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Can you live without computer or mobile phones?
Today technological advancements are gradually taking our life in a different direction. I'm not going to say that it is wrong but are you someone who can live without a computer or a mobile phone if you are given that as a challenge?

Just as you've said, in our world today technological advancements are gradually taking our life in a different direction. Almost everyone of us are very addicted to the use of mobile phones and computer. Some people even sleep late all in the name of pressing their mobile phones or computer. We are just very addicted to the extent that some people don't feel comfortable if they haven't pressed their gadgets for hours. Some even walk and press their mobile phone without bothering if they will fall down in a mud or not.

Well, i am not actually astonished about all these because we are now in a new world of technology. I wanted to give a try of not pressing my mobile phone for 24 hours but i noticed it wasn't just too easy for me.  There are times i will have examination in school but i am sometimes distracted by my mobile phone such that i do visit the internet just to chat with my friends online without reading during those period. I think i will have to try the new challenge of  staying away from my phone for 1 week even though it is not going to be easy. 

My addiction to these gadget is causing me some harm such as sleeping late, walking while pressing phone, pressing phone while conversing with others, reduction in productivity, loosing focus and many others bad habit known to me. I also love it because i am also learning with my gadget, i earn by working with my gadget as a student and i am also able to kill my boredom with the help of my gadgets.

In conclusion, i can surely live my life without a computer or mobile phone but it is going to be very difficult to adapt to such new changes because of the addiction i had for my gadgets. I am sure it may take time but i will surely overcome it though. I think i will try taking that challenge for a day and let's see what happens. I also love steemit with musing and this is one of my reasons for my addiction to my gadgets.

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps.


Probably COULD.

But it’d be as boring as fuck and not too effective/productive, and it’d require a complete rearrangement of life, work/business, and finances.


I think for now, it's not only me who considers computers or smartphones as a necessity but that happens to almost all humans in the modern era today.

Computers are a revolutionary and great invention that provides a lot of retribution for human life. No one does not know this one thing. A device that is often, always, even almost everyone uses it today. Indiscriminately, computers want to be friends with anyone. Students, teachers, students, directors, presidents, whoever they are are computer users who are aware of the importance of computers to their lives, so they use computers as a very important multi-benefit tool.

There are many uses of computers that are applied in everyday life, both in the fields of Education, Health, Transportation, Communication, Construction Services, Film Industry, Recording Industry, Defense and Security. Therefore, it cannot be denied that computers have become part of the life of all humanity. All work is faster, easier and practical because of this one media.

Not only saves time and energy, today's computers have also helped create various fields of work. In other words, computers also participate in helping people reduce unemployment. Many jobs that use computer media are also available, including typing, translation, photo printing, printing, printing, and many more jobs that utilize this technology.

So with cellphones, almost everyone uses cellphones as a communication medium, let alone the presence of smartphones where technology can be utilized in many everyday human activities today.

So it can be said that humans in this era are very dependent on computers and cellphones (smartphones)


Not really. Truth is I'm addicted to both of them and this is not for entertainment or gaining.

I'm using my computer and phone for many things like staying informed, work, learning, designing, paying bills, banking etc. Giving up my phone and computer would be a huge setback.

If it would be given as a challenge? I don't know, it depends on the location and living conditions I guess. But it would be hard.


I dont think that I can. I still admire people for letting it all go to live in nature. Like the russian guy that lives in the woods. Or a German guy that lives in between farms that was given to him for free and he does not use money. And there is so much things to do, help your family, build things learn things. Party. Have fun :D

And of course Paper wallets. 


Yes...believe it or not...you can. Countless generations before us did so and they did not get extinct. It is great that we have that technology but we could actually live without it. Even myself, if I had to....


Computer and mobile phones have become part of our daily lives. We use them for very important activities of which there are no other better substitute. Thus, as the world currently is, it will be difficult to live without computer and mobile phones.


No, I can't live without my computer or mobile phones.

I need them because my work is related to them. I have to complete reports and send or reply to emails.

My family lives far away from me. I need a mobile phone to keep in touch with them.


Only if my family And loved one Are With me,

business is in good trusted hands and have a good source Of income as i take up on the challenge.

Mentioned the above as they are the reason i am stuck to my gadgets most of the time.


Yes. Humans adapt.


@Bala41288, In my opinion, we have to stay ready for any situation and event. No matter which aspect we have to use it to some point of extent or limit and Technology should not control us. And in my opinion, i can live without them but in this Technological world i have to face lot of difficulties to pass on. But in my opinion, Technology will stay here or not, we should learn and prepare ourselves for every situation. Stay blessed. 🙂


No, I can never live without a mobile or computer. Actually I can not imagine life without mobile or computer. There is no problem even though there is no computer. My whole day is spent on mobile. I use mobile all day and I have always been like a mobile friend. I do not get the time to use the computer. So always do all the work through mobile. The answer I give here is given by mobile.

It is impossible to imagine life without them. If you do not have them, how do you use the Internet?

I'm discussing some of the benefits of using these below :

Through these we can communicate with everyone

Through these, we are sitting in the news house of any place

Through these we can learn various types of work

Using these, we can now earn money from online