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What are the things you must consider before going for an interview?

Interview is the last step to getting the job. You have to prepare yourself well.

You should have a knowledge about the organisation. A proper background check is a must. Know their wants, their mission, vision and more details about them. You don't want to be asked a question on how you intend to fulfill the organisation vision and you start scratching you head.

There are common interview questions that you should have practiced. Questions like, **can we meet you**, **where do you see yourself in the next 5 years** are common. Adequate preparation is needed in this aspect.

The last should be getting your salary estimate. Some interviews end with the interviewer asking what will be your ideal salary. You don't want to negotiate a low salary or higher one than the post you want. Simple asking around from friends and families or similar organisations should solve this.

Doing all this. Take adequate water, wear comfortable clothes and you have a successful interview.


Before going for am interview first ask yourself how prepared are you?

Research about the company that invited you for the interview and ensure you know at least 50% what the company is all about.

If possible ask someone to do a pre interview for you. That can really be of help you to prepare ahead.

Ensure to know how to sell yourself.

Some people don't get the job not because they don't deserve it but because they don't know how to sell themselves in few minutes .

Your appearance also matters alot

Dress smartly and look responsible

Be confident and most of all believe in yourself!


Hey @beautychicks!

Others have already given very useful advice.

The important thing, in my opinion, that I would want to add is that you must consider whether you are a good fit for the job you're being interviewed for.

This may sound really commonsense and a no-brainer, but many times one's suitability for a particular job is sidelined due to other factors. Maybe the pay is good and the benefits are alluring. Maybe everyone is saying how you've gotten hold of a golden opportunity and should not let it pass. But even if it's "a dream job", if it doesn't fit or is not suitable or you, please carefully consider. (E.g. If you hate numbers, don't be an investment banker just for the money or prestige.)

This is a very personal question that each one has to ascertain for himself or herself. What may suit someone else may not suit you. It will not be sustainable in the long run, nor conducive to your overall satisfaction and well-being.

All the best! (:


Check if they serve tuna at the office cafeteria 😺


Recently we are actively hiring, so here is what we look at. In general, the company will post the position they looking for, so candidate must take time to read all the details, description and do research on the company. Now day with social media, it is so easy to get info. 

And always get prepare. Printout the resume, any work portfolio to show. Dress properly to show you are serious in job. Be on time and don't be late. 

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