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DO you think that sex is a basic human right?
SEX is a biological need ingrained in most human, but not everyone is capable of finding a sex partner due to various reasons. Deprivation of sex can cause many health problems. While many countries provide universal healthcare for it's citizens, sex deprivation is usually not covered under any schemes. AS such, DO you think that sex is a basic human right that should be covered by the government?

A right is something that you're entitled to and must not be deprived. Since sex is not something that is solely dependent on your decision before it can occur, it's not a human right to have sex. If sex is a human right, it implies that you can just see anyone and decide that you want to have sex with such person because you think it's your right. What if the person doesn't want to have sex with you?

Sex is a natural human emotion or instinct but it's not a human right. It involves mutual consent and until the person you're attracted to consent to your sex move, you have no right to touch or speak to such a person in a sexual way. Such is termed as an abuse and one could get a jail time for it. So sex is not a human right because it requires mutual consent in order for it to occur


It's a basic human need but not a right. Rights are more along the lines of being a need. Like you have to have this in order to live and reach your fullest potential.

Education for more opportunities for social mobility and self development. Food, Shelter, and Clothing for obvious reasons. Right to healthcare and security for another obvious set of reasons. 

But sex?

Nope. You can live without sex. You can achieve your fullest potential without having sex. And you can live a dignified life without doing it. It's not a right. 


Not for minors and basic rights for real sex for adults.

Every country in the world has different rules in terms of sex, in Asian countries there are different rules with European countries and other countries.

Asian countries the problem of sex must be mature and regulated according to the recognition of Adat, Religion and State.

The sex goal is a partner's agreement to get offspring because the results of sex will give birth to human offspring, a better generation, what happens if there is no sex? humans can become extinct on this earth.

Have a nice day.


More than a basic right, sex is actually a basic need. 

As I remember, it is listed under the Physiological need in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, but I think it depends individually. Some people might need to satisfy their sexual urges first before being able to move on to the next stage. However, for others, they only need to satisfy the other Physiological needs like food, water, air, etc.

In terms of sex being a human right, I also agree with it. However, just like other rights, it has a limitation. You can only have sex with consent from both parties... without consent, it's already a violation which can be given an equal punishment for.


Considering sex a human right, of touch, of delight, of climax as a human right and our idea of rights get foggy; our energy and promotion for rights turns out to be significantly less intense when we have to start discourse about excitement and joy and fulfillment. 

Sex may be decent, it may even be superb, yet survival is conceivable without it, needs aren't the equivalent as requirements and social mores direct that right-status is once in a while allowed to something with such a large number of admonitions joined. 

Our own isn't where sex can be had with whomever we please at whatever point need, and consequently considering sex as a human right would be a confounded declaration. 

I'm not going to put sex in indistinguishable class from nourishment or water, clearly nobody will bite the dust without it. Be that as it may, individuals won't kick the bucket without property rights or ruptured protection either, despite everything we consider these as major. 

I am rather, going to battle that for some individuals a quality life requires sexual contact and that similarly as access to open transport for the crippled, or postal administrations for the topographically confined are critical in a socialized, empathetic culture, that entrance to sex should be viewed as similarly as imperative as different rights. I'm comparatively going to contend that inclination uneasy discussing a subject is never reason enough to hold it. 

Before shielding sex work administrations for the handicapped, for the elderly, for the forlorn, the unusual and the out and out horny, I will recognize that considering sex as a correct raises some extremely evident concerns identified with assent and sex arrangement; concerns which I will obviously, deny, yet which require tabling by the by. 

Thinking about sex as a human right, possibly offers defense for assault: it could be battled, for instance, that a man was basically sharing of his conjugal rights; that a lady was simply practicing her entitlement to climax. The practicing of such rights, conceivably opens up a Pandora's container of lawful barriers: widespread horniness all of a sudden sounds real instead of newspaper ludicrous. 

Is sex a human right? It isn't as straightforward as saying yes … or no. SBS 

Thus, to fight that a man has a privilege to sexual direct infers that for those not in a relationship or without prepared access to an eager accomplice, that an accomplice must be provided; that individuals should be given to benefit this right. 

These are both legitimate concerns, however concerns which are effectively relieved by that fantastic liberal proclamation of decision. Sex might be a right, however like free discourse, it can't be practiced to the detriment of others: you can't compel individuals to tune in to your ramblings and you can't drive someone else to engage in sexual relations with you. 

Also, while considering sex as a privilege gives avocation to the sex business, no one ought to be compelled to work in it; the individuals who should be monetarily redressed - as in some other administration industry - and the individuals who don't should be offered security. 

Our way of life promptly acknowledges the re-appropriating of a wide range of household administrations. We joyfully have our puppies strolled, our gardens cut, or shirts washed all by individuals we don't eat with nor purchase a card for on Valentine's Day; our bustling lives are promptly propped up by the physical work of others. 

Sex must be thought of along these lines. No, perhaps it is anything but a sentimental attestation, and maybe not a politically right one either, but rather imagining that sex is constantly about lovemaking and revelations of commitment is a guileless and prejudicial dispute.


As someone suggested below, there’s a sort of linguistic error in the statement/question - as what do you mean EXACTLY...?

Three Laws & Seven Rules To A Harmonious Planet:



Each human being has the right to interact with another human being as long as it is mutually consensual.


No the government should not pay for my sex. I can afford condoms. If i could not then I should probably rethink my life. I also do not think the government should be responsible for buying me hookers so I can have sex if I can not find a willing partner. It would be nice if the government would not throw me in jail if I chose to rent a hooker though. 

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