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Is it Mandatory to go to church every sunday as a christian and as a Muslim, is jumat prayer mandatory every Friday.?

It is not mandatory to go to church for a Christian not just on sunday but everyday however going to church signifies fellowship, brotherhood,  and faith of christians and their brethren that is why the bible says in Act 2;42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

After jesus christ left the world he mandated his disciples to always stay together in fellowship because when christians stay together and fellowship then it will be easier to foster faith help eachother grow in the spirit just like the bible verse said nevertheless the fact that it's a necessity doesn't necessarily mean it is mandatory the only reason why christians go to church is because they want to grow spiritually among their brethren teaching and helping each other.

However when it comes to islam I think it's definitely a pillar of islam to always pray 5 times a day that means the friday jumat program is definitely a compulsion because this is one of the attributes and characteristics that makes you a dedicated muslim I'm not saying it's actually compulsory what I'm actually saying it is more of a feature that makes you a real muslim it's not just the jumat program on fridays I definitely think all muslim prayers I like a pillar or a guideline that guides a muslim just like the foundation of the Aleef is to the growth of a developing muslim child the prayers are actually like a foundation they actually like strict guidelines in order to follow because without prayer as muslims and actually considered muslims just like it is also a necessity to read and understanding islamic torah.

So definitely for a muslim its necessary and almost a compulsion because this prayers makes for a complete muslim unlike a christian going to church is definitely not compulsory in fact the bible says that god is more concerned about the heart and thats an altar of prayer lives inside the heart


As a Christian, it's not mandatory to go to church at all. You do what you believe it's best. You can say your prayers at home or wherever you feel it's a good place for praying.

Making something mandatory does not the best way to convince people. I believe in freedom and if you're a true believer and you feel like going to church every Sunday is helpful, you go.


I am a muslim, and Yes its Mandatory to go to Mosque every friday.


First of all, I wanna ask, what will a CHRISTIAN be doing at home or anywhere on a Sunday morning??

Its mandatory.

Because there's no excuse on earth that could compensate for that. A true and consistent believer knows there's time for everything, even the Bible recorded it in ecclesiastic 3:1.

So I don't see any reason why a CHRISTIAN won't schedule him/herself properly.

Also the Bible recorded we should not forsake the gathering of the saints. So as a matter of fact, Sunday is not the only day to go to Church. Weekly activities too are involved. Though the weekly activities may not be mandatory but that of the Sunday is.

God created everything in six days and rested on the seventh. He blessed it and commanded we should keep it holy. So I don't see a believer who strongly believes in God absconding from a gathering God has blessed.

Lastly, the Bible recorded, he that knows what is right and does it not. That's a sin.

Going to church on Sunday is a good and a right thing for every Christian. So doing it not is a sin.

As a matter of fact there's nothing to lose if we attend church services every Sunday.

Stay cool..