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Do you like the concept of close friends sharing the same flat even after marriage?
There are some friends who live together in the same flat. Things can work out as they are close but will it still work after they get married?

I have to disagree to the concept that close friends will be sharing the same flat even if they are already married.

It is for the simple reason that married life requires a certain privacy that a couple deserve. Since married couple require more time to be spent with each other, the presence of another person would hinder the development of the couple's married life.

In addition, the pressence of another person will also affect the actions of the married couple. They loose the freedom to be comfortable in a place where they feel secure from other person's observation.

Even though that person is their close friend, they still reserved part of their private that their close friend isn't knowledgeable.

So, if I'm in the position of the married couple, I will choose to be private and prefer to be in a place where I can call my own and have the freedom to enjoy my pirvate married life.

Friends will always be friends no matter what. If that person is really my close friend, then he/she will understand for sure.


my personal answer to this question is an outright No and a very big no with capital letters NO.

when one is married, he and his wife are meant to live alone and not with others at least for the first few formative years of their marriage where they go through the bonding stage, the child bearing stage et all. 

the presence of other might spell doom to the marriage and it doesn't really make sense for married couples to share flats because they would definitely encounter problems from living with others.

furthermore, i personally do not subscribe to sharing a flat for married people considering the fact that they would bear children and they would still be sharing same flat while raising their kids, this is tantamount to make the child upbringing experience extremely stressful.

also, being a bachelor i personally do not like sharing a flat with others for the sake of privacy and this factor is another reason why married couples should share flats with others because there won't be privacy. you cannot even say someone is invading your privacy in this case because there is no privacy in the first place.

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You have not specified how many friends are living in the same flat, what their sexes are and who is married to whom. Are there married couples in the group of friends all sharing a flat? Or does at least one of the friends sharing the flat have a wife or a husband living elsewhere?

There are so many variables that can influence whether or not this is a good idea that it is impossible to say. A married couple might share a room in a flat shared by good friends if they are forced to for financial reasons. In some countries, many married couples with children are forced to share a flat with other families or single people. But what I can say is that, if at all possible, a married couple would be better off getting a place of their own.  


For some this might work but from my perspective it would be a compete disaster.

Moving out to your own place is the first thing when I consider marriage.

After said marriage, there's no way I live with a bunch of People, no matter how good friends we are.

But objectively, it is no different than multi-generation households. If you can live with your parents, grandparents, parents' siblings, cousins, and your wife/husband.

What's so different about living with a friend? Nothing much.


Depends, if we are all financially strained then why not?


Man is a social animal. We need people around our surroundings to get socially happy. Just apply the simple rule it is fun to live with your friends when you are single as it gives you opportunity to enjoy. As far as life after  marriage is concerned. Marriage is a social agreement b/w two peoples which may have difference of opinion and habits. So, there is a least chances that your fiance will also like and bear your friends presence due to different nature. Moreover marriage life needs a lot of privacy which can't be attain in combined house. So it's better to avoid sharing flat after married life.