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Would I be able lose a lot of weight by drinking only v8 and water for 7 days?

This question couldn't have come at a better time. I'm currently undergoing a sort of fast and I've rarely gone three days without food. I'm taking just water but I'm already seeing a drop in weight.

Staying away from food and drinking only water will definitely cause you to lose weight.

A lot of complications that people have happens because they tend to overfeed. It will also surprise you to know that the body actually needs water more than it needs food. The modern day guy eats way too much and that's why we have so many people being obese or having protruding stomachs these days. I've always hated having pot belly and any slight indication of getting one sees me going back towards intense sit ups. It's a no-go area for me.

I've actually seen someone recently who has been in a 20 plus days fast. You need to see how skinny he looks currently and he's not even done with the fast. He's not been eating any food and taking only liquid.

Fasting does so much good to the body and I think more people should try it. It detoxifies a body, cures ailments naturally and is a natural remedy for bad habits and compulsive desires. I've made up my mind to engage in fasts as often as I can because of the tremendous benefits it provides.

Fasting would definitely make you lose weight although I can't say the same for the V8.


I would imagine so but only for the fact that you would be shiting like a goose. Oh myu god that sounds like a horrible idea. If you are looking to lose weight please just adjust your diet to a more healty calorie intake and start exercising. you will be a lot better off I promise. 


No doubt you could lose a good amount of weight because we remember that most of our body is composed of water so if we add even more water what we will do is saturate ourselves with liquids and inflate, which will generate that sooner or later all that excess liquid has to be expelled, leaving our body to compact a little and our muscles being pressed and lose a good amount of fat and other elements.


You would and would be the most foolish thing to do!!

If want to loose weight, you should choose a healthy and balanced diet that is sustainable on long term, exercise on a daily basis so you can burn calories and stay fit.

Starving is never the answer.


Fasting is indeed a great way to burn fat, reset your metabolism and your bodies insulin response as well as detoxify.  However you probably shouldn't drink V8 ever again ;)  

Fresh fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial to the body.  Processed, old tomato juice with tons of salt and who knows what added is not doing anything good for you and would disrupt the fast.  Drinking water is the best way and supplementing with some kind of electrolyte mix can be helpful.  

The first days of a fast can be pretty tough on the willpower so if you get too hungry or your energy gets very low, try eating something that is all good fats like an avocado or some good olives.  A bit of organic coffee with coconut oil and raw butter is also a great pick me up.  the fat will give your body energy without resetting the fast.  

remember fasting is not about calorie deprivation.  It's about your bodies response to not having sugar to burn for fuel.  This causes the body to burn fat for fuel instead which most of us never do in the modern world but is a natural process that is necessary for good health.  

Try starting off with intermittent fasting to get used to the feeling of an empty stomach and to ease the body into fat burning mode.  This website is an amazing resource for intermittent fasting information as well as about the full on fast and almost everything else health and diet related.  Have fun =)