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What are the types of people that you should always avoid?

There are many reasons why i avoid a person, some of the pointers are ; a person who always talk bad about other people at their back is a pointer to me that the person should be avoided, for what he is doing to others he is definitely doing to you. A person who cannot keep secret should be avoided. Avoid a person who only spend lavishly on you on thing like drinks, clothes but cannot give you cash or help you when you are in need. Avoid a pessimistic person, they are dream killers, they create fear into you even when there is nothing to fear thereby limiting your ability.


The type of people one should always avoid are the negative people. The ones with the negative thoughts. They don't see anything good about occurrences. They have the negative mindsets. The people who don't care about how tommorow will be. Here is a list of these types of people;

1) The people who don't add value to your life.

2) The people who don't believe in your dream.

3) The ones who don't believe you can achieve it in life.

4) The ones who do not support you either psychologically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and otherwise.

These are the ones we should avoid.


Individuals who guarantee to be a "Holistic mentor", and roll out you trust they can improvement your life. The truth is, just you are the special case who can transform you.

Individuals who have solid sentiments about things. Such individuals have no space for extension, their convictions are rooted to the point that no new thoughts/potential outcomes can enter your brain.

Individuals who appear "Excessively Nice". Odds are they are being decent to you since they need something from you.

Individuals who effortlessly get annoyed.

Individuals who never scrutinize you. Censuring isn't in every case terrible, whenever taken properly, it can do ponders.

Individuals who talk awful about others at their back, odds are they would talk in the face of your good faith too.

Individuals who are self-declared, i.e self-broadcasted "Nerd" ,"Nerd" and so on. Genuine geeks don't have to state they are geeks.

Individuals who guarantee to be a specialist at something.

Individuals with no Emotional Quotient.

Individuals who appreciate watching others endure.


Individuals who don't provoke themselves. The ones who don't enhance their specialty.

Individuals who say he/she is only a companion. In the event that something appears to be fishy to you, never under any circumstance trust them as they will underestimate you. Since once the bedsheet is revealed it's a ruthless appalling awful experience later. Life's too short to squander your adoration, vitality, time on individuals who deceive you, conceal things from you and don't value your spirit.

Individuals who talk awful about other individuals to you. In the event that you have an irreconcilable situation sooner or later in future, odds are that they will speak terrible about you to other individuals. Bitching is in their temperament.

Individuals who imagine cynicism in each circumstance. Individuals rouse you or deplete you. Pick them astutely.

Individuals who look for someone else to take the blame. Be it faulted for a man or fortunes or life. They gripe about everything and value nothing.

Stay away from that sort of individuals in relationship who manage and control you. Who look to control and quietness your identity. Connections are intended to bloom you, make you glad, adored and acknowledged. Not to make you feel dismal or question yourself.

Controllers. They will effectively prevail upon you so they can work you over.