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What happen if we Cut of Google out of our life?

I believe google now serve as an essential part of people, so cutting it off completely may make people look for other methods in order to do things like research works , writing an application searching for tips on how to prepare a certain kind of food or generally doing other kinds of research that seems indispensable without google however I believe one main important parts is that people may go back to reading more often. One of the downturn of google has been the fact that people no longer take time to read because the answers to what they seek and readily found on websites placed on google whenever they search a keyword. So if google is eradicated and completely cut out it means people will have to take more time focus on reading more and finding answers to what they want on books so it may just be one positive aspect of taking google off people's lives.

Another thing is that there are other options to homo for example BING, WIKIPEDIA and also other synonymous options too; so unless these other options are taken off too then it means that the traffic I mean the online traffic may be transferred to this other search engines thereby still maintaining the trend of online searching. So if however these other options are taken away too, then it may be very rigorous and stressful to look for answers for really pressing questions that we may need to get answers to. For example you are just a civilian trying to apply first aid to someone in a local village and you do not have the medical experience, you could basically use google in such a situation to help someone apply medical care in a case of an emergency, however if google is not present that particular life may end or that particular person will die because of lack of application of first aid before a viable hospital is being found so I believe google is cut off.then human being may lack their efficiency and it may detrimental really,Google is a tool to ask for the authenticity of something, it's proven instrumental in determining right and wrong in needed situations so when used by people they get a certain kind of certainty and clarity to their questions and other thing, so if google is taken away people may find it difficult to adapt, live, go to school or even run a business without the help of a search engine as google


I don't know how I will cut of google from my life, specially google search and google maps. Email, yeah I can go back to using something else. Android, well someone will come up with another OS (won't use apple, even if i have to use a 2g phone).  However, yahoo search sucks, plain and simple. and for all those in europe calling google a monpoly, i think those idiots should try yahoo search and they will know its utter rubbish. and google maps, i mean, there is nothing like it. Instead of spending 100 200 pounds on satnavs, i can now travel for free. that's the best thing to happen to me, thanks to google. cutting it all off will be a nightmare. 


There are other search engines, so you would just use another.

But if you mean cutting yourselves off completely from using search engines, then you would find it difficult to get relevant information from the web.

Search engines, especially Google, are a necessity for any web user. I can't begin to count how many times i have used google, to search for much needed information on the web. Just this morning, i got out of a difficult situation, by just using google.