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Why should anyone be proud of singlehood?

Whether you are single or married or maybe in a relationship, it's up to you whether you should be proud of it. Each has its joys and pains, advantages and disadvantages.

Being singles has its advantages. You are more comfortable because you live by yourself. You don't think a lot about other people. You will live caring about yourself. You can have a job, and support yourself. You can go anywhere you want, like mobility. But it cannot change the fact that you are alone. There's a space in a heart of a person wanting to be with someone, and not to live alone.

If you are married or in a relationship, you are tied to someone. You need to be more understanding. You need more patience. There's pain. But going through these can test your resilience. Coping the problems, and still together with joy. There is joy with love that's a fact.

Telling yourself to be proud being a single is consoling oneself. It cannot change the fact that you don't want to be alone. Unless if you really are enjoying your singleness.


Being comfortable being single is not as easy as it sounds for many people.  Spending time alone with your thoughts can be very difficult, even traumatic.  However, it is the fastest, maybe only path to self realization.  

Of course one can be single and spend all of their time watching television, playing video games and hitting the clubs.  Some may find these things enjoyable,  especially because it keeps them from having to look at themselves which as I mentioned, can be very troubling for someone unused to that sort of introspection.  

To be comfortable with yourself in silence, with no distractions, is a sign of a growing awareness and inner peace that is extremely valuable.  

Many people go from living with their parents to living with their spouse, with perhaps a few or more than a few partners in between.  In this case it is all too common that not only has that person never truly looked at their own mind, they have also never had to take care of themselves.  Being unable to care for yourself in the most basic ways like cooking, cleaning, and providing yourself with the basic necessities creates an incomplete human being.  


Because the life of a bachelor is more relaxed than that of a married person! The peace, tranquility, the feeling of relief that you have when alone, is a unique and indescribable experience. Any economic income that a single person has, is not in the obligation to share it with anyone.  Likewise, you can go to parties without having to be aware of what someone else thinks or wants. A bachelor is a person who has his or her own schedules and customs, he or she does not need to change them. When we live in bachelorhood, generally, we can flirt or correspond with other people who may be interested in one. Being single is synonymous with freedom. And any freedom must be celebrated! Health


Why shouldn't anyone be proud of singlehood? Being single is not a disease, it's not abnormal, it's not a defect, it's not a crime, neither is it a sin. I don't see why anyone shouldn't be proud of being single. I love singlehood because it brings out the best in you. You discover your purpose, you learn to love yourself and you cut down on many little expense, you have more time to love and understand yourself better. As you cannot give what you don't have, being single can help you love yourself better. With all these reasons, why shouldn't anyone be proud of being single? Being single allows you the time and opportunity to do as you please. It gives you some kind of freedom and one should be proud and happy to be single before eventually getting into a relationship. Because, it is better to be single, than in a wrong and unhappy relationship.