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Do you think cryptocurrencies can become the only transnational currency in the future ?
We currently use the money for all the transactions that we do in our country. After decentralization and digitalization, do you think everyone will be using cryptocurrencies instead of real money for all the transactions? I'm just thinking about the far future.
No, I don't think so. The reason for that is lack of security. Centralized systems will not get replaced by cypto until crypto can solve the problem of human error, hacking, people forgetting private keys etc. Just like the stock market, crypto can become a large essential part of world economy. But it is not ideal for everyday use. The problem of hacking and people losing private keys is the biggest obstacle for that. Average people in most countries do not have the necessary knowledge to understand crypto very well. They will constantly make mistakes that will be fatal and could cause financial ruin for them. The same can be said about stocks. Many amateur investors get themselves in big trouble investing in stocks. Their lack of investment knowledge is one major reason for that. Due to this high risk, average people generally do not invest in the stock market and keep their savings in the banks instead. Similarly, crypto has very high volatility and unregulated pump and dump schemes. These lead to high losses for many newcomers (think the guys that brought bitcoin when it was 19k) which creates fear among the general public about entering the crypto space. Until crypto can solve these issues, I don't think there is any hope for mass adoption among the general public. But **the dreamers, the smart and the passionate** will continue to enter the crypto space (that is how crypto might become a much larger thing than it is right now).
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That's a good question. I take that to mean whether or not some cryptocurrency  can become a global reserve currency and the dominant currency of transnational payments in the future. The US dollar serves as a global reserve currency at the moment. Central banks all over the world hold it as part of their reserve along with gold. 

I think it is possible for Bitcoin to become a global reserve currency eventually. But it will require that the US and its dollar lose their current hegemony. I'd say it is bound to happen once the constantly declining US share of global GDP becomes low enough. It's on a downtrend of about 0.25 percentage points per year. If adoption of Bitcoin as a store of value grows sufficiently, I can imagine central banks accepting digital assets such as BTC as part of the basket of commodities in their reserve along with gold. That will require the market cap of Bitcoin to grow by several orders of magnitude. Also, its mining would have to become truly decentralized and global. Right now, it's concentrated in China a bit too much.

Most cryptocurrencies are quite immature at this point. Their adoption as widely used payment systems requires substantial improvements in wallet software and also custodial arrangements.

I wouldn't say "only" but in the far future I believe there is a real possibility that cryptocurrencies will be the preferred transnational currency. A cryptocurrency such as ethereum has a "trustless" system that can be mediated if a disagreement comes up and all contracts are open and transparent. I think cryptocurrency transactions would neatly fit into democratic governance.
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I doubt it.
Cryptocurrencies have great potential to replace fiat in day to day transactions, but even at that it would be hard to phase out fiat completely.

There'll still be a section of society that does things the old fashioned way. Better technologies don't always succeed in making the older one non-existent.

Take media for example; newspapers have bee around as far back as the 19th century. This is 2018, and despite the arrival of radios, television and the internet, there are many people out there who prefer reading their news in print.

The discovery of fire was integral in moving human civilization to where it is today. Despite that, tribes have been found in modern times that put their food in tress to warm them because they hadn't discovered fire yet.

Cryptocurrency will change a lot of things, but fiat will still be around in the near future.
No it will not be in future because there are businesses which are required to go through national curreny and if only cryptocurreny will be in market how can be world be compared with each other and the GDP will be also down if it is been done.
If cryptocurrency will only be transnational currency then there will be more fraud chances of gambling so to run the natinal therr should be need of national curreny also.
IThe era will cone there will be only cryptocurreny but it will take millions of years to convert this because in the world there are millions of people who are illetrate and still they are searching to earn some money and to run the cryptocurreny platform there should be need of machinery like computer or mobile phone so therr are poor people who are lack of even to buy a single phone then how can the world be converted into virtual currency.
No ,I am not familiar with this because world is so much big and it has approximately more than 200 countries then how it is possible that cryptocurrency es can became the transnational currency in the future.

Mostly countries are democratic country then what happen if they regulate the cryptocurrency but the security should be high because anything problem arise or fraud things happen due to block chain then there will be responsibility of a government so it is very impossible that to make transnational currency in the future.

Cryptocurrency are banned in some countries due to government are not taking risks by regulating cryptocurrency because they also know that if they regulate then there would be so much big burden on them.and so to keep silence they banned the cryptocurrency in their nation.

I had only one point to think about Cryptocurrency can became the only trannational currency in the future is too have a proper block chain and good security as same as ethereum then it would be great for us

Thanks for reading
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