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Do you think that human lifespan is reducing gradually compared to past ?
We have seen so many elderly people living past 80 years easily. But in today's world crossing 60 years itself becomes a big nightmare. We can quote various reasons for the same. Do you think our life span is reducing gradually? Science says that our body is designed to live for 200 years and we kill it with slow poisoning.

It is yet another myth in action to believe that human lifespan is gradually decreasing. Almost all other answers here including the one which is on the top seem to stand for that false claim!

Contrary to this widely prevalent talk of gradually decreasing life expectancy, the human lifespan is rather gradually increasing! I'm here with the scientific data to support my argument.

Let us take the example of our country, India.  As you can see in the following graph, the life expectancy of the people here was a mere mid-20's in the decade 1901-1911. In 1947 when Britishers left this country granting her the so called freedom, the condition here was pathetic. Majority of people used to die at the tender age of mid 30's. The number 37 represents the life expectancy of india in the year 1947!

Pic courtesy- http://indpaedia.com/ind/images/2/2c/Life_expectancy_in_India_in_1901_2011.jpg

And closely look into the graph once again. Can't you recognize the change taking place year by year? It is apparent that the life expectancy gradually increased year by year. As of 2018, the life expectancy of the people of india stands at 68. I guess the change is palpable!

Reasons for this increment and the future.

There were/are no shortcuts; the only straight reason behind this fascinating improvement is the tremendous progress in the field of science and technology that took place globally. In the first half of 20th century, people here in India were largely illiterates and majority of them were peasants leading a below average life. Not to mention the quantity of superstition present in the land of mythology! 

Majority of illnesses for which we have proper treatments today were fatal during those days. People used to die for mere common cold. They would attribute jaundice to the call of god and would never give a proper care. Modernization in the health sector seems a bit slow as far as the case of India is concerned. That's why we still remain far behind the western countries in almost all social parameters!

There are history books that tell us the real story of that time. Nowhere in those systematic approaches can we find that the lifespan then was greater than it is today. absolutely, the stories of 100+ aged people at that time is a little fraction that gets exaggerated over the years.

Did you even know that the deforestation taking place all over the world has a comparatively little say in the reduction of Oxygen level! Yes, It is true, It is algae growing in the sea that accounts for over 70% of the total oxygen produce! I strongly believe that the human factor that we attribute as the reason for the myth- The reducing life expectancy, is negligible when compared to the natural factors itself!


Life expectancy clearly is on the ascending path which surely gonna hit beyond 100 in the years to come. The changes taking place are indeed rapid and we are going to witness miraculous  transformations in the fields of diagnosis and treatment itself.

Nanotechnology and gene mapping are the two cutting edge technologies that are going to increase the life expectancy of you and me to the levels that we would have never imagined before even in our wildest of dreams!

So be prepared to live your life beyond your imagination! 


Well yes I do, I mean it's quite obvious that the life expectancy of human beings has reduced, no thanks to the advent of global warming, fast food and a host of other life shortening factors. The bible has it that certain people lived up to the age of 200 while others at least got up to the age of 100 before they kicked the bucket.

I imagine that life was actually harder for people in those days seeing as they didn't have things like phones and automobiles to make communication and transportation easier, but yet the records clearly show that they lived much longer than people do today. The life expectancy of people in those times was and is still far higher than it is today. That's probably because they didn't have anything to make their lives easier and as such their bodies were made stronger and tougher by their experiences as opposed to how soft and weak humans are today.

I mean if a person lives up to 100 years today they'll be celebrated and respected for just that, but in the days of old, living up to a 100 years was nothing, it was a normality and not living up to that age was the abnormality.

Thinking about it again, I think the life span of human beings hasn't exactly reduced, it's the life expectancy of human beings that's reduced. The environmental conditions of the past must have been more favourable for people to live longer than the ones that exist now. I bet that if you carried a new born child born today and placed him in the exact conditions that existed in the time of Abraham and Esau, then he'd probably live to be just as old as they were.

Another theory could be that nature has simply made it that the life span of human being has been reduced so as to curb the problem of overpopulation. It's a little far fetched but it's quite possible.

Nonetheless I still stand by what I said earlier, the life span of human beings hasn't reduced, the predetermined human lifespan of 200 years was based on certain ideal environmental conditions which probably existed in the past but don't exist today and as such the human body can actually live that long, but it won't because our life expectancy isn't nearly as high as it was before.

I hope this helps.


Yes, I would say our life span is decreasing day by day, gradually. One of my grand parents lived for over a hundred years, I doubt if that is common in a neighbourhood anymore. And that is just a few decades back. I've met a few that were alive during the first world war (1914), sadly most of them are no more. 

What do you think is the cause of this reduction in lifespan?

I was curious to find out many years back, so I turned to science books. The scientists wonder why humans die. Sometimes, they check the vital organs of a human and say it  does not show sign of an imminent death. 

I know this is a topic some people love to shy away from, but that's not me. Let's see some of these problems.

Environmental hazards have been a major problem. I've been in Africa for some time now. And just within these few years, I've witnessed two hemorrhagic fever - ebola and yellow fever. These are illnesses that can result in death within a few days. Compared to the past, they had lesser number of health care, but there's hardly a difference in the death rate figures.

Another reason life expectancy is decreasing is because of lifestyle. People like to eat on-the-go foods, they don't want any thing stressful. But most of these on-the-go foods contains preservatives, and exposure to them are harmful to the body. I've read several times about the side effects of canned foods, but do we still eat them? Yes, there is hardly another option.

Obesity is still under lifestyle. Some people want to eat any thing that comes their way. We live in times were people wouldn't want to be referred to as "obese or fat." I was chatting with my uncle in the states, he started talking about the problems he's having with his children. If you see how big they are, you'll be surprised.

Air pollution is another challenge. Imagine the fact that the air we breath is already polluted. With the increase in industries and factories, the more our air gets polluted. Many of these companies do not care to use eco-friendly methods. If you compare with decades back, you'll a big gap in the number of companies. It shows the air was less polluted.

Stress and depression. We try to work so hard in order to make some money, forgetting that stress could affect longevity of life. Associated stress problems includes high blood pressure, which is claiming a number of lives today. Because of depression also, we hear of suicides. One of my uncles used to say, "suicide never existed in our times." But we see increase in the rate of suicides now.


This is a very intriguing question I must say.

Well based on my belief as a Christian I wouldn't agree that human lifespan is reducing because I still see people living above 80 years around me.

There are many things that caused untimely deaths today in our world ranging from violence to poverty and health challenges.

It's not God's will for anyone to die untimely rather it's the devil's work believe it or not, life is very spiritual and it is the spiritual that controls the physical.

Thousands of people have died untimely to wars, natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami, hurricane and so on.

People died untimely through accident, diseases that looks incurable and many other causes.

The truth is there are many reasons that causes many untimely deaths today in our world and it has been like this for centuries.

So I won't say that human lifespan is gradually reducing by default but there are things that leads to people dieing untimely.


Life expectancy is still increasing across the globe. Almost all countries outside of Africa have life expectancies of 70+ years with the healthiest countries reaching well over 80+.

Generally the improvement in health from medical advances and understanding of health outstrips any negative impacts from disease or pollution.

However the quality of life at older ages is not improving at the same rate. Thus we may need social care for longer periods which is starting to become an economic burden on societies.


Yes that is true...

In my family itself I have seen my ancestors living mostly above 90 years of age and now a days if you live for 60 or 70 years then it is considered as a great accomplishment. There are various reasons to why our life span is shrinking and some of the important reasons are:-

  • Food intake is one of the most important parameters to the longevity of life span.  In modern days the food are mostly synthetic and not fresh and on the top of that most of them are adulterated too. Further if someone wish to choose purely organic food in modern life style, then it is not affordable cost wise for a common man in urban area. If you check the food intake of rural and forest areas, they really take healthy food and most of the time fresh green vegetables they take and that is why they are more healthy than the people living in urban area.
  • Your surrounding atmosphere and environment plays another crucial role in the longevity of life span. The urban areas and industrial areas are mostly polluted and the green house gases emission is so high that the air quality index of cities and metropolitan areas have been degrading significantly. You can check the case of New Delhi and there are many other cities, you can find the similar situation. So the modern life style is at the cost of health and life span of human being and that we have to admit.
  • The more oxygen you inhale, the more longer you live. It is as simple as that and I do not think in present days we are getting fresh and pure oxygen, because everything is adulterated and because the modernization is at the cost of cutting down the forest cover and trees, the consequence is lack of free gaseous oxygen and that is very badly affecting to human life and subsequently longevity of life span too. It is adding more complex health issues along with that.
  • Somehow the human civilization is too much dependent upon technology, that is not bad but whenever that comes at the cost of nature & ecology, it is certain get the consequence of that as well and we are somehow detaching ourselves from the mother nature and that is yet another reason for the shorter life span of human being.

Therefore the time has come to restore ourselves to the organic way of living and even if we adore technologies and modern life style that should not be at the cost of nature and environment and our living standard and technology should be eco friendly so that we can produce a viable atmosphere for our own as well as the nature and that can only restore to the normal life span of human being.

Thank you and Have a great day.


in my opinion, this all depends on a person's lifestyle when he was young. if someone lives a good lifestyle, such as frequent exercise, consuming foods that contain nutrients, and doing other positive things, then the chances of a longer life. even for 100 years.

and if a person lives a bad lifestyle when he is young, his age will be shorter. this is chronic. for example, someone who likes to consume cholesterol-containing foods like burgers. then with time, maybe the next 10 years the cholesterol will increase. when cholesterol increases, there will be accumulation in the blood vessels so that the blood flow becomes blocked. in this case there will be many complications such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. Such diseases are at high risk of causing death in future masses.

the conclusion of a person's age is determined by the daily lifestyle. and that reduces a person's life, which is a bad lifestyle that he lives everyday when he is young.


Life expectancy is surely on the rise and has risen in the past years thanks to advances in medicine and science. It will in my opinion continue to rise if we find the cure for cancer, aids, and other incurable diseases. Better understanding of human body will only help us get better. Evident from the rise in elderly population and the failing of pension and insurance models leading to a gigantic pension crisis in the west. The assumptions of life expectancy one these models is incorrect, which is why companies haven't planned adequately for ageing people.

Life expectancy may reduce if new lifestyle diseases or super bugs start wiping out human population ie we have more incurable diseases that start killing people early. Unhygienic living conditions in some conditions can show microorganisms to evolve thus leading to new diseases or the antibiotics we consume can cause evolution of viruses and lower resistance to them. However human lifespan is on the rise.


Some of us had grand parent aging 100 plus, without any health issues and we presumed God has destined them to live that long. That presumption is in the right direction, however the prevalent disease this days seem not to be there in the past, which I attribute to preservative mostly used in the present day canned foods, while in the past it was mostly fresh food from the farms.

The stress of a modern day society also contribute to the reduced lifespan of a present day society, as the population grows, the survival expectancy of the people reduced to competition limited resources.


The longest-lived human ever recorded was Methuselah which reached 969 years of age. You can find the reference in the Bible at Genesis 5:27. People long ago where able to live that long due to their healthy lifestyle. They don't smoke, no junk foods, no illegal drugs, etc... Nowadays people tend to smoke at the early age due to influence of peers, take drugs, eat foods in which we didn't know how it's done and what ingredients it has. Doctors for the past years said only women aged 40 and up could get or prone to breast cancer. But I have a friend who died in breast cancer at her early 30's. Some said you can only experience rheumatism at age of 50, but I have experience it at the age of 20. I'm pretty sure all people will agree that human lifespan reduces due to our lifestyle. So if we wanted to have a longer life we must make some adjustments on our lifestyle. Let's live healthy and have a longer life.

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It is an important question and I will try to answer according to the knowledge that I have.

First we must know that we live at the end of time, that means that we are all the people of the prophet Muhammad. I need clarification to avoid misunderstanding. The Prophet Muhammad was sent to all humans in the whole world. So therefore, the people of the Prophet Muhammad were divided into two, the first, ijabah people (people who received Islamic da'wah and converted to Islam, and both da'wah people (people not accepting da'wah and they did not embrace Islam).

If we assume that the age of man at the end of the age has diminished, this is because we compare it with the people of the prophet before the prophet Muhammad like the people of Prophet David, they were given ages up to thousands of years.

Whereas we who live at the end of time must be guided by the age of the prophet Muhammad, which is 63 years. This means that the age of end-time humans in general is 63 know. As for some people we get people who live up to 80-100 years, they are given a life bonus.

In essence, our age has been determined by God before we are born into this world. And that is the secret of God, no human knows when his age is over.

However, in terms of age, we hope that our age will be a blessing (not wasted). This means do not waste age on actions that are not useful and in vain.

If we are given more than 63 years of age, that is a bonus for us. and we have to use the bonus age for something that is beneficial to the people.


According to most statistics, overall global human lifespan is still showing an increasing trend, but the increment is getting less and less. I personally believe that we will be reaching the "physical limitation" of human lifespan soon where overall human lifespan will stagnate around 100 years old.