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Why do you think kids should learn computer?

I have a 4 year old daughter so this question relates to me. 

First, I would really want my daughter to become computer literate at a young age because of my experience.  I grew up in the 90s here in the Philippines and the first time I encountered a computer was around 11 or 12 and I was playing counter strike back then, I didn't know how to use one like browsing the internet and such. 

But to my love of computer games, I kept playing and using computer like almost everyday of my life and I become quickly adapt to a lot of things like basic html, using Friendster back then, downloading and uploading which a lot of the oldies here in the Philippines don't even know. 

And the result was here I am working from home because I can type fast and good at researching online which I learned while I was playing and using the computer. 

I believe that if kids would adapt early on their life, it could open a lot of opportunities for them and have skills like website development, video making, programming because those are readily accessible online. 


There are certain reasons that why our kids need to learn Computer. I would like to mention few of them in a precise manner. Here you go,

  • Computer is the Future: Many of us witnessed that computer is playing an important role because its a Future Carrier. No one can avoid this fact. It also makes a kid smarter than other toddlers. Learning computer in an early age make the kid more smarter and wise because kids have to use computer for everything. 
  • Make your kid smarter: Normally kids wants to play with toys but in today's world every kid want to use mobile and computer because these things attract the most. They need to learn techy thing in early age. Don't stop them to use. But be careful that they should learn only productive things. 
  • Its brain storming: Kids need to train their mind in early age because the kid can understand things in early age in a quick manner. Be your kids more wise in using techy things. If the kid playing game using computer then kids loved to use his/her mind for better understanding. This way, a kid learn quickly. It makes him wise and intelligent. 

Please be careful and keep an eyes on your kids while using mobile or computer. Make your kid busy in productive work like playing coding games, thinkable things and etc..


We are living in an era where almost all information can be found in computers, even a way to teach them. Also, a computer is a device that computes and process a lot of transactions in a second. Meaning, you can do a lot of stuff given just a short span of time.

Computers also are convenient because you do not need to travel anymore. You can spend time with kids frequently because the place is just located in your house. Everything can be found in the internet from educational, philosophical, entertainment, and most importantly technology related.

I would agree even more that as early as 6, kids should be introduced to computers not frequently but giving the idea what it is. Time will come everything that happened to them matters on their future the most.


I think these days because of technological advances, it becomes a necessary skill to know how to use computers. Computers have programs that are pretty useful and would really boost a kids understanding of the different things in our society. But of course it needs to be supervised or else the kid would use it to play games instead which is rather counter productive instead of helpful.

There are many important things that can be Learnt from using the computer such as programming, photos hop and information gathering and even writing. Visual learning plus text book reading would rapidly increase the kids understanding of any single topic. If


10 Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code

With regards to setting up your youngsters for the future, there are few preferable approaches to do as such over to enable them to figure out how to code! Coding enables children to create scholastic abilities, manufacture characteristics like steadiness and association, and increase important 21st century aptitudes that can even convert into a profession. From the Tynker blog, here are the best 10 reasons children should figure out how to code:

Coding Improves Academic Performance

Math: Coding enables children to imagine dynamic ideas, gives them a chance to apply math to genuine circumstances, and makes math fun and imaginative!

Composing: Kids who code comprehend the estimation of concision and arranging, which results in better composition abilities. Numerous children even utilize Tynker as a medium for narrating!

Innovativeness: Kids learn through experimentation and fortify their brains when they code, enabling them to grasp their inventiveness.

Certainty: Parents excitedly report that they've seen their children's certainty working as they figure out how to issue fathom through coding!

Coding Builds Soft Skills

Center and Organization: As they compose more confused code, kids normally grow better concentration and association.

Strength: With coding comes troubleshooting – and there's no better method to fabricate determination and flexibility than working through difficulties!

Correspondence: Coding shows legitimate correspondence, fortifying both verbal and composed aptitudes. Consider it: learning code implies taking in another dialect!

Coding Paves a Path to the Future

Strengthening: Kids are engaged to have any kind of effect when they code – we've seen Tynkerers utilize the stage to spread messages of resilience and generosity!

Fundamental abilities: Coding is an essential education in the computerized age, and it's imperative for children to comprehend – and have the capacity to enhance with – the innovation around them.

Profession Preparation: There's a popularity for specialists in the tech business; acing coding at a youthful age enables children to exceed expectations in any field they pick!

Tynker makes it fun and simple for children to figure out how to code! Children utilize Tynker's visual squares to start getting the hang of programming rudiments, at that point graduate to composed programming dialects like Python, Javascript, and Swift. Our guided courses, riddles, and more guarantee that each youngster will discover something that lights their enthusiasm for learning. Investigate our plans and kick your kid off coding today!


Nowadays it is the world of Technology and no one really wants to get left behind in it. 

While it is quite certain that computers really brought our life to a great point (with some additional features like internet)where we can do anything by just sitting in our room.

Life has really changed because of the invention of Computer and its related technology.

So yes if they learn about computers and get their way about it can act as a guide to their life in many ways.

Think about those who are earning from staying at home and doing the work that they love and watching the world very differently as well it is a revolution because of the tech . 

So yes they should learn and make their life an easy one.


Because without it they are at a serious disadvantage in today's technological world.

Everything is computerized, even ordering at McDonalds can be done through computerized kiosks now.

Without skills such as these kids will be at a disadvantage all through school and later in life when they are looking for and working jobs

In addition so many other aspects are "computerized" now

Doing your banking

paying your taxes



Computers are a tool that executes what the mind wishes, so why not teach the kids how to use the most important tangible tool that will impact their lives the most, makes perfect sense to me.