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Do you think delivering a baby is possible without going to an hospital?
Today we have so many modern medical facilities available to make delivery very easy. But if we look at the past, during olden days deliveries happened in every house without any problem. It was quite common that people who lived in villages without any advanced medical facility delivered babies by just being in their house itself. Do you think it is possible even today? Surprisingly there were only normal deliveries in the past. But today we have the convenience of C section.

  Not only is it possible, for some people it is the only option.

I was born in Yaguaraparo, a small rural town in the north-east part of Venezuela, 45 years ago. In that town most women depended on midwives to have their children. There were no hospitals and the small facility that eventually became the hospital may or may not have doctors available most of the time and those doctors most likely had neither the experience nor the equipment to properly assist a delivery.

But, wait, midwives did not need much to help a mother deliver a baby. These women performed heroic feats on a daily basis. C-section was not an option. The woman had to deliver, even if it took her a week to do so. My mother alone had 8 healthy deliveries. Her first child died after birth. Most of her deliveries were very complicated and she tells stories of how she almost died in at least 5 of them, including mine, when she “died” for 18 hours or so and was resuscitated with homemade remedies prescribed by the midwife.

There is the story of Beda, a neighbor I knew, who had 20 children, all of them delivered at home. The techniques and wisdom used by midwives is just beyond our modern understanding. How these women survived pain without painkillers, hemorrhages, infections without antibiotics and all kinds of complications without proper medical assistant is just amazing.

Beda was actually quite a character. She and her husband, Hernan, were farmers and they had a big cocoa hacienda that produced quite a significant amount of cocoa. They would incorporate their children to the work as soon as they could pick up the fruits, ride a donkey or mule, use a machete, or climb a tree. You would see her pregnant in the evening, hear about her delivering a baby at night and see her next morning riding her mule loaded with sacks or grass for her animals. Some neighbors said she was her own best beast of burden. That’s how strong she was. And that’s actually how strong most women of that time were. 

Under the present crisis in Venezuela we see every day reports of women delivering babies in their homes, in the streets, on buses or subway trains. We have gone back half a century and hospitals now deserted by doctors who have left the country and poorly supplied are just eye-soring "decorations."


Modern medical facilities were not in existence when our grand mothers and great grandmothers use to give birth in the olden days. Some of them give birth in the farm, some in the market and others at home. I'm referring to the olden days because it was common as at that time. I'm sure there are some villages that still give birth without going to the hospital in our world today.

It is important to note that it was easy to give birth without any complications then because of the kind of food that these women consume then. They eat well. There diets consists of plenty of fruits, as it is easily accessible to them. It may be surprising to hear that most of them give birth without the help of anyone. That's how easy it is.

In conclusion, it is possible.

Thanks for your time.


Yeah, very possible.

Not every baby that is born today was delivered in the hospital,I have seen cases where women delivered at home before they were taken to the hospital,and i have also see cases of women who gave birth in the market,so it's very possible giving birth without going to the hospital.

But mind you,it's always advisable to go to the hospital which is the best place to deliver your baby safely with less complications and there you are been attended to by professionals.


Yes! It is possible for a delivery to be carried out at home but it actually needs the supervision of an experienced person which is someone who has carried out a delivery process before because without that the life of the pregnant lady will be at risk.

In the past, Pregnancy labour where being undergone in the house very smoothly because they was no idea of C section. But technology has changed things and most women don't stress themselves any longer to deliver. The C section is good in a way but also has it's disadvantages.

Any pregnant lady can still deliver safely at home at anytime but it absolutely needs the assistance of an experienced person or people around. It would be a nice development if delivering without the C section being performed comes back in vogue.