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How to Mark precedents to my business competence?

This answer will divide it into two parts.

Mark presedentes as a brand,  institution or company.

And mark presedentes with your products.

Mark presedentes as a brand,  institution or company.

All entrepreneurs who have a small or medium business aspire to be the best in their sector, but this is not always the case and sometimes the competition is indisputably better. But that should not be demotivating, we tell you four tips to face the competitors.

Analyze the competition

To know why your competitors are better or have more success, you must perform a comparative analysis between what your business and others do. Maybe the products are the same but the service or shopping experience is superior. Study the competition and propose a strategy to get ahead and even overcome it.

Improve your products and services

It is clear that consumers are interested, looking for the best products and services at affordable prices. Before the competition takes you out of the market, make an assessment to determine how you can improve everything you offer to customers and start by making the simple changes that can be made immediately.

Offers extras that others do not give

If you can not compete against competitive products, why do not you have the investment capacity? regardless of whether it is the leader or the cheapest or the most expensive.

Listen to consumers

The secret to be better than the competition is not to spy on it or copy it, but to know what consumers want and prefer and to know it you have to listen to them and never stop paying attention to them. Use the market research tools that you have on hand and never minimize the opinion that each person has about your business.

Mark presedentes with your products.

It is common that in the market there are similar products in terms of the benefits they provide to the consumer, which implies that they incorporate mechanisms that make them stand out from the rest,

The competition that a brand has is characterized by selling a similar product in terms of appearance, taste, results or target audience. At present, competition between brands has been favored by globalization, since the importation of products from other countries has increased.

One of the benefits of the presence of similar brands in the market is that it offers consumers the choice of a wide variety of brands, in addition to not monopolizing the industry. Here are 4 ways in which companies seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


The first thing a consumer focuses on is the appearance that the product has, the more striking the packaging, the more the public will focus on it. An outstanding example of brands that are competitors is Coca Cola and Pepsi, which, despite the flavor, are distinguished by their cans.


Promotions will focus the public's attention on the product, since they force the brand of others to stand out through actions that lead to the purchase of only that product. McDonald's and Burger King focus on implementing promotions that make the public buy their similar products, such as Ronald McDonald's "Happy Box".


The opinion that the public has around a brand to make it different from another, it is necessary to remember that the testimonies are also part of publicity, which is considered as the best that can be. The insurance agency MetLife and GNP are focused on the same audience but are based on testimonials that make a difference.


Brands that compete with each other for having the highest level of consumers are characterized by offering the same benefits to the public, so that they mention the added value that their acquisition may have, such as softness. Dove and Nivea are very similar brands in terms of target and appearance, which opens the way to stand out by means of different performances.

I would say that one of the most important for the good administration of an entrepreneur is competition, without competition there was no pressure to be better every day. The employer has the obligation to be better day by day or is it us or is the competition.