On many occasions we have doubts about when to go to the psychologist and what are the different symptoms or states that indicate that we should go to this health specialist.

Throughout the different stages of our life different events can happen or sometimes, without anything happening to us that apparently should affect us greatly we find ourselves overwhelmed emotionally without knowing very well why this anxiety or excessive sadness.

Psychology is a health profession so, just as when an eye hurts we go to an ophthalmologist, or when an ear disturbs us, there are also many problems and symptoms for which we should consider when to go to the psychologist.

As we commented it is vital to go as soon as possible to a professional who evaluated us, since the psychological problems are like any other type of problem, so if it is not treated instead of improving it will tend to get worse or it could even become chronic.

We can not be led to the deception that, for being well seasons and bad season we should not work our problem, but quite the opposite since most of the psychological problems work in this way, as if they were a sawtooth, with its spikes and its low, until when not working each time the peaks are more followed and stronger.

Some reasons why you should attend

 Loss of control of your emotions

You suffer anxiety attacks

You are in a limited personal situation

Your head is flooded with negative thoughts

You feel pessimism for life.

You can not get to sleep at night

You are afraid to lose control

You have a great deal of anxiety when speaking in public or before authority figures.

 You have been through a traumatic situation

You have large doses of stress or anxiety at work

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I think going to psychologist at some times in a year is important to evaluate your health mentally. That way, they can help you to have a good psychological being.

Visiting the psychologist is very much needed though when:

* You have irrational fears and anxiety. You may be suffering from anxiety disorders and panic disorder, which needs specialist's attention so it won't lead to something worst.

* You are depressed. It is sad that suicide is becoming one of the causes of death which was triggered by depression. So if you have depression, do seek health.

* If you feel like you are losing control with your impulse. You might already have Impulse Control Disorder, which needs an attention beforenit gets worse.

* If you are obsessive. There are things you might get obsessed with. Or maybe if you have OCD.

* Other mental illnesses that may be afflicting you.


When you feel like throwing away huge amounts of money and hours of your life trying to explain to someone a few small details of your life, with which there remain a very incomplete picture about the complex depth and scope of your individual soul makeup and path, in order to delegate responsibility and authorship over solving your own challenges by submitting to an institutionalize, dogmatic system rather than tapping into the depths of your highest self to navigate the dark nights of the soul.

Or when the dancing dragons in your living room are getting to be too much to handle and you’d like a pill to numb your senses.

(And of course, several other less-sarcastically-judgemental reasons unique to one’s own situations, in which they feel it would be of fair value to pay for the perspective of someone with such indoctrination/training.)


Individuals ought to go to psychologists when they are despondent with their life or with themselves and they are propelled to make a move - that is - persuaded to draw in with the specialist and put an exertion into their own work. In the event that you are considering going, that is presumably enough from my perspective. 8 individuals out of 10 require treatment, the ninth it wouldn't hurt and one individual in ten truly needn't bother with treatment having been sufficiently fortunate to have such fantastic guardians they are managing life's issues out of this world up. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to get some outside help, utilize your own instinct and thinking in picking the correct specialist, and go.

A few people require long periods of treatment to get where they need to be. These individuals may have been mishandled/damaged in their adolescence, may have identity issue, or may have a psychological maladjustment, for example, schizophrenia. Others, who are working genuinely well yet have genuine issues and merit help. A moral advisor won't enable you to wind up "snared" on treatment in a way that isn't beneficial for you. I have discovered a few people who are by and large advanced but then never had not too bad child rearing profit by having an advisor to check in with incidentally after the fundamental piece of treatment is finished.


When you're feeling overly depressed, need mental help or simply need someone to help clarify your thoughts.

I don't think you need a special reason to visit a psychologist. Sometimes you simply need someone to talk to and a psychologist is a good option.