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What can kill a business?

Making the business all about yourself and not paying full undivided attention to those that your business services.  When it becomes all about you, you are essentially living a lie that will catch up to you in the form of many possible negative outcomes that range to the level you perpetuate that lie.


Greed can definitely kill a business...

There are several things that can make a business go bankrupt: firstly no discipline in work. Discipline is very influential on a business. Discipline affects the performance of a company or a business. For example, if employees do not work on time, productivity will decrease.

Both lack skills and do not want to learn. Managing a business must have expertise, and continue to be demanded to learn because the times continue to grow. If less kealian, then competitor companies will easily beat us.

The third lack of adoption of innovation. If a business is lacking in innovation adoption, it will be left behind in everything, both product and marketing.

Fourth the lack of network building. Networking is very necessary in a business. Without a good network, a business will not grow. Fifth does not have the abil

A good business can make someone to be very successful in life and that is why we need to make sure we avoid the things that could affect the business negatively and destroy the business which could have 

been a very good business The things that could kill a business is lack of good management,every business depends on good management to determine if the business will succeed or fail so that is why we should 

make sure we have good management in the business,if you cannot employ a good manager then it is better for you to just manage the business by yourself and always concentrate on the business without distractions Avoid mixing pleasure with 

business,one of the major things that destroys many businesses is the fact that the business owner was mixing pleasure with business and that made them to spend the company income unnecessarily or spend more than they earn in the business

The fall of a business is not always caused by marketing and not because of a fatal mistake, but tampa we realize that started from a small mistake that should be easily overcome sometimes in awkward and will be boomerang in a business that ends crashed
only greed can kill a business and sometimes lazyness and fear of trying
Client Focus

Endeavor to have an enhanced client base so nobody client makes up over 15% of your income.

Declining Gross Edge

On the off chance that your gross edge is dropping as you grow, an expert purchaser may make the inference that your upper hand is debilitating and you're competing on cost to win clients.

Revolting Lease

On the off chance that your rent incorporates a difference in possession arrangement that expects you to look for the consent of the proprietor before offering, this can drive away a few purchasers.

Provider Over-reliance

Try to have an assortment of hotspots for your crude materials. In case you're compelled to purchase from one provider, their arranging influence over you can haul down your organization's esteem.
Business is a good thing no doubt about that but also business can be killed easily at a blink of an eye,many businesses have been destroyed easily

due to the lack of good business managers,some people are just doing a business because people

are doing it,they do not have the understanding of the business but they just want to be doing it

because someone told them that the business can make them rich and because of that they just

jump into the sea without knowing how to swim or at least learn how to swim before doing that..
Not considering pioneers responsible

In the event that you have an administration group that isn't being considered responsible for conveying on your arrangement and destinations, you could slaughter the business. It's significant that the pioneers are adjusted on goals, straightforward on advance and responsible for really conveying. Else, you are consuming money paying them.

2. Defining farfetched objectives

On the off chance that you set objectives that are never achievable, you will reliably miss design and dampen your group. Objectives should be quantifiable and lined up with the assets your association has. For instance, in the event that you will offer 20% more next quarter, you require a greater group or new item or some progression in the offering procedure.

3. Not conveying successfully

Poor correspondence is regularly the #1 enemy of groups. At the point when a group isn't working together and imparting, everybody might walk in various ways, bringing about nothing completing.

4. Not understanding the key financials

In the event that the pioneers don't comprehend the fundamental financial aspects and accounts of the business, they may settle on clueless choices that could eventually execute it. Having a basic model to see the ramifications of missing income or contracting new individuals can represent the moment of truth an organization.

5. Procuring too quick and terminating too moderate

In the event that a business procures the wrong individuals and after that holds up too long to flame them, you have a formula for fiasco. Having the wrong individuals at the table — particularly initiative — can be poisonous for an association. I generally take after the truism "A players employ other A players, B players procure C players." Before you know it, you have an organization brimming with C players.

Put Ned in charge. 

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