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Do you think humour is important for our life?
Do you think we have to be humorous in our life? I feel that for a happy life, humour is very important. That will only make our life quite special. What is your thought on this?

A sense of humour is of utmost importance. It is simply not very healthy to run around grave serious all the time. There are times for being serious and there are times for laughing. I remember my English teacher in school. Before he started the lesson he used to tell something funny. The mood of the class improved and afterwards our attention was better. On the other hand we had some teachers who were overly serious all the time, they never laughed or made some lighthearted fun. Their lessons were always taking place in a tense atmosphere. A sense of humour is beneficial for people. There is a sense behind that ability we humans have.


I think humour is extremely important for several different reasons. First, when you laugh, you improve your mood, it's that simple. A happier person is a healthier person.

Next, humour is usually something you share with people. Whether its just a conversation or telling a group of people a story, the social bond usually connected with humour is great.

Lastly, laughing burns calories. It's a simple thing, if you want to lose some weight, laugh a little bit


Humor has always been for me a way of transcending ridicule, in derision, when I come to rub shoulders with it in my daily life. The human being is probably the only known living organism with the ability to laugh. Humor implies a conscience. Nothing that man has invented is capable of joking. Humor is closely linked to intelligence, to this faculty we have to manifest our essence on this earthly plane. Closely linked to the heart, it is a means of communication when dialogue is no longer possible, when the human being is overwhelmed by the magnitude of a problem or situation.