to be read directly through subtle or not-so-subtle indicators in their body language.


Esoteric domains such as tarot, astrology, and the I Ching have great value in that becoming fluent in the LANGUAGE OF ARCHETYPES they present a framework for understanding and interpreting the PATTERNS And governing dynamics inherent in the unfoldment of time and nature’s developmental processes...

The greater the neural networks one grows to integrate such knowledge increases the ability and capability for sensory perception and pattern recognition - thus, what might be at first labelled as “mind reading” isn’t actually “reading a mind” as much as clearly perceiving the (cultural-genetic) patterns a person is playing out (perceptible partly in their language patterns, vocal tonality, and body language) and moving through (within the context of a developmental process common to ALL human beings on this evolutionary/ascension course).

So to summarize, playing into the question at the vague surface-level definition of “mind reading,” minus the technical details: YES.

However, without the distinctions, it’s unclear whether a particular case would be a more matter of direct sensory perception of thoughtforms OR complex pattern recognition. (Although there IS an overlap existing between those two polarities, each dependent upon the other.)



Maybe, here's the explanation:

You may have believed that every human mind and thought is intangible, abstract, so unpredictable. But actually, all mental activity in the brain is communicated through electrical impulses.

Your brain "lives" from electrical support, similar to a computer. When you concentrate on thinking about something, this activity will trigger the activation of signals in the nerves in the premotor cortex - the brain region responsible for planning movement. This neural group is turned on not only when you do an action, but also when you see the same action being done by someone else. These neural groups are called mirror neurons, mirror neurons also reflect sensations and emotions, not just reflect actions.

Thus, "Mirror neurons show that we can actually empathize with others - feel how to be at that moment. Even with the presence of mirror neurons, we do not have to pretend to empathize, because we really can really read the person's mind. When we interact with someone, we do more than just observe the behavior of others. We create internal representations of the person's actions, sensations and emotions, within ourselves, as if we are those who move and feel.


Mind reading is just a guess game. People's thoughts and actions are guessed based on circumstances happening to them. No one can read any one's mind but someone's action can be guessed based on their reaction to events. Mind reading is simply a guess game. Nobody can read anyone's mind


I think to an extend but not fully. If mind reading was really possible I guess we would see those individuals to have super human powers. If I wanted to hack someone's password for their bank account or know something about a person, I just read their mind. I guess to some extend it is possible for those more generic movements of a person that involves actions rather than thoughts that are from within the mind.

Like certain body languages would roughly lead to certain actions that a person would have done and patterns of people can lead to learning about what their next move would be. I think in the future with a. I and lots of data collected, then it can be relatively more easy to read a person's mind especially from tracking their activities across various online platforms.


We cant exactly read what is on someones mind, but can make some pretty educated guesses based on a number of factors such as their speech and their body language. Classic example of people who do this very well ) and makes for entertaining television!) are Derren Brown and Keith Barry - they use a combination of cold reading, hypnotism and mentalism. Derren Brown often explains some of the techniques he uses and why they work so well on people.

The majority majority of the live shows who say they can read peoples minds are mostly scams - people cant actually read minds!


Mind reading is possible.It is similar to face reading. Human vast parts help to understand about human minds. Human mind controls all organs with the movements of different organs one can understand and learn the mind reading


No, it is all a scam that these "mind readers" put on. My wife watches this horrible show called long Island medium or something to that effect and the lady always leads in with very vague questions then hones in on what the people want to talk about. Total fake.