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Is it okay to lie to your loved one?
People usually say that we are allowed to lie when there is a dire need. In order to protect something, uttering a lie is absolutely fine. But is it fine to lie to your loved one?

I don't think its fine.If we love one we cant lie them.One beautiful relation make from trust.And telling lie will create more problem.Every relation. need to be pure.In reltion if one lie start that can make.one big problem. May be one small lie can destroy one beautiful relationsship easilly.

But if its reason about big problem. After listening this your love one can unhappy..But I for that's time you can tell lie.But some days he should tekl truth when their love ones are free.

But need to tell truth always.



I believe whether a thing is good or bad depends to an extent on the circumstances.

There are times when giving a loved one a particular information could cause them to break down.

However, I'm opposed to keeping the truth from others forever.

Secondly, I'm opposed to lying for selfish reasons

I remember when a friend of mine lost his mother. He was writing his end of term examinations at the time. When he called home, his father told him his mother was fine.

When he was done with his examinations, he was asked to return home. At home, he was told his mother was dead and there were people around to console him.

In that instance, I believe it was okay for the father to lie at first. It was a purely altruistic move, one I'm sure my friend appreciated


it is not actually okay to lie to a loved one though some situations might demand it and we might need to do it in other to save or help or avoid hurting our loved ones but that does not make it okay,there are sometimes we might need to lie for some certain reasons best known to us but the fact is that "lying"is morally and biblically wrong and it is not okay to lie to anyone including our loved ones...


If you don’t mind living in delusion and disrespecting/dishonouring them.

NOT if you value INTEGRITY.

And of course, there may be certain situations in which it’s not so black-and-white and there may be room for flexibility depending on the specific details of circumstances.


This is a difficult questions.

It is generally not okay to tell lies let alone loved ones.

For every lie need additional lies to back it up.

This can make relationship sour.

In extreme of cases, Some lies are meant to protect your loved ones. This can be argued to be acceptable.

The other form of lie is keeping mute.

This is avoiding the topics entirely.

Direct discussion away from the topics.

This is a subtle lie.

I called it "silent lie"


Lying is never a good thing, for whatever reason. When you do it to your partner, that means there might be something wrong in your relationship.

Even though you argue that you have to lie for the common good, this method is still not good. Besides sinning, there are a number of consequences that you will face if your lies are revealed. And that will make your relationship fall apart.

When lying to your partner, you will be haunted by guilt and make your heart upset. Every time you see it, you will feel fear that your lies will be discovered, not sleeping soundly because you always think about the falsehood that has been done. If you lie, of course you know how it feels to be tormented in this condition.

If squirrels jump, one will fall too. As smart as you can cover lies, one day they will be revealed too. Although the couple does not try to find the truth itself, there are times when the truth will come by itself. And at that time, the couple will realize all your lies.

When you are caught lying to your partner, it will be difficult to get his trust again. Couples need time to trust you again or even say they will never trust you again.

This is especially true if you are married. Husbands and wives must be honest with each other. Even though the truth is sometimes painful, lies are far more painful, they can even kill.

Needless to say, lying is not good for your health. Whether you realize it or not, your heart will beat fast when your partner talks about something you cover, cold sweat comes out, and loses concentration because the mind is fixated on something that is made up.

Lying will damage the relationship because your partner has the right to know the truth, not a lie.

Learn to tell the truth to your partner, because that will make you a better person while maintaining your relationship. By always telling the truth, the couple will not worry about being lied to by you.


i think its not okay to lie to anyone especially your loved ones reason because once a trust is broken, it is hard to mend it back. gaining someone trust after you lying to such a person will only make you push the person further away. 

regardless of the situation you may find yourself and the circumstances, always say the truth to your loved ones even if it will hurt their feelings or make them feel bad. at least you were being honest with them to tell the truth to their face and they will appreciate you more for your honesty and trust-worthiness. they will even indulged in you more now than ever.


I think you can answer that for yourself. Is it ok if your loved one lied to you? Do onto others what you want others to do onto you as what Confucius would say. 


I will give a real life scenario to support my answer with this.

For over 18 years, my mom has lived and worked far from home. She has missed out on the best part of our growing up, and most of all she has missed out on managing her home. This was obviously not her doing, but the mere fact that she wanted a better life for us and therefore had to go in search for greener pastures in order to take us to the best schools and give us a better life than she would if She were back home.

Aside From Me being in boarding school, my brothers had to be raised in the hands of relatives, mostly aunts and uncles, my mom's siblings, whom we oh so love dearly.

Staying far and away from home made my mom very homesick and somewhat depressed, and hearing bad news or anything that happens at home made it worse for her. She would have thoughts like had i been there, this and that wouldn't have happened, so and so would not have turned out the way they did and these worries would affect her badly and cause her blood pressure to rise.

This resulted to the entire family deciding that unless there's death or a very serious matter, anything else that can be handled at home without her knowledge should be kept away from her, not with the intentions to lie, but doing so to avoide her getting overly worried sick over issues that she couldn't have control of.

This has sorta made issues better over the years, in regards to my moms health.

To an extent that i and my grand ma were involved in a car accident, it was a little serious, but not so bad as there were no physical injuries on any of us.

My mom got ro know about this a week later, when everything was already handled. Had she been told about this when it happened, my feelibg is she would have been on the next flight home, which in this case wasn't necessary at all.

So given the above scenario, to answer your question, i'd say yes , depending on circumstances.


Before we call someone a loved one, then there must be some level of love and care we have for that person. Even though we might lie to our loved one sometimes just to avoid further arguments. I don't think it is accurate.

No man is perfect, but the best idea is to avoid lieing to a loved one if actually we love them.

How we can actually quit lieing to our loved one is by tending to stop lieing even if the truth will sound bitter. With that, we get used to always being truthful when dealing with our loved one.

I don't joke with my loved ones so in that case lately, I have stopped Lieing to them because I have realize that lies takes us no where and in most cases it certainly leads to more lies.


Morally and ethically it's not good to tell a lie. But it's a universal truth one can't remain live without telling a lie. It's not a big deal to tell lie with your loved one. Some time lie is inevitable to avoid confrontation. Lie is not a problem as long as your are loyal and sincere with your loved ones. 


To tell lies is not right, whoever gets used to this gets entangled in themselves and then cannot untie themselves. He who tells lies may be able to commit dishonest or disloyal acts. 

Loved ones should not be lied to, precisely in a relationship of affection or deep love honesty, transparency, sincerity should prevail. The truth is always better, even if it hurts or if it means failure, pain or sadness