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What type of games we need to improve our skills?

It depends on what skills you're talking about and the field you want to apply those skills in.


A good game to develop your money management abilities is MONOPOLY. Monopoly is a board game where you make money and invest them in real estate.


I recommend CHESS for this one. CHECKERS is good too but I enjoy chess more.

Spelling and vocabulary

Here my top favorite board game is SCRABBLE. However there are many online games you can take advantage of. One of them is WORD COOKIES

There are other games on baking, fashion etc. The list is endless as new games are created everyday

I believe a search on the Google Play Store would give you exactly what you work at your level of expertise


Actually, 3D shooters help improve spacial coordination along with the ability to take quick decisions. Economic strategies (not HYIPs) can be helpful as well, for obvious reasons. It is also possible that within some online games there's a lot of communication going on between the players, so just another chance to improve on this, too.