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Can you trust someone that once hated you?
Depends on how deep that person's hatred is and the kind of person he/she is.

One person that I know of who has some unresolved issues with his co-worker asked him for some help. Other people will probably immediately say "NO" if their enemy asks them for help, but he is such a kind person that he still helped his enemy.

The hatred is still there though, but he still helped him despite of everything. I believe this somewhat proves that when people see that you are in a desparate situation, people regardless of enemy or not will still help other people.
That's a tough question to answer, because there are so many variables involved, and every person if different. I think it would be proper for you to consider asking yourself some questions in this regard, such as:

Why did the person once hate you to begin with?

Do you feel you were at fault for the person hating you.

If you ever hated someone, could you forgive them, and would it be genuine?

How long have you known the person.

Is the person who hated you family?

What kind of morals does the said person have?

I'm sure there are plenty more questions you could ask yourself about the person, and the situation correlated to why he/she hated you, and perhaps then, you will be able to make a sound decision to trust or not to trust, said person.
Yes we can trust if the person is done something wrong in our life we can give him anotherchance because life is there and there are up and down so if person which is very close to you then you can trust them onceagain if he or she agree with not doing the same thing again.
I see no reason why anyone should hate ne

without any sensible reasons to why he or she hates me,* f cannot trust someone that once

hated me because what makes someone so sure that the person might be an enemy that is finding

more ways to show his or her hatred for me so that is why i cannot trust any woman..
Times Change, Once what was hatred between people , resolves with time. The primary occurrence of hatred is Jealously.

When people get jealous , they start taunting each other and then finally the fight breaks out which results in hatred.

Hatred occurs between siblings over competition and land disputes as well. With time these are resolved. There is a lot of ego, respect and dignity involved here wherein even if the hatred is gone, people wait for the other person to come and speak first to resolve the dispute and this prolongs the fight.

Point is to live and let live. Forgive and forget and live a peaceful life
Life has a chance to trust on everyone if once the trust has broken we cannot blindly trust on that person once again. If we have full trust on the person and it breaks by him then we can easily say we cannot trust anyone blindly like that we was doing before on the person.