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Which one do you prefer, audio books or physical books?
Today reading books is gradually reducing. We don't see much of a crowd from the younger generation in a bookstore. It could be because they get all the information from the internet. But reading physical books is also a painful task for some people. There are audio books available where some one will read the whole book for us and it will be enough if we just give our ears to the audio. Do you prefer audio books or reading physical books by yourselves?

I strongly corroborate with your point and I quote

"today reading books is gradually reducing. We don't see much of a crowd from the younger generation in a bookstore''. This is a situation which really gets me astonished about today's younger kids generation because during those previous years, we have lots of people visiting the library often and the population can be never be compared to that of our present generation. I think one of the main reason for this is due to the existence of technology advancement since we now have integrated ICT. Most youths now make use of their smartphone and gadgets to engage in different activities such as surfing the internet, chatting, etc while very few of them engage in downloading books and reading.

I believe the physical book is more preferable to me than the audio books because I tend to be more focused and alert whenever I read the physical book. Reading should be done with full attention and I always engage in this whenever I read physical books.

Sometimes when I travel long distance, I do like to have a physical book with me other than audio book because I do feel active when reading the book physically but I do get distracted when listening to audio books.

Also, the audio book sometimes lacks proper intonation and some words may not be very clear to you unlike reading the book by yourself with your specific method of reading which is mostly acquired by your mind.

Lastly, I am a phone addict and I can't really do without pressing my phone for some minutes. I do get distracted whenever I listen to music on my phone because I will always have to press my mobile phone not to talk of listening to audio books. There is no how I can escape listening to audio book without getting distracted such that I will surely have to press my phone most especially if I have notification from my social media account. But whenever I read books physically, I do it with full attention ignoring any disturbance from my mobile phone.

In conclusion, I prefer reading the book physically to audio book. I can only listen to audio books if I am very tired or if I don't have any data on my mobile such that I won't be able to surf the internet.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Paper, always paper, printed version. I love books, I have quite a few, a great collection. It's nothing better than to read a good book, to keep it in your hand. You can read it slowly or however you please. 

Audio books are different. The voice of the person reading the text can be pleasant of irritating, which can ruin everything. Or maybe I don't like how the reader  emphasize the words.

Regarding the younger generation, a good part of it doesn't read and doesn't listen to audio books either, they prefer video games and other stuff.  


If you read something that you are interested in and enjoy, then reading a book can be one of the best activities. For example try some fantasy books. Like the books of Jess E. Owen. The Summer King Chronicles series. That is a very good fantasy book series with an immersive world featuring speaking griffins and other speaking and non-speaking animals. This book series currently consist of 5 books. I have all of the  books, and every book from the series is great. Absolutely worth reading.

I imagine being one (or more) of the characters. Or being a totally different character or being just a viewer during reading the books. The world and the characters are "living" in a good fantasy book, and I live together with the world and the characters of the book, and the reading is a great pleasure/enjoyment. It is like being in a totally different world during I read the books.

I often check the websites and/or the Facebook pages of my favorite book authors for news, including new books and/or artwork. Or any kind of new information. There are plenty of griffin artwork on the Facebook page of Jess E. Owen. I am constantly waiting for new books from my favorite book authors (Jess E. Owen, Szakács Eszter, Michael Peinkofer).

Younger people should try to find the book genre that they like/enjoy/interested in. They will certainly enjoy reading books. I am also relatively young. I am currently 26 years old. I was born on 1992.09.17.

You probably already know from the lines above that I prefer reading physical books. By the way, I am rarely listening to audio books nowadays. Maybe I will do more in the future.


There's no right or wrong answer here but a matter of preference. I would opt for physical books more. These don't require electricity to read on and you don't have to worry about the file being corrupted or your player broken to consume content. I do understand that audio books have their own set of advantages over physical books such as content being reproducible and readily saved online though. 


This depends in the location I am at the time, I understand reading physical book could be a sort of discomfort if I am in a vehicle where the sit is tight or an audio book could cause me sleep if I was lying down and listening to an article. So preference to this depend highly in where I am at the time.

Apart from this, there are people who learn faster through audio tapes and others by physical books. For me I find the two comfortable for me , because I learn we'll both through audio and physical book.

I prefer audio books when am travelling, i just plug in my ear piece and listen to an article as we journey through but when I attend the library or in a class or room, I prefer the physical books.


Both but not in it's entirety for many reasons, audiobooks in my case help to disconnect myself from some parts of my brain, helps to concentrate on the things I am doing with my hands, but it can be self-defeating when the audiobook don't respect the onomatopeia of the book in itself, the voice is linear and make impossible understand the feeling of the context, that can tend to get the people bored, that is one of the bad points I get to the audiobook. 

About of the physical books I could say that I prefer the physical books than audiobooks, for the feeling that produces me turn one page to the other, the smell that they have, wheter they are old or new. How it feels to read desperately trying to know what happen next, even when you finish the book feels great when you close the book and it leaves a good taste in your mouth, that is a priceless experience. 


Both have there place in human life. Paperbacks are amazing reference materials because we can hold it, or pass it to next generation. Imagine that there was audio book in cassettes, it will take considerable amount of efforts to convert them to digital format like MP3, WAV, AMR and others. There is no need to convert paperbacks, it remain as what it is for a long time.

If I have to highlight important points in a book, audio book will not give me this privilege, it is annoying if I have to plays pause and play again.

In my opinion, physical book is the best.



Over and over again, I prefer paper books to electronic copies or audio book. Now this answer is just my personal opinion, many others will have a different view about this.

First know that I'm a millennial, and was born at a time when we only had paper books in my community, so I grew up learning to read using books.

Now I have grown to a stage where I am surrounded with lots of electronic copies or audio books too but none can compare with my books. I understand what I read more, if my eyes are going over the print. I ponder upon every word as I read and often times I decide on the tone when reading a particular text. Compare to audio books, the reader decides the pace, the speed and where to emphasis. Some words just do roll over as the reader continues with p paying close attention and it is easy to be distracted when reading, so I'll say it again. Paper books are preferable to me than audio books.


Both books have their advantages. Audio books are easy to listen to when one is quite busy and it requires less concentration than physical books but I always prefer physical books because it's handy, and very relatable than audio books.

Audio books are nice but I don't connect much with books in audio form that much. There's a kind of connection I have when reading physical books that's why I prefer physical books


I read books the normal way. I have never listened to an audio book and most likely never will either.

I love to read and I escape into the book. Someone reading a book to you is not the same and I would be turned off and put to sleep. By reading you also increase your vocabulary.

Audio books is a lazy way of not reading a book and I think it would change the experience. What happens if you don't like the readers voice. Do they have more than one option in voices?


Physical books. 

I do listen to audiobooks whenever I go on long walks.


I'm not really comfortable with the audio format when it comes to a book. I find the tone monotonous and it is easy to pick up when doing something else at the same time.

And yet, I am a big consumer of podcasts. It's an amazing medium to learn. Conversational mode works better in audio than just listening to a book.

When it comes to a book, I really advise to take the time to read. We do not have to go through it all.

It is also a way to get some information in one or more subparts of the book. It will be much easier to return to it later. More complicated thing about an audio format ...


I like audio books when I'm on long trips to Nebraska from Texas. But I like physical books when I'm relaxing before bedtime. You kinda need both. 👍


@Bala41288, Don't know why but in my opinion Physical Books are more important because our innerself can read us and when we go through from the Physical book we recite it and we consume every word and we enter into the realm of the book. So, physical books can take us for different journey. Stay blessed. 🙂