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Best City 4 travel and 4 fun?
The definition of "fun" can be kinda subjective/contextual for individual. In my opinion, I can suggest the most fun cities to travel in each category as below:

ChiangMai - Nature/cultural exp/healing all three-in-one city
Macau - Most fun for casino with affordable budget
Dublin - Most fun drinking city
Shanghai - Most luxurious fun city
Istanbul - Most cultural exotic fun city
Lombok/Gili Island - The best snorkling/diving fun place (not a city...)
Hong Kong - Most fun nightlife city
Seoul, Tokyo - Most fun and safe/clean nightlife city

Those selections are just from my personal experiences :)
after reading this question straight out in my mind that the city of Banda Aceh is the capital of Aceh province

there are many places to visit there Moreover many tsunami history sites are scattered in the city

1. floating boat is one of the existing tourist attractions in Banda Aceh City this ship comes from the sea was brought to the ground by the tsunami water

2. Tsunami Museum is a place or a relic to see the results of past events in the city of Banda Aceh, many relics of the tsunami on display at the Meseum

3. the ship on the roof of the resident's house was carried away by the tsunami and stopped in one of the residents' houses until now it is not moved anymore and used as tourist attractions

4. Lhoknga Beach Lhoknga Beach presents an atmosphere that is so fun This beach is perfect as a place Scuba boats or snorkeling
1. Coast Sumurtiga - Sabang

Let's start exploring from the westernmost tip of Indonesia, Sabang. Here there are many interesting sights that you must visit, one of which is Sumurtiga Beach located in Sabang City, Aceh Province. This white sand beach has a long coastline with blue sea water, complete with coconut trees scattered along the beach. No wonder many people call Sumurtiga Beach as Hawaii its Sabang. In addition to surfing and enjoying the underwater beauty with snorkeling ria, you can also stay in the cottages are mostly found around the beach. Fun, is not it?

2. Lake Toba - North Sumatra You are certainly familiar with this one tourist spot, is not it? Yes, the beauty of Lake Toba with Samosir Island in the middle indeed managed to attract the attention of tourists, not only local, but also international. Lake Toba itself is a giant lake formed due to volcanic activity. This lake has a length of 100 km and width of 30 km and is touted as the most beautiful volcanic lake owned by Indonesia. Not only exciting lake tour, visitors can also explore the pine forest area around the lake, enjoy the hot water baths, and play around the waterfall. Already? Wait a minute, in Samosir Island there are 2 tourist villages that also did not escape the attention of tourists, namely Tomok and Tuktuk. In Tomok, you can visit the tombs of King Sidabutar, the Batak Museum, and see the Sigale-gale puppet show. Want to spend the night here? There are many cheap lodging in Tuktuk that you can make reference. Complete, right?

Sianok Canyon - Bukittinggi If you are satisfied exploring the land of North Sumatra, now your turn to set foot to West Sumatra, precisely in the City of Bukittinggi. Yes, the city with a hilly nature relief is indeed has many beautiful sights that pity to miss, one of which is the Sianok Gorge. For the uninitiated, the Sianok Gorge is a narrow valley with steep cliffs around it. In the middle of this valley is a small river that makes the view more amazing. Here, besides cycling, trekking, or a light stroll, you can also sit back to enjoy the serenity offered by the Sianok Gorge. Because of the calming atmosphere that this tourist spot is also called the Silent Valley. If you have a chance to explore Bukittinggi, do not forget to stop by here, yes!

4. Kampar River - Riau

Ever imagined not how it feels to surf in the river? Yes, so far we are familiar with surfing alias surfing as a water sport that can only be done on the beach with big waves. If you play to Riau, all the above theories will be easily refuted. Because, in Riau there is one tourist spot that is very fitting to be surfing arena with friends, namely Kampar River. Famous for its Bono waves that can reach a height of 6 meters, the river is located in Teluk Meranti, Palalawan regency, Riau, this is a suitable destination to satisfy your surfing desire. Many foreign surfers who are willing to come all the way to Riau in order to conquer the waves of the river that is located exactly on this equator. How, interested in testing the adrenaline here?
In my eyes definitiv LAS VEGAS!

I have traveled around many cities, but this is the one where you will have the most fun!

If you like to dance and party: vegas offers many clubs - bars - discotheque - and the best: pool partys :-) all day and night long.

If you like to food: many food courts will be ok your way, with different styles of food.

If you like to go out and do some shopping? here we go 2 mega outlets centers, will help you out. One in north , one in south.

It just try one of the countless shows - with acrobatics or magic, or with girls.

Or just go out and have some fun with gambling ( play some poker , roulette or slot machine)

You will find your fun entertainment there ;-)

Been there over 5 times and never disappointed ✌️
Reading this question, Imagined in my mind some interesting sights are located in the City called the Metropolitan City of Lhokseumawe City.
Among other things that is very fun to visit is

1. Ujong Blang beach on the edge of the Strait of Malacca. The coastline that stretches in the three villages is not lonely passengers marine tourism lovers. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery on the side of PT Arun, can find the geliat the traditional fishermen pulled trawler.

2. Reservoir located in the city center. City of Lhokseumawe. Presenting an artificial tourist attraction. A large flood prevention basin with an area of ​​60 hectares was formed in Teluk Pusong. This location is perfect for watching the sunset and enjoy the cool night.

3. Tomb of Putroe Neng. Out of downtown Lhokseumawe, heading west about 10 km, we find on the side of the road a grave history site Nian Nio Lian Khie from China known as Putroe Neng in Blang Pulo Village, Muara Satu District

4. The island of Simadu is about five kilometers to the west of Lhokseumawe city we are faced with a pretty scary marine tourism during the conflict, where this place was exiled to GAM fighters. But now, the power of natural panorama with Simadu Island in the middle seemed to destroy our memory to remember what happened 15 years ago.
In my opinion, the city for travel and for fun is Banda Aceh. The reason are,
The first one, because this is my hometown.
The second one, because we have so many interesting places to visit and we have a lot of beautiful beach, such as tsunami museum which was built after tsunami attack aceh on 2004. And we also have a big library which located on darussalam. And the most interesting place, we have lhok Mee beach, which has a very beautiful view, and we can lay down on the white sand. And we also have lhoknga beach, and if you go to Great Aceh, you will find the most popular waterboom which was located in kuta malaka, samahani. And don't forget to visit Taman Rusa which located in Sibreh. They have a lot animals to see there. Such as deers, And some kind of birds.
You know fun is different in every persons perspective.. however the most fun I would have in a city for travel and fun would be Delhi, India. From what I have observed the adventure and culture there would be a joy and privilege for me to experience.. in the night the city becomes truly alive.. exploring Delhi roads at night even in my imagination makes me smile and shiver a bit at the sane time..
Well i have been to so many countries but i will choose dubai and brazil as the best cities for travel and fun,i said so based on my own personal experiences when i visited these two countries,brazil is a very nice place with friendly and lively people,dubai is a very beautiful city with well organized system in place..
The jewel of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is home to more than 1,200 islands, but travel between them has long been dictated by expensive yacht charters and sluggish public ferries. In 2018, that’s set to change, now that UberBOAT, from the popular ride-sharing app, has launched on-demand transfers and private tours along the Dalmatian Coast. Hit the high seas in the direction of Šolta, a hilly isle a mere nine nautical miles from Split (the second-largest city in Croatia).

Often overlooked in favor of more-developed, splashier neighbors like Hvar or Brač, Šolta’s under-the-radar nature has proved a boon: The stony islet has become synonymous with pristine nature (pebbly beaches, turquoise waters, lush greenery), medieval villages, winemaking (try the indigenous Dobričić variety), and family-run olive oil purveyors like Olynthia, a fourth-generation producer. After watching the sun set at Maslinica bay, check out the island’s peppering of stylish beach clubs, seaside bars, and open-air restaurants — then drop your bags at the Heritage Hotel Martinis-Marchi, built inside an 18th-century Venetian fort-castle and ideally situated for those who want to explore Šolta’s ancient villages and crystal-clear bays.