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Do you read physical newspapers even today in this digital world?
Many people have already switched to digital newspapers. People either read news online or read articles about specific news. Reading physical newspapers has drastically reduced. Do you still read physical newspapers? If yes, why?

Yes, I do, but not regularly as I would want to. As a child, long before I had access to Internet, my dad used to bring his newspapers from work. I liked some of the news I read about, the puzzles usually at the back were also fun to play with. Interviews are also fun to read for me, it's like tapping from one's experience.

Why would I prefer physical newspapers to online newspapers?

Don't get me wrong, it's not as if I don't read the news on the Internet at times. For records purpose, physical newspapers are the best. I have an archive of important newspapers I've read over the years containing - job adverts, scholarships, and interviews. In my country, if you do a change of name, it has to appear on popular newspapers. That way you can easily show it to employers and others needing such information.

As you mentioned, many people may have switched to digital newspapers. But it'll be hard for physical newspapers to go obsolete. Some offices still provide newspapers for administrative staffs, if I'm with my phone or laptop I could easily get distracted with online messages.

Lastly, elderly persons trust the reliability and accuracy of physical newspapers over their online counterparts. We may think we're in a digital age, but not many are moving with it.

Some parts of the world also do not have access to the Internet, so physical newspapers serves as their primary means for information and news. The need for physical newspapers cannot be overemphasised.


I prefer the digital version although I love paper and printed newspaper.

Times have changed, to be informed right away is very important. Printed newspapers are not up to date, when you get the newspaper you already know everything from different websites you can check online, television or radio. News are supplied in real time. But this is only one aspect.

The other is the cost and logistics compared to efficiency. Think about how much money you need to get a printed newspaper to the reader. This is something we can't neglect.

So my answer is, as much as I love printed paper, I prefer the online version of newspapers and platforms offering news in real time.


I hardly read physical news paper after the advancement of technology. However for spending time during traveling I read the available news paper. I never purchased news paper this year. 


I grew up reading physical newspapers when there was only one daily news broadcast on TV, but the idea seems bizarre to me now. There's more information on the internet than I could ever read. 

I have a paperless office at home. Once a month, I recycle a small bag of teabag wrappers, grocery lists and medicine leaflets (store receipts on thermal paper should go in the trash). If I received a free newspaper subscription, I would ask: "Why am I not getting paid for my attention and for having to recycle so much paper?"


I do not read a newspaper anymore. I also very rarely see a newspaper stand nowadays.

When I was a kid, my grandfather usually buy a newspaper and since it is available or within my reach, I would read it. But mostly because of the comics section there.

When I was a bit older, I sometimes bought those buy and sell type of newspapers since internet is not much of the thing before.