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What will happen when all vehicles are electric?

The price of electricity will rise to match that of gasoline today, because companies never lose.

I do not think we see a 100% electric world. But assuming a mostly electric world, there will be some changes.

In a matter of workshops, the business will be reduced as engine faults will virtually disappear (unless they implement some programmed obsolescence) There will be faults in the electronics, sheet problems, maintenance of suspensions and wheel changes. Cars can last longer without too much care.

It is understood that if there is a majority of electric cars, recharging points will have been placed everywhere, and people will have places to charge their cars, whether in their garage, on the street or in the hypermarket.

Gas stations will disappear almost completely, some in high density roads and between cities will have been converted into fast recharging points for those who travel far with their car. The service areas will be areas where we will have a good time. There will be cafes, restaurants and even leisure centers to make waiting easier while you load the car. But only in areas where the density of movement ensures amortization.

We will have to change our habits, on the one hand get used to not forget to plug in the car, plan the movements ... on the other hand we will forget to warm up the engine of the car (the electric can be given wax from the first second) and we will have the heated car when entering it and not 10 minutes after turning on the engine as it happens with the current cars on cold and hot days ...

Our driving in the city will become calmer and more respectful, because the electric one does not "burn" going at 10 per hour, and because we are not seeing how the needle drops from the fuel tank in each traffic jam, and that avoids stress. Or I would like to think that it will be the effect of carrying electric, at worst the good acceleration from standstill will imply more aggressive driving and an increase of touches in the city ...

But we will not get to that. To make this change so massive it takes many years selling cars, a lot of energy that we do not know where we are going to get it, a lot of money that we do not know where to get ... unfortunately we will lack time, money and energy to even maintain what we have to do to make such a huge change.


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We will have to cross the street more carefully (walking).

-The exits of the traffic lights will be more fun.

-We'll leave the car loading at night, along with the mobile.

- The price of electricity will go up.

-It will reduce pollution.

-The consumption of electricity will increase a lot.

- They will put more nuclear power plants, and nuclear fission will give way to nuclear fusion, the only way to maintain so many electric cars.

-Saudi Arabia will suffer a great recession, and its golden age will end.

-The United States will invade countries that have radioactive materials, such as plutonium and uranium.

-These countries will defend themselves with nuclear bombs, which is why the Third World War, First Nuclear will begin.

-That war will produce the end of the world.

Conclusion, electric cars are the cause of the end of the world.

But do not worry, the few survivors of nuclear war will recover the V8 atmospheric and begin a slow recovery of the world, living in the areas least affected by radioactive contamination.


Everyone will complain about the good ol days when they could work on their own vehicles. Also a lot of people will die from electricution trying to work on their own vehicles.


Revival of The Jetsons’ theme song... 😁💫


Some counties will go Brook, especially the ones that solely depends on crude oil as their only source of income. Some countries will prefer buying bicycle to vehicles because of lack of power supply, the unemployment rate in Africa will increase, as those who trade in fuel will be out of business. Car charging point will will be everywhere. Niger delta militancy in Nigeria will stop, for the crude oil in the region will be of less use