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D you think learning to swim is important for every human?
I have tried several times but I couldn't complete learning to swim. So far if I fall inside water, I can survive for few mins. Other than that it is quite difficult for me to swim. Do you think it is important to learn swimming?

Swimming is an important skill in life.

There are three advantages if you can swim

1. Health

Swimming can take care of your health. Your muscles will be trained by swimming. Your respiratory tract will stay healthy. Swimming can also lose weight. So swimming is very important for your health

2. Survive

With swimming skills, you can save yourself from flooding. As we know, the flood is a natural disaster that we often encounter. You can survive and save yourself, if your area is hit by a flood.

3. Rescue

If you have high swimming skills, you can save others from drowning in the river / sea or from floods that hit your area. Imagine if everyone else it is your own family, then swimming is a skill that is required to be your master.


Yes I think that learning to swim is very important because knowing it could save our lives, also is a sport that brings many benefits to health, because it gives flexibility and endurance to the body, improves memory, reduces stress, helps the functioning of the heart, among many other things. I'm sorry I can't swim and that's why I'm very cautious in the water. It is an activity that I would have very much liked to learn and enjoy because I love the sea, but only near the shore, hahaha!


Not really. Relies upon your condition and way of life.

Yes if:

1..You live in a region where there are waterways e.g. by the drift or a lake, stream, dam and so forth i.e. where there's danger of conceivably suffocating ...

2...You intend to take occasions where there are water based exercises you'd like to get engaged with e.g. scuba plunging, kayaking and so forth

3...You have children that are figuring out how to swim and wish to appreciate the water with them

4...You have been exhorted by a restorative expert to swim so as to treat a therapeutic condition

5....You have no elective method to work out/get in shape, and wish to stay in shape with a low effect sport e.g. knee damage implies you can never again run


Yes. The skill is necessary for survival. You don't know when you are going to need it but as long as you can use it, then that helps a lot with your survival during travel in water environments. 


I have the same problem as you. I have tried to learn how to swim but I just can't. Some of my friends and cousins who are younger than me are now able to swim. No matter how hard I tried, I just really can't.

Well, for me, I think learning how to swim depends on your way of life. If you are living near bodies of water and your livelihood relies on these waters, then learning how to swim is very important. But those living in the mainlands, like me, who tills the land, who works in the industries and more does not need to learn how to swim. 

But, if you really want to learn how to swim, important or not, you really can. Its your life so the choice is yours. 


Yes i do think so. In fact, i know so.

Some animals are born with the inate ability to swim. Humans have to learn this before they can go near water. That is why some peoehave a phobia for water. Being able to swim is important for many reasons but to save your life or someones life is the most important reason. That is why it is best to learn how to swim at a young age.

For personal safety, might just be the difference between you and the next person on a cruise or boat trip. At some point in life we definitely find ourselves near water. The ability to swim comes in handy if there happens to be an accident. Drowning is still one of the leading injury related accidents which cause death.

For rescuing others, the centers for disease control and prevention stated in an article that about 3400 people drown every year in America. Being able to swim means you can save yourself and possibly others. If you are a parent or someone who works witg children, it is important you know how to swim.

For health, swimming is a good way to exercise and stay fit. Many doctors advice people to get involved in swimming as it require the use of most of the muscles in the body. This helps to build strength and some endurance as well as very beneficial to the cardiovascular system.