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Is it possible to travel for 1 year without money and just with a backpack?

The answer is yes".

By cons, do not expect an easy trip. I  do not advise you to start traveling a year without money, without  preparation, without having done tests on a day, a weekend, a me. The difficulty level is very high.

We will have to take into account several things:

The weight of your backpack.
Hygiene, including laundry, washing teeth, smells, drying clothes, laundry room, shaving etc. Nothing is more insupportable than a messy traveler, which is often the case with the fighters. To travel without money is to be near people constantly, in transport, to eat, to stay.
Predict a good pair of shoes and not something less than 100 euros.
It  is necessary to prepare your trip in advance, to know the risks, to  know the good internet sites, the links, the telephone, internet and  everything. Also, money and insurance to repatriate you in express.

It is necessary to prepare both security and logistics. Once done, you can start traveling and doing tests.

In reality, traveling without money does not mean begging, at least not my idea of ​​a trip without money. You will have to swap your personality for something, it requires extraordinary letting go.

To ask someone in the street to lodge us, it requires to be serene. You are a little scared or you are a little stressed, you pass for a tramp, no more, no less. You try to force the other, you risk falling on someone who wants you harm. Your goal is to be calm and happy enough to convince a normally constituted person to lodge you. If you make a forced smile, it will feel.

Your relationship to emotions will change completely. In your life, you do not need it, you are angry, frustrated, afraid, stressed or otherwise, you will get your wand with money. In a trip where you have nothing to trade, it does not work that way, you get what you deserve to have, period.

Letting go while you do not know if you will be able to eat, where you go to sleep, while not knowing the city, it is very hard.

My advice, realize this trip in a few years. Make small trips, a day in the big city next to your house to ask people to lodge you, to feed you. You will learn, the tips of stop, the errors, the need to be pro-active. Then you will see the real difficulty of the thing, lodge in people. If you do not succeed, you will have the choice: sleep outside, you will be quickly vaccinated; make a sleepless night before returning home.

The time you do not travel is important, it's the moment you digest what happened on the trip. It is very trying to travel without money, you have to go little by little.

You can train in the street in your city, asking time or direction to strangers. Talking with people at Starbuck's, in a cafe, trying to catch a stranger's smile on the street. Your only goal is to trigger serenity and joy to your interlocutor.

You can also use personal development, forget right away positive thinking, it is useless. It's  even the opposite, it tends to camouflage your moods, preventing you  from experiencing your emotions and therefore, overcome them to find the  joy behind. Take the time to feel your emotions, traveling in this way, you will see very quickly that they work by cycle. If you are afraid, live your fear to the max. If you are sad, see your sadness to the fullest.

You can keep a journal of gratitude, it works pretty well. Try to write about your emotions, your feelings, what you hear, what you see is soothing. You can practice meditation.

Traveling without money, you will live magical moments. This type of journey can become idyllic if well prepared, with a steel mind and total letting go. It can turn into nightmares if you handle your emotions badly.

One thing to keep in mind when traveling without money: your goal is to make others travel, offer them dreams, joy. You  have to learn a lot of self without going through material goods, it is  an extraordinary adventure and selfishness has no place in this type of  trip.


 I think this project is feasible with a little organization beforehand and according to the chosen destination!
These are the points I would make before leaving:

1. Choose your destination, establish a route and prospect on volunteering, local associations, woofing, NGOs.
This allows to consider places for the stages of the trip that are more established. That is to say on a few days or weeks, one is registered in a local action with a framework or a structure of reception. Indeed, for services rendered voluntarily, one can be housed and fed. Thus it allows to discover the local culture and to meet the local populations.

2.  For places of "passage" to think of couchsurfing, in order to be able  to find accommodations and receptions safe and benevolent. Maybe also go to groups in social networks to find "good plans".

3. Learn about networks such as greeters to meet locals and create links locally. This is an initiative where meetings and visits are completely free and will always be free.

4. Communicate!
An essential aspect in a trip like this is the network!
I think it is very important to talk to his family and his entourage about such a project. And then, with a butterfly effect, friends of friends, certainly have contacts towards your choice of destination.

These are, it seems to me, basic points to develop this type of trip. However I also invite you to read, because a good number of travelers have already realized this type of adventure.