What amazing lessons do life usually teaches you?

The most important life lesson I have learned over the years is that people are fucking stupid.

Not to paint myself as an outstanding individual and profound intellectual.

I do find so many people willingly follow most preposterous role models, ideas, and fashions. 

And while in my world view, we don't really have the free will, and we just believe that was we're convinced to. 

It takes a special Iodine deficiency in your diet to justify so many individuals in their state of intellectual regress.

I don't think it takes a science degree, or an IQ of a husky dog to have the cognitive faculties that permit us to see through the flowery language and logical inconsistency.

But the truth is, and it saddens me a great deal,

people are dumb,

people are really stupid.

And, the same people then will try and push their horrendous standards, informed by their under-informed little brains, on you, me, our children, our families, people we care about.

The lesson is, I suppose,

don't think for a second the next person knows what they are doing, they probably don't.


Life has taught me so many lessons, some more than once, I would list just few.

1.life has taught me that nothing you have is permanent. you might have it all today and tomorrow,its all gone.

2. Life taught me to live in the moment, anxiety kills a lot

3. Life has taught me to keep to yourself sometimes, because those you call your friends are not all friends and those you tag as enemies are not all enemies.

4. Life has taught me that death is inevitable and all is vanity. So enjoy while you can



The only lesson I get from life is:

Life is very short, time runs fast without us knowing it, so every second is so precious. Do not spend time only on activities that are not useful, because it will have a negative impact. Do not let regret come because you just relax enjoying what you already have.


No one really cares about you apart from some few individuals

However, that doesn't mean the vast majority are conniving they are simply stressing over their own issues

Most mums and father's have most loved kids

Nothing keeps going forever

You can't control numerous things - simply control what you can control

Life isn't always constantly filled with happines...

A few companions are lethal and you ought to figure out how to give up

Numerous companions are shallow and you won't know until the point when you get hitched or emigrate or move that that was the situation

About 10% of individuals won't care for you regardless of what you do

The larger part assessment isn't typically appropriate on numerous points

Individuals are more passionate than reasonable

In the event that someone loves you they are bound to work with you than if you are increasingly qualified

Life isn't fair


You can be the best only if you believe in yourself. You don't need the crowd to believe in you and your capabilities, all you do need is you

Be careful of the company you do keep because they may be your stumbling block or your rising stone to success

To go to everyone the way you can and expect nothing in return for you will surely get dissapointed

No one owes you anything but you do owe yourself everything in life. So always put yourself first in making a decision

Life has it up's and down's. Sometimes regrets and pains may set in but don't let it take over you

Love yourself and always appreciate who you are on a daily basis