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What is your favorite Linux distro, and why?

I've gotta say Ubuntu here, even though it's kinda looked down upon by a lot of Linux power users. 

I just want an operating system that works out of the box for the most part. I don't want to be spending hours on getting simple functionality to work, which is what you're up against when you pick a more open and customizable distribution, like Arch for example. 

Installing drivers is generally very easy and there's a lot of support for any issues that you might have. Aside from that, I kinda like their UI, I've gotten so used to it that working with a standard Gnome or KDE window manager feels a bit weird. 

For me, Ubuntu is a solid distro that offers all the benefits of Linux, while also remaining easy enough to use, like Windows or Mac. 


Debian - because I started on Linux with a raspberry pi running Raspbian. I tried a few other distros, but being used to Debian I found them hard to get used to, so I sticked with Debian and Debian-based distros such as Ubuntu


I have to go with Mint,

Based on both Debian and Ubuntu I just prefer the UX and interface, experience better.

It was the first distro I was ever serious about (more than just playing around) so it is the one I tend to gravitate to first.

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I prefer the Debian based Linux Mint. 

Right now I am using Windows 10, and it has all the features I need, while making my life easier, but  I prefer to use Linux as well. It's pure awesomeness.