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What food do you prefer the most? Home cooked food or outside food? And why?
People who enjoy cooking mostly prefer coming food on their own instead of looking for options to purchase outside. What type of food do you prefer the most? There are also health factors involved in this.

I prefer to cook my own meals, but this is mostly due to cost efficiency. 

When I prepare my own meals, I have a better idea of the ingredients I am ingesting, as well as the piece of mind of knowing I am saving money.

If I had an unlimited supply of money, I would likely eat out in restaurants every night, and this is not due to me feeling like I deserve such special treatment, or feel that I should live some extravagant life, it's merely a matter of, "I don't really like to cook, and am not in a relationship with someone who enjoys cooking."

I feel like I don't have enough time as it is, and cooking is something I don't derive much enjoyment out of, except for rare occasions. So I would either hire someone for this, or eat out regularly if I had the means. 


I so much believe in home-cooked foods to outside cooked foods. I use to be a bit indifferent until I learnt a bitter lesson that almost cost me my life.

I wanted to have a nice time with my girlfriend, so instead of the normal home-cooking treats, I decided to take her out and enjoy ourselves. We both had a meal of fried/jollof rice with chicken and vegetable salad. 

Not more than one hour after getting home, I started feeling a very strong stomach cramp and visited the restroom twice after which I found myself in the hospital. Within 3 hours, 5 drips had gone into my body system and my eyes were already sunken. I almost lost my life due to food poisoning.

Since then, I have stuck to my home-cooked meals, those that I am 100% sure of the source and quality of their ingredients. Food outlets are set up to make profit and would do whatever it takes to maximize such profit, including occasional recycling of foods to prevent wastage and maximize profits. 


I think both have their place.

If I want a steak or something that I am good at cooking then I will rather cook my own. No restaurant has come close to what I can do with meat. i just refuse to pay 3 or 4 times what it costs me to do.

If I would want seafood then I would rather go out as i haven't perfected the art of how to cook that yet. I always botch it up and don't have it often enough to experiment.

Sometimes it is nice just to go out and try something different though and take a break from cooking yourself. We normally go out and have  a curry as an Indian cook can't be beaten with this type of food. Getting the balance of spices right is an art and they have perfected this.

There is one restaurant that I wont hesitate to go to and that is a Portuguese chicken grill. The peri peri chicken is grilled and basted in a chilli sauce and I don't know how they keep it so juicy. If I could perfect that dish then I would have no need to go out.

I have  a bit of  ahead start on most as my dad was a chef and learnt so much from him. I am very fussy and like flavor which lots of restaurants don't quite master.


I think there are many factors that can determine this for example someone who likes home-cooked food will definitely have a good cook or a good wife or a good husband or someone who definitely knows how to man the kitchen it's not necessarily true that home cooked food that better in fact if we evaluate home cooked food and a food cooked in restaurants or hotels 95% of the time food cooked in restaurants have much ingredients and better quality because they are serving a mass number of people and they have to make sure to satisfy them.

Home cooked food is not defaulted to be better than food cooked outside we can't basically say there are more nutrients in food cooked inside the new food cooked in a restaurant because the ingredients will definitely be the same in my opinion the only thing that seems definitely wrong with a food cooked in a restaurant is the fact that there may be preservative used in storing the ingredients and instantly home cooked food have more fresher ingredients apart from this I think food cooked in restaurants have more quality and richness more than foods cooked in the home.

Nevertheless if I were to choose I will choose outside cooked food or food cooked in restaurants because I believe that food cooked in restaurants come in handy and I could definitely have anything I want whether it's spaghetti or macaroni or even ramen wait outside cooked food there may be no limitation to whatever I want to eat I can have it anytime I want and at the same time I can afford to cover more time especially if I do not have time to cook in my house.

If you definitely go to a cheap restaurants I may say there will be health hazards but when you go to a good restaurant with a good reputation I definitely think you can be able to match a food cooked outside with the one cooked in the house or even surpass the quality


I prefer home cooked food over food cooked outside even though home cooked food requires alot of effort to cook. More home cooked than as compared to outside food.

At home, the food that is cooked can give me an assurance of the ingredient s that are placed into the food but if it's cooked outside, i won't really know what the chef used to cook the food. It may contain some stuff that isn't healthy for us.

In my country, alot of food cooked outside doesnt follow any health standard and are cooked unhygienically. There are instances where I got sick for a couple of days eating outside.

At home, I can increase or decrease the portion of food on the plate which is a really important. Some places give really small portions and some give real huge portions.

On the health side, home cooked is alot better than outside. Unless, for those who are constantly busy then it's better to eat outside for the convenience.


I am a vegetarian by birth and now by choice. I prefer home cooked meals rather than eating from outside or ordering it through apps and such. 

It is not that I am averse to eating outside. I do like to visit restaurants and have food but only very occassionally. 


Food prepared outside may not be hygenically prepared and the cooks would not have used ingredients that are healthy. Also, the chances are high that they would have tossed in left over food to prepare other dishes or include in different curries. 

An example - if there is left over rice, it would be used in the dosa or iddli batter for the next day. The main problem is that people who eat adulterated food are susceptible to cases of food poison. Why risk our life? 

Always choose a good restaurnat which has an established name. It need not be high end or pricey. Just note if it is popular and you can be assured that the food will be fresh. 

My mother was a good cook and I still remember how we used to enjoy her 'keerai mulakoottal' and cabbage curry. My mother in law was also a good cook and she never used to hesitate to make food that the children requested even if she were tired. Their enthusiasm has made me love home cooked meals even if simple rather than eat food from outside which probaly contains oil that has been used an umpteen number of times or vegetables that have not been washed. 

Cooking is a science by itself and you should try your hand in cooking at least once in your life and you will like it. We all make mistakes but we should not give up and try again till we become perfect. 


It's a very interesting question and the answers are interesting as well. Obviously, it depends on the person, its needs and current situation.

I prefer both but not equally.

I'm cooking my own meal most of the time. I grew up in a family where there was always homemade food. Always means all the time and let me explain why.

I grew up in communism, when food was portioned, you didn't get to eat what you wanted, you didn't get to buy what you wanted! Grocery shops were empty most of the times. Each family had a grocery card. Each person was allowed to buy 10 eggs, half a butter, one liter of oil, one kg of sugar, one kg of flour, one kg of meat and one chicken per month! This is what the communist government considered to be enough for a person in a month. You had the right to buy half a bread each day, and your bread was noted to your meal card! You could buy more!! I could tell you stories about these times but I'll stop here. Those were though times I try to forget but it's impossible.

So these times have thought us to survive with whatever we have the best way we can! These times have thought us to cook our own meal, to grow our own vegetables! Hunger is a powerful motivator, believe me!

I don't judge people eating out most of the times. I love restaurant food and I eat out occasionally but I prefer to cook my own meal most of the time because I can prepare what I want, the way I want and at the cost I want. It's great to have your meal ready and served, besides, it's different from what I cook at home. But I could not eat at the restaurant all the time. That is definitely not for me.


I prefer home cooked food.


Stuff to buy: I get to know what stuff to buy for my cooking, the kind of seasoning; some seasoning are toxic, very harmful to the body system.

Preparation: The way and manner a particular food is prepared, determines how good or bad it works in your body system.

a)Some restaurants may prefer to use just 2 minute to cook their meat,and you'll buy it and eat without knowing; meanwhile, at home i could use 8-10 minute cooking it. It is advisable we cook our meat well.

b) some restaurant may use dirty utensils, just to fasten their work.

c) They can expose the food to flies, once flies perches on the food, the food is contaminated,and this could cause cholera.

Saves money: Buying breakfast, lunch and dinner, could take so much money; but if i cook at home i save more money, if i cook once, I can eat and eat.

Quantity: The quantity may not be the same with home cooked food . At home you can eat until you're satisfied. But at the restaurant, the more eat , the more you pay.

Home cooked food is preferable.


Honestly, I prefer home-cooked food (food made at home) because in many Sufism study literature eating food sold in the market can inherit hard-hearted.

According to the Sufi perspective (Sufism), one way to revive the heart is to always remember Allah and easily accept the truth.

In terms of cleanliness and nutrition, I am more convinced that food is made at home because of course preparing and cooking nutritious food for us to eat and our families. but if the food sold in the market is not necessarily the same as our home-made food.


Nothing can be as good and as safe as home-cooked food, and I preferred it than the ones that can be bought outside because you don't know how it's prepared, and the spices used. At home, you can avoid using monosodium glutamate, which is not good for the body, and you have the choice to use alternatives that are not harmful.

However, there is also fun eating out. It can also serve as a boding with your family and friends. Though, it should have its limits.


 I always prefer to eat homemade food because it's very good for making my health good & strong. The only home-cooked food is better than the outside food. There are so many ways to cook food for yourself if your mom is not there. Well, it all depends on you how you can choose a healthy and we maintained a balanced diet.

A well and proper diet are must needed for yourself if you eat veggies or homemade cooked food. I always prefer to eat veggies & salad more and more because salad can fulfill your all nutrition. Then you will be staying healthy all the time. Then what are you waiting for eat healthy & stay healthy?

Outside food is not believe they cooked with clean & healthy ingredients. So why we eat unhealthy because ẃe can eat home cooked food. Always choose healthy food before eating anything.  



Cuz don’t have to spend the time and energy to cook it. And usually tastes better.