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How can we clean the oceans?
We have polluted both lands as well as oceans in several ways. We can imagine some methods to clean the land and make sure the trash we have dumped can be removed. Do you have any suggestion on how we can clean the ocean beds?

I think cleaning the ocean could be a tough task to carry out but we could implement some key strategies that could be used towards making sure that the ocean is neat in the first place.. Although the development of technology could bring about the making of machines that could help clean the ocean automatically, but for now, we have to do it manually.

How can this ocean cleaning be done manually, the cleaning of the ocean could be done by firstly handpicking dirts or plastics or waste materials of the oceans, this could be done individually or by taking a voluntary action to get the world neat or through donations from people.

Also the water could be kept clean is by educating ourselves and people on the danger of having a dirty a ocean around and also by resisting the throwing of dirts overboard in to the ocean.

We should also watch out for what we flush down the toilet and sewers because most of. The waste heads down straight to the ocean and which be of a concern and also some products of some company's can be found on the water in the ocean and the company that produces should be made for To pay for damages for failure of control of where their wastes ends at.

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I don't know yet about effective ways of Cleaning up waste that has been dumped in the ocean as i assuming it will require Some high tech stuff, but i believe, from time to time those wastes show up in the shores.

I believe constant and regular clean up of the coastlines will be the ultimate solution to both prevent and remedy the problem.

Strict ban of no single use plastics and bottles could aid to Emphasize call to action, as well as heavy penalties imposed for the violaters.

Close and strict monitoring to ensurr no violations to the ban. This is a system that i have seen. Work. Very effectively in the island of Siargao, here in the Philippines.


I'd rather suggest to not pollute it more.