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Will loneliness destroy a person?

Yes, and I say why this statement. The human being is a social being, accustomed to living in a group of equals with whom he can share and grow. Human beings have an individuality that they defend, but this does not mean that they stop participating in meetings, societies and relationships.

 Let me give you a very interesting and clear example. Cast Away o Naúfrago is a film directed by the American filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks and released in 2000.  There, Tom Hanks plays the role of a man who must survive on a deserted island. To do this, he looks for food to feed himself, protect himself from wild animals and invents a friend named Wilson. This imaginary friend is the one he talks to every day and to whom he tells all his sorrows. In the film we see how Hanks' character communicates with Wilson, a soccer ball, and interacts with him as if he were another human being. From this story we can draw a conclusion and it is important to communicate with another in order to get ahead and survive. Human beings need to feel accompanied in order to feel braver, not to go mad, not to feel alone, in order to survive.

Since the world is the world, companionship is fundamental for man: When God created Adam, he realized that for him to be able to move forward he had to have a companion, hence he decided to create Eve. Then the land was populated and families, couples, friends, teams were made.

There is a Chinese proverb that says: "If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go with company. Even animals know this: no matter how weak a species is, if it is accompanied it has a better chance of winning and surviving.  


I'm not so sure it can destroy a person. First there would need to be a basis for what you consider "destroyed".

Dealing with loneliness in a productive manner, and conceptualizing the positive factors to being alone, can make all the difference. IMO.

Personally, I don't really like to be alone, but I've maintained abstinence for 2 years now, as a means to remove distraction from focus on obtaining personal goals. 

I've passed up some opportunities for relationships, or at the very least, "flings", over the course of these two years, but I know, intrinsically, that this has served me for the better.

In stating that I don't like it, I will say it flat out sucks, as we are creatures who crave companionship, and have physical desires that we crave to fulfill. 

So in choosing to remain abstinent while I work on my life, I remind myself, that by practicing this short term deprivation to my needs and wants, I will likely align with a partner who is right for me, and in a similar state of being as myself. 

It's all about perspective.

I hope this helps. 


Indeed, forlornness can obliterate a person. It's in a way that is undetectable so know.

1) No Social Understanding of Self - Part of what forlornness does is that it expels your capacity to comprehend your identity from the general public.

Envision yourself not realizing what other individuals think about you. You see them chuckling or gazing at you however you don't realize what they are considering. Doesn't it feel on edge or apprehensive to associate with them?

For the present moment to be far from individuals it's fine to recapture yourself, long haul disconnection will continually place you in a cycle of uncertainty. Constantly second-speculating yourself about your identity as a man, your appearance, your reality turns into the standard. It is anything but a simple social strain to go up against on the off chance that you are not prepared.

2) Lowered Self-Worth - It's difficult to keep up a decent self-esteem when you build up a propensity for questioning yourself. You have gone to a point where you have begun to trust where it counts that something isn't right with you. That you're appalling or faulty. Each time regardless of how hard you attempt, the absence of social aptitudes is holding you down and step by step it consumes your confidence. Presently it's not simply no social abilities, it's likewise no confidence.

3) Socially Inept - The way of life is regularly evolving. On the off chance that you don't comprehend the way of life and the essential social dialect, you emerge. Not understanding social dialect or prompts resembles going into a remote nation where you don't realize how to talk the dialect and the most exceedingly bad part is nobody is helping you.

When you are socially secluded, it's particularly difficult to break that standard, which drives me to my next point.

4) Trapped - If you realize that you require social aptitudes and nobody is eager or ready to show you, are always second-speculating your reality, have no self-esteem to break out of the circumstance, you feel totally caught.

It doesn't make a difference in the event that you move to an alternate city or any sort of progress; this device appears to frequents you all over the place. The ordinary amiable individuals don't generally get it.

5) Wants Relationships But Reluctance To Open Up Again - Now you are at the point where you have attempted over and over to open up and it always reverse discharges on you. You simply need some help possibly to the point of being frantic.