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What is the hardest battle one can ever face??

The hardest battles in life has got to be the ones that involved money usually. And career. The demons. I had alot of credit card debt at a time in life which had taken a crunch in my total monthly earnings. It felt really depressing to owe so much credit card debt at that time but the worst thing was everytime I settled a bit, the devil inside my head would want impulsively ask me to buy new things which I did and it became a non stop cycle. It was until one day, I told myself that I was going to stop all credit card transactions.

There was also a battle with one really peculiar lady boss. It wasn't the type which was the one where there were fights or punches or kicks or anything of that sorts. I worked at this place for a year and everyday after the first few months felt torturous. She initially gave us fifteen minutes break after two hours of work until one day she felt that we were abusing our just fifteen minutes break and she stopped it and accused everyone of being lazy. She used harsh words in the whatapps group to make everyone feel really bad. She was like a demon. At some point of time she would just write messages in the group at around 1 or 2 am and expect people to reply or at 4am. I won after I quit that job. It wasn't a really easy battle. After quiting that job I felt a sense of relief and battle won.

Another tough battle I had was my university course. Initially, I had these really lazy lecturers who did not have any knowledge on the subject matter. One day, every student went to complain and rebel against this lecturer and finally a new lecturer was given to us. There are still lots of unlisted battles but these are just a few of them.


I think the hardest battle one can face is a disease like cancer. Firstly you have no choice and you are fighting for your life. Being told would  be like starting a life changing nightmare.

I can't think of anything worse as this is a deadly disease. The treatment one has to go through and the mind games that would be happening in your head. Not knowing if you are getting any better or have limited days left.

Your brain and thought process would be in turmoil worrying about if everyone will be ok if you go. It's a battle I never want to face and wouldn't wish on an enemy either. I just hope they can find a cure soon.


The one with his won mind. Why I think that? Because the human mind is of a great power and can be used to either create or destroy whatever it focuses on. Thus battling with your won mind seems to be the hardest battle I can imagine. Even if you are facing a severe illness if you can convince your mind that you are going to recover and you see yourself recovering, you will do that thanks to the minds immense power over the flesh. Now imagine growing destructive concepts for decades and feeding them with thoughts and invested energy, what outcome will they have and how hard will it be to reverse them. I know this and I am writing about this because I've lived it on my own skin. I had to face anxiety disorders, panic attacks and depression in the last year or so and I know that they're all mind created and fed through continuous poisoning thinking. But since the mind has created, the mind has the power to eradicate them so I had to work with my own mind and destroy its creation. I haven't conquered them 100% but I am progressing and I know what it takes to battle your own mind. This is in my opinion the strongest force that one can face and battle again. That's why I think that planting positive thoughts and relaxing our mind once in a while through meditation or other types of activities is of an immense help. There might be some more powerful forces to battle against but for me this is the strongest. However when one tames his mind and turns it to his use it becomes stronger than he has ever imagines. 


In my opinion, the hardest battle one can ever face, is against fear, a lot of people finds it difficult to conquer fear, some have taken up the challenge but definitely failed this is because fear goes beyond the imagination, it controls the outcome of our every decision, it cripples potential taking of risk that may guarantee success and tend to remind the persona of the dangers involved in doing something and omits the chances and prospects of successes that may be involved in taking that risk.

In a bid to rule fear, fear has actually ruled people, determined their decision and life and a whole lot of people never overcomes fear because the battle against fear intertwines with the the emotion which makes one unable to win the battle against fear.

Fear cripples courage sometimes and kills hope, it makes people make rash decision and in a desperate bid to overcome or defeat fear people have actually done crazy things, fear makes you rush into things without thinking and because fear lives in the emotion it makes it the hardest battle a human can ever face.


I think the hardest battle one can face is addiction. Whatever form it may take be it alcoholism, smoking ,porn addiction and every other harmful substance or content that can get you addicted.

We underestimate addiction to the point where some people think they can hop in and out of a bad habit by their own doing. Unfortunately most of them end up dead and the few that conquer it do so with a heavy price.

The battle against addiction is one that is insidious and not to be joked with because most people who get addicted didn't have the intention of doing so. They relied on substances or certain actions to ease thier pain but what they didnt know was that they were playing with a double edged knife.

I see Addiction as a demon that once its been casted out stays by the corner waiting for you to waver and once you do, it will come rushing back to you with full force hence making you to loose the battle against it.


 Against death, without a doubt, is a battle that can last for years and in the end whatever you do you can never win. Yes perhaps there are battles that generate more conflicts and are surely just as hard, but ask a sick person what is the hardest thing he has had to live and try to overcome and no doubt will tell you that death.  

The death is that silent enemy that although it is not looking for us always is attentive to what we do, and the only one that is able to withstand our final thrusts to postpone it.

There are no fights that death does not win, may lose some matches but at the end of the game always comes out victorious.


One of the hardest battles you can ever face is between what you know in your head (Spirit) and what vou feel in your heart. You go back and forth between what is trying to impose your mind and what your heart wants to feel. So you do not really know what to do: let yourself be guided by the emotions that flow in you or quietly listen to your reason? 

When there is a conflict between the mind and the heart, many people try to take a stand. On the one hand, there are those who believe that reason is superior to feelings because letting ourselves be carried by them makes us vulnerable. And, on the other hand, some people believe that emotions are essential to being able to love others, and that love is what makes us live.

The fact is that all of them are right, in part. The human being is characterized by his reason and his heart, and the two form a whole that can not be divided. Separating them, in fact, is dangerous: the mind would use logic but forget what you feel, while the heart would guide you but could be wrong because it would have no control.

If you do not know what to do, start by listening to your head is a good option. First, because it is she who is responsible for thinking, arguing and providing common sense to your most intimate being. Secondly, because it is your mind that will bring that point of wisdom that may be lacking.

However, if you have no choice but to tip the scales on one side, do not let your heart be the servant of your mind. Remember that the right answer is not always logical and that acting without being in agreement with how you feel will get you nowhere. It is good to listen to what your heart has to say to you.

It is possible that it has been attributed the property of being blind but, despite everything, it is the part of your body that knows the most. Have you ever heard that phrase that says reason does not know what the heart already knows in advance? The heart is especially adrenaline specialist, intuition, dramas, love and resistance. It is he who will give meaning to what you do, even if you do not see any meaning at all.

Emotions are decisive in a rational process. In fact, it is said that it is our feelings that mark our path, but it is our head that chooses the best form to place us on this one.

What is needed is to bring harmony to this confusion in which you find yourself. You will do this by listening, setting priorities and values that bring you closer to where you want to go. Turning your back on your mind will do you no good, since you will face situations without the least restraint. And not listening to your heart will do the same: you will never understand why you are moving in one direction or another.


Being a mom -- one of the hardest battles of all in my opinion.

Moms are amazing. They generally are the ones who raise a child in many respects in addition to carrying a child to term for the better part of a year. Is the job worth it? I almost unanimously hear the word "yes," even though the moms I know were mentally and physically exhausted for over a decade during the raising process.

They still carry on. But the moments that arise from being a mom are more rewarding than the massive amount of effort raising a child can take. Dads aren't out of this picture at all -- but today, we're talking moms.


Overcoming long term depression or addiction, other disorders if they have taken hold and developed over several years. 

Everyone has some moderate form of these in their lifetime, whether realized or not. But in some cases they started early, gradually, and might look like something else. You could go years and get by because you had supportive people around you, and a well rehearsed pattern. Then at some point, there´s a major life event or some kind of train wreck and things start to fall apart. The pit can go incredibly deep. 

Continuing to live with these will lead to many hardships. These add to the stress and  burdens therefore, complexity will be compounded, with contributing factors that can include underlying illness, unresolved past trauma or something else that is not apparent to anyone until reappearing one day, overriding rational, characteristic response.

But the most damaging road block to recovery is stigma. Stigma prompts an affected person to avoid exposure, and for good reason! And this will compound trouble, illness or injury. These do not improve if further adaptations are the only ways left to cope. Difficulty needs to be aired and brought into the light of day.  In a  natural, healthy environment, colony of the same species will come to the aid of, work to support and rescue that which they identify as an extension of themselves rather than shun, reject, avoid, undermine, criminalize, prosecute or shame. 

People assume that they know more than they do. More so if their life thus far has been comfortable. Experience changes everything.  And many just prefer to not think about what a person may be going through because judging a ¨bad¨ or odd person is much easier than daring to imagine what might lead you to behave similarly or to suspend judgement when it is not necessary. 

Support can be as simple as suspending judgement when it is not necessary. 

Mine and your comfort and validation are not necessities but rather a cause of emphatic blindness.  

It would take a chronic systemic illness to cause enough confusion in a body to present disproportionately enriched patches of cell colonies alongside  neglected neighboring areas or in advanced case: a body that is attacking and cannibalizing itself. 

Among the hardest battles that One (I mean all of us) can face is the challenge to recover genuine human intelligence, and spread it throughout the body to heal the entire ecosystem head to toe.by taking opportunity when it presents itself. Can´t plan or coordinate this one any more than I planned on rambling on here. And to realize what human intelligence is NOT. 

It is not second hand knowledge. It´s not right from wrong. Wherever there are two, itś a contest, a distraction and a conflict. 

This is what is more important and itś .. the farthest thing from prioritizing the advancement of technology or of industry, nor shareholder profits nor market domination or any other non living concept faster than ever before, despite how these might be applied to subdue symptoms. Despite how reading that made me or you or anyone else react. 

A race is good within context. But it´s short lived , not a state of well being. If the first and last are not coming together, every one present is coming apart. 

For One to recover well being, before all incur the agony of illness, we have to  break focus from false urgency and deceptive additions - because two does not arrive from combining one & the other one, but by misery ignited when One is divided. 

Everything starts and ends with 1. Anything else is trying to pull it together and find itself. Whomever you see out there, keep stretching until you can fit this in.. Once me and I evaporate, youĺl see that other person is none other than you . 

There is no ¨how¨ to this. Itś just time to come home. Wake up where you started. Right where you are, right now.


The hardest fight one can ever go up against, can't keep away from being against dread, distinctive individuals feels that its hard to pound fear, some have responded to the call yet no doubt fizzled this is by uprightness of dread goes past beyond what many would consider possible, it controls the aftereffect of our each choice, it hurts potential putting everything staying in a basic express that may ensure achievement and will everything considered help the persona to overview the perils related with accomplishing something and discards the odds and prospects of triumphs that might be related with placing everything being referred to. In an offer to run fear, fear has really controlled individuals, picked their choice and life and a tremendous extent of individuals never vanquishes fear in light of the way in which that the fight against dread joins with the tendency which makes one unfit to win the fight against dread.

Dread hurt people coarseness every once in a while and executes trust, it settles on individuals settle on impulsive choice and in a focused on offer to continue or vanquish fear individuals have fantastically done insane things, fear makes you race into things without considering and in light of the way in which that fear lives in the tendency it makes it the hardest fight a human can ever stand up to.


I think the probability of facing the most difficult fight is very low. Because anger increases through a tough battle. This anger continues to increase. At one time this war takes a terrible form. Therefore, there is no possibility of facing the most difficult fight.

But it will depend on whether the king and the commander of both sides. Sometimes there is a possibility of a difficult fight to face. Two groups anger works more. But I do not want war.

I want to face. The war is a very dangerous thing. The war is created through envy, anger, greed etc. To accept the defeat of a group like to be defeated. But no one wants to defeat the defeat. There is no chance of face to face.


Whether I should go outside and take a breath of fresh air or continue to sit at my desk and finish up my work. On the one hand I know I need it, but the need to complete something makes me stay put. 


What's the hardest battle one can face - it's waking up on the first alarm you set. Once the alarm went off, you have to get up and do your daily thing. Not pressing the snooze button for the nth time. 😉