What can I do to pass the time on the train when reading/watching a screen makes me sick, and I have no option to listen to music?

I was having the same problem. I was carsick, and could not read anything, not even the GPS.

Then I gave up drinking coffee and now I don't have any problems, I am not carsick any more and can check my phone GPS or even read. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying coffee is causing this because I don't even know if you are a coffee drinker, but in my case coffee was the cause. This was actually a bonus, I had no idea my car sickness will go away just by quitting drinking coffee. 

 I've been drinking coffee all day, all night, basically constantly, I've been using caffeine to treat headaches, fatigue, low blood pressure, you name it. It's just that I became tolerant and had zero effect on me. So I quit. 

It's been two and a half month now and I know I won't drink coffee again, ever! Being able to travel without being sick is a huge thing for me, coffee does not worth it. 

If you're a coffee drinker, try to quit for a few days and see what happens, maybe you're not going to be sick while reading on the train.

Also, there are tablets you can buy, those are for motion sickness. Go to the pharmacy and ask for help. 


You could do a few things. How do you go reading an actual book or magazine? That might help.

Or you could strike up a conversation with random people. I've done that before and I have met some really nice people as a result.

You could also fantasise about the attractive lady/ man across the isle. And then blush heavily when they notice you staring and realise that you're visibly aroused.

How do you go writing on the train? You could start hand writing Steemit posts. Or even sketching stuff that you can then post to Steemit under the various #art tags.

There are so many ways to make train time productive. It's not so much about how you kill time time but how you can turn the time into something worthwhile.

I love being productive on trains. In fact, I've written many Steemit posts on trains. I've even answered a stack of musing questions. 

You have a tonne of options. Just get creative. :)


Try writing your thoughts on paper or typing them. Doodling also helps. There are things you can do that you are never aware of unless you're bored. That's how I started making my line arts. 


Well if anything that involves intense focus through your eyes makes you sick, then the best way to pass time is to sleep on your ride :)

But if you don't feel like sleeping or the situation doesn't permit you then I would like to suggest for you to just stare on the view at the window, hopefully there good sites along your way.

Happy train ride ahead :)


There are several things to do when on the train. If there's no option to listen to music, then perhaps, maybe you can talk to a friend. You can either talk to the person sitting next to you or engage/join in a general conversation. I do that a lot when I see, bored and in a train. But, perhaps you are the shy person who doesn't like to talk much, you can simply pick up your phone and text or call a friend. I do that a lot when I'm bored on a train. I just call someone whom I know will be available and willing to talk with me at the time so I don't get bored. 

Another thing I do when I can't do so many things I'd love to on a train is sleep. Sleeping takes away the stress of being bored. Although it may be difficult to sleep in a perhaps noisy train, you can simply pick up a boring book and keep feeding your eyes with it. You will eventually fall asleep. 


Try observing people. Try to picture them as characters in a story. If you are inclined into writing stories, you could let your mind wander off from one idea to another. The people in the train could be good source of characters you could use on your own stories. Basically justnlet your imagination wander off. It would help if you could write down those ideas on a piece of paper so it will be easier to remember.


In long journey in train many people Suffered a same problem that you are facing. So I will share some tips which will be helpful to you while you are having journey in train.

If you are travelling with your friends then talk to them or play tik tok which helpful to laugh on each others and so how the time passes you will not know and your destination will come.

When you are alone in train journey without any of your friend or a family members then you should go near the door of the train and sit there and watch the beauty of nature which makes you relax and fill good and also you will not fill bore. Try to give your snacks to people who are with you in your compartment and so they will also give you their food and so they will start talking with you and asked about your destination and why you are travelling and where are you going and everything and also asked you about your profile so you can start talking with them and from this you can spare your timings by new people and so you will have good talking speech and also you will get new friends.

If it is night journey then you can switch off the light and takes upper compartment in train and sleep beacuse at night journey no people are awake and everyone are sleeping and so you can also go for sleep by putting alarm on your smart phone so alarm rings when your destination comes nearer.

I hope it will helpful to you while you are travelling by train.