Is it good to forgive an infidelity or not? Why?

It is good to forgive any offence generally, but there are offence that destroy the trust you have for that person, and infidelity is that kind of offence, sometimes to forgive is not the problem, but the intimacy and trust you once shared is severed forever. I would rather stop or break the relationship because not doing so, will subject you to tortures anytime you see her with another person even if there is nothing going on between them, but the fear of her infidelity repeating itself will keep you disturb.


By saying to ourselves that error is human, and that we are all allowed to deceive ourselves, to make mistakes, to harm others, sometimes, without wanting to do so. As someone else said in another answer, and that allows you to understand that, it's trying to put yourself in the person's shoes, to see things from his point of view, with all the factors which come into play (concerning the person in question, according to her and not us), sometimes it is only played with that, a difference of point of view, of vision of things.

I start from the principle that we must wish others what we wish for ourselves, so I would like if one day I am wrong or deeply hurt someone (which happens to us all) to be forgiven, thus, I wish to forgive others.

Sometimes it's hard to forgive, and we need time, just letting things go, not thinking too much about it, and especially not letting ourselves be inhabited and overwhelmed by negative emotions and thoughts.


 It would be better to forgive infidelity yes, because only then you can find the peace within you, to figure out what really happen. ,and that is something you need to do!

One of the most difficult parts of infidelity is the find out the truth, and it would be almost impossible to think rational on a moment when you think of the idea, that a stranger has touched your partner. 

That thought alone could you make go crazy. While the truth is, that there could be many reasons why someone committed that action, and if you don't find the truth then you might walk the risk that in the future the same action can happen again.

But the biggest problem with infidelity is the explanation of the situation, most of the people just say, sorry and i was drunk, and it was not men to be, and it was not in my planning, or just say a reason what forced them to do that.

Not many people would say...... ok it's true, i did that yes, because she made me very horny, and my mind sayd not, but my body, my body is telling me yeyeyessssss!! And i don't want to hurt nobody but there is something i must confessssssss. I don't see nothing wrong with a little bumpy greind!

Nope i guess 95% of the people will never say that, they always say something else and that makes the healing progress even more difficult. Because it's not the truth! And the truth is needed for the person to forgive and only then can the person heal.
So even if's sound very difficult, it's needed to forgive the other, and then do some inspector gadget things to find the truth, and only then you can understand what happen and find out the needs your partner wants. 

Maybe you are not filling that part and if you can work that out, then both of you will grow together to each other. Yes this is difficult and most of the partners can't reach that, because one of them can't live with the idea of infidelity. 

I  know a story of a woman who left her man and three kids, because she could not accept what he did three years ago. She when to another guy and he treated her like nothing, now she lost everything and that only because she got angry and could not forgive her man, and now a family is broken and she has a new kid from a guy who treat her like garbage!

Learn to overcome situations is one of the biggest challenges we all will get, but if you can overcome them, then you will be stronger than before, that's how we grow as a human being! 


No, no, you have a complex if you have to think like that, many people let themselves be poisoned by the toxicity of current love, the unrealistic perceptions of others, and how they can get their average partner at the end of the road. People are more complex than those egoistic expectations, reality surpasses fiction. as to whether it is good to forgive or not an infidelity ... there is nothing wrong regardless of what others say, no one is a disgusting person, of course, until you have your own conclusions.

and if both love each other and want to reach an agreement, I do not see the problem. In fact, those couples in which one or both have been unfaithful usually come out afloat.


Forgiving an infidelity while hard is necessary for your mental health and inner peace.Harbouring animosity towards your partner is like getting drunk on poison,it will not do you any good rather it will kill you the longer you let it fester in your mind.It is possible that somehow it is going to affect your productivity as well as make the lives of your children,if there are any miserable.

If he/she is remorseful and willing to make the relationship work,it is better to look past these transgression and give them a chance.You never know your relationship might become stronger as a result of it.


In my personal point of view, it's good to forgive a person for his/her infidelity, however it doesn't mean that it is agreeable that the couple / partners would be back together as per usual.

It's already difficult for a person to forgive and to look at each other in the eye and think that everything is "ok" is another story.

It looks like even the thought of forgiving infidelity will need years or even a lifetime to finally forgive the other person's mistake. And it will also take a lot of time and effort to re-gain the trust that was lost.

So to reiterate, it's good to forgive but it will be a lot harder to re-gain the lost trust.


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I don't think it's a good idea to forgive any infidelity. A person's personality and behaviors never changes and forever would be.

It also depends really on what you feel. If you think you can forgive, maybe you could do it once and if after that the person commits the same offense, I guess you need to really think carefully of whether you want to forgive that person or not. If you do, you have to be prepared for the next infidelity to happen. Then at that time it will increase that mark in your heart.

If you can't take that betrayal, it is better to just find another person who would appreciate you more than that person. You deserve someone better. Take this relationship as a learning point.


If your partner was open and honest about it learn to forgive, deal with your jealousy, and move on with your partnership.

If your partner was sneaky and deceitful and you found out from someone else than you should probably forgive them;... but move along without them.