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What fun do people get being a bachelor?
Some people have pride when they say that they are proud single. I'm not sure what fun do they get if they are single and what fun they miss after marriage.

Basically, it's because of the FREEDOM. Why many shy away from getting married, is not because they do not want to but they are mostly scared of commitment. 

Being committed to just one person for the rest of your life is scary. Yes, it may be the right thing to do but is sure is as scary as hell. You get to be committed, loyal and truthful to just one person all the rest of your life. Isn't that scary? 

When you are single, a bachelor, you re free to do what you like. You can have sex with as many ladies as you like(as long as you use protection) and not get queried for your actions. You can put on what you feel like putting on and not be told by your wife that you shouldn't put on what you want because you wore the same thing the previous day. You can be as lazy as you want and not get pushed by someone to work and be a man....lol, that painful statement ladies like to make. You can sleep till whenever and not be disturbed by your wife. You can sleep over at a friend's and not have someone worry over the fact that you may be cheating.

Basically, why many guys prefer to be bachelors than married is because of the freedom it offers. Other than that, I think they'd rather be married.


 Well the kind of fun you get, kind of overlaps with the fun you get when one is married. When you're a bachelor, you can take life decisions based only on your own wants and needs. You can plan things according to what suits your lifestyles. No one is dependent on you and no one has any expectations from you but yourself. Marriage changes life in a way that now you also have to accommodate another person in your life. Decision making isn't selfish anymore but has to account for the expectations of another person. I disagree with the idea that bachelorhood is freedom. You are and always will be free, whether married or not. Its all about finding the right companion. In fact, the feeling of togetherness and the pleasure I derive from it is unparalleled. Yes, I am limited by the fact that now I cannot live an unorganised life as I did when I was a bachelor but i would exchange that lifestyle for a married lifestyle anyday. I think, the fun of bachelorhood, going out on trips, drinking till there is no tomorrow, eating out, partying is the fun that people talk about. You're also not physically committed to one partner and can explore relationships with multiple people and i think that is the fun people talk about. You can do that even when you're married. It's just that your partner should accept that lifestyle of yours. There are plenty or swingers and people in open relationships.  


At first I think living as a bachelor was sad, but after a few failed relationship and a positive mindset I enjoy living as a bachelor. As an adult I can do whatever I want as long as I don't harm anyone in the process.

Sometimes I do miss being with someone that cared about me, but after many failed relationship I just had enough of the breakup aftermath. It was sweet at first then it slowly turn sour, so I was conflicted at first then I am very sure that relationship with the opposite sex or anything was not for me.

Again I am very sure that I feel better as an old bachelor. I am independent and have more free time. Honestly I felt as if my life have more meaning and clearer with less bias.

On being old and facing death, I am blessed with a lot of relatives and friends. When I was chronically sick, my many nephews and friends were always there. So again I don't feel the need to have wife and children to take care of me in the near future.

Different people have different circumstances in life, so I do feel blessed to have an option to live as an old bachelor.


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Most guys enjoy being bachelors, most guys don't. But for those that enjoy bachelorhood, I think, it's because of the freedom. Freedom to do whatever they want anytime ,anyway. Some could be because they are scared of heartbreaks or they are just scared of commitment.

The fun there for most of them is that, they are "free" and freedom is good.

Some guys don't just fine it simple being owned by anyone, the feeling of being with someone could give them a headache, so they simply stay free.

Some of them are having fun of being free now due to what they faced in the past. Something that could have revived that fear of being with someone, so they find happiness being single and free.

Freedom is fun to them.



In both points of view, I want to gives you n positive answer that everyone's in their life do fun with some achievement in life that they will do honestly with yourself. Well making fun is the most convenient way that you do with yourself and friends & family.   

Well, I come to the point, I do fun being single after completed my bachelor. That time are just awesome for me, I feel life I am free from prison and now I live life with more Freedom. Well, those moments are very brought amazing happiness for me, . I think being single is also good to having fun with yourself. Because after marriage there is the lot of responsibilities that you need to do and as a single, you free from everything, tension free and you can do whatever you want anytime there are no responsblitiess to do for yourself.  

For me, being single is just awesome because I live life happily according to my choice and style. No one around to bothering you. So you will live life according to your own ways rather than the boundaries of anything about that you need to live with it.  


Liberty is the greatest kind of fun, the most interesting part of bachelorhood is freedom to decide without ever looking back.

You are not responsible for happiness and sadness of anyone, it is all about you and no one else. Though it comes with challenges of loneliness, but it is one of the best moments in men's lifetime.

Once you are married, you don't even have control over TV remote control, not even choice of channel to watch.😂


I think the only fun in being a bachelor is being able to do whatever you want, however you want, and without being scared of offending anyone or without having to take permission from anyone. Bachelors are only responsible for themselves and they have the freedom to live their lives as they please without being accountable to anyone. Though it also has its disadvantages too.

Maybe it's the freedom that makes some bachelors proud of being one. Though there's time for everything, a time will come when such bachelors will no longer be proud of being a bachelor and they would fancy getting married. Marriage is lovely and beautiful, it's not a bondage and it's one of the best decisions anyone could make in life; mostly if such a person turns out to marry someone wonderful, everything has its time and season


@Bala41288, In my opinion we are living in an Duality World where every aspect and situation hold dual effects so same way the phase of bachelor and singlehood will going to have good and bad aspect, but when we stay single then we can hold clear picture where we can go and we can take risks and attempt out of the box in life, but when we have responsibility of relationship then for sure then we have to take decisions for two, for us and for next person, if we observe then in most of the cases, after marriage the most commonly couples use for each other as, after marrying with you, my life is destroyed. Stay blessed. 🙂


Marriage is not an easy task no matter how well wishing it sound and sometimes many choose to maintain being a bachelor for a very long period of time because of so many reasons. I said long period of time because certainly one do her married. One of such reasons is the promising freedom of not accountable to anyone on how to spend your dad , your money , the kind of dress or food you choose. You become a free man. This is especially if you would have being unlicky to marry a nagging woman.

Being financially incapable is another reason that can make one remain a bachelor. Most people don't want to start a family when they are financially dependent on someone, there you causing the family hardship. So being financially down as a bachelor have less worries because you have just yourself to care for .

Another reason is running away from commitment, or responsibility.most men find taking responsibility a hard thing to do. They feel not just ready for anything and keep postponing getting engaged. Being married leaves you acting like an adult and no longer a youth where you have all the time to party

Finally , fear of marrying a wrong woman. This is one problem for almost all men, they take long period of time searching , this search people give bachelor some comfort of finding the right person in the future.