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What are you afraid of ?

 I can answer this question with all sincerity my soul and my heart...

I am afraid of emigrating, I am Venezuelan and for nobody is a secret that my country is in very bad conditions, I am afraid to emigrate and not get a job, or get a denigrating one, I am afraid that they will reject me because of my nationality, and it terrifies me have nothing in the other country. 

It frightens me with my heart to separate myself from my family, in fact every day that I think it hurts more, I am afraid of not being able to see my nephews grow, I am afraid that something could happen to my parents in my country while I am not, I WILL BE DEPRESSED to be robbed or hurt, or abducted.

I am afraid of what will happen to my pet when I am not, I am terrified that my parents live alone, I am terrified that my sister and I are not there to help them. 

 I am from a very large family that has had to be divided in different countries, and I am afraid of not seeing them again

It scares me that the venezuela government does not leave soon, and that mature remains in power. It scares me to continue destroying my country to a point where it is irreparable in many years. 

 Despite the fear of emigrating, I am terrified of loneliness, what I fear most is being alone, in fact, imagining me as an old woman and being alone scares me as you do not imagine. 

 I appreciate that I can emigrate with my boyfriend, because emigrating alone would be something that would terrify me completely.  

And finally I have a fear that I know what will happen, that is the fear of losing a loved one, above all, mother, father, sister and nephews, I think we are all afraid of that, but it is something that will happen and that nobody can avoid ...

These are my fears, they are not usually the typical fears, like the fear of the dark, or fear of some animal, but they are fears of the real life, that terrify me.


Biting the dust. I'm terrified of the possibility of ending up nothing. I'm terrified in light of the fact that I know I will be frightened when it occurs. I'm frightened of other individuals passing on, my family and companions, particularly my kids. I have awful meddlesome considerations about this and it fixates me.

Getting old. It's the blend of disappointment, openings lost, winding up less alluring (truly, I'm vain like that), expanded delicacy, torment, disorder, loss of subjective capacities (I'm losing enough as of now at 37) and furthermore the reality I have no annuity or retirement investment funds and don't care for being poor (god, I'm making myself sound dreadful with this one!) My folks are "old" and appear to have entirely great lives, however it doesn't mollify my feelings of trepidation!

Disappointment. I am so apprehensive of coming up short I don't attempt and along these lines flop naturally. In all things. This one offers ascend to a considerable number of my different apprehensions ("I'm so exhausting, I'm languid, I'm bad enough"). I'm frightened I am flopping in the everyday issues that are less quantifiable - as a mother, as a spouse, as just me.

Making companions. I am hesitant to attempt and make companions since I am anxious about the possibility that that it is possible that they will find how exhausting, upsetting and incompetent I am and relinquish me at some point or another, or they will make requests of me that I can't satisfy and I will feel regretful and caught. Notwithstanding when I talk myself through this dread, it leads on to the one underneath.

Harming individuals. I am anxious about the possibility that that I am hurting individuals somehow at whatever point I interface with them. It's difficult to bind precisely, however I believe it's a dread that I am controlling them inadvertently, or that it is will undoubtedly be against their interests to connect with me.

Flying. No doubt, the passing thing once more. In any case, passing caught in a quick moving aluminum take care of in the sky that will most likely be on fire at the time. (In spite of the fact that in the event that I had more cash and a more agreeable family despite everything I long for venturing to the far corners of the planet.)

Driving. I don't confide in my responses, I don't confide in alternate drivers, I have an appalling ability to read a compass. It just leaves me a trembling wreck.

Physical closeness. Don't know whether this is a physical thing or a passionate one, yet being that near someone else is a major dread of mine (no doubt, that works extraordinary being hitched what not. Simply don't inquire!)

Dismissal and mortification. This feeds into a variety of fears e.g. beginning discussions. Who the hell would need to converse with me? Again I am so terrified of coming up short that I don't attempt. I can't request to pass somebody who is hindering the way without feeling like I am accomplishing something awfully off-base. I abstain from heading off to the specialists because of a paranoid fear of being snickered at and left unfit to convey what needs be (in addition to other things).

Decisions. I abhor choices. I loathe vulnerability. I have no chance to get of knowing the correct decision to make. It alarms me, so I can't stand to settle on any decision whatsoever.


I am mostly afraid of death compared to every other things. I used to be scared whenever I hear about the death of some people most especially the people I know.

My reason for having this intense fear is that I will loose everything I have accomplished in my life, I won't be able to see or meet my loved ones most especially my friends and family, all my gadgets and assets will also be gone because I will leave them in this world.

The most sad part of it is that i will be buried alone in my grave with no light or air and nobody will accompany me in there because it is just only me alone and my actions in this world.

I don't really like talking about this because I am feeling uncomfortable with tears in my eyes will typing this. I am sorry I will have to stop at this point because I am very afraid of death.

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to make my answer more explicit.


I discovered a few days ago that I am afraid of failure. An unconscious fear that goes back a long way ...I did not know it, because my life does not at all testify to the existence of this fear. Yet now that I have put my finger on it, it is obvious. And looking at the past, I see the subtle but impactful effects on my life path. Not really positive effects ...I'm taking care of it. It will take a little time. This is good news because without this fear, the future can only be radiant!