Is it better to have one dog or two??

It depends actually. There are pros and cons in having one dog only:

Pros: If you only have a single pet, you can give your time and focus on taking care of the dog. Taking care of his/her health and its grooming. You can give your time in playing with the dog, walking the dog, and providing its wants better because you only have one to take care of. Also, sometimes dogs don't get along with other dogs, to avoid fights, better keep one.

Cons: The dog may get lonely because he/she does not have someone to play with when you are away. For example, when you go to work, who will keep the dog company? Having a pet is like having children, it may require hard work but at the and of the day, you still love all of them the same.

I think there is no definite answer to this question as the number of dogs depend on your capability as an owner to provide for the dog's needs. If you think you have the time and money to provide for more than one dog, then do so. But if not, then don't. I hope this helps!


If I asked you the same question about kids, what would be your response? I think it would be better to have two dogs for many obvious reasons. I once had a dog as a pet but I noticed it was too lonely. No companion to probably bark along with so I got another dog and realized how happy the first dog I had was. Having two dogs is obviously better than having one even though it will cost a lot to cater for two instead of one. If you really care about the well being of your dog, then getting him/her a companion would be a wise thing to do.


Either to have one dog or two really depends on you. How capable are you in taking good care of such lovable creatures? How financially prepared are you to provide them with all their needs? How emotionally ready are you to take on the role as their friend, companion and master?

If you only have one dog, maintenance cost is more affordable. Most likely you will be able to provide your dog with all his essential needs from food, vaccination and spacious space to rest. You'll be able to give him more time and undivided attention to cuddle and play. The dog may be alone but definitely not lonely.

While two dogs can cost more. The expenses incurred for having two dogs of course is higher. You need to balance your time and attention between the two so no one will be left out. But having two dogs can be really fun.

Dogs are like children who need to be nurtured, guided and showered with love. Young dogs need to be trained and disciplined just like small children and you as parent.

Are you prepared to accept these responsibilities ? Remember, you can't just have a dog because he is cute and later on ignore and neglect them like other parents do with their children.

Weigh in the advantages and disadvantages. How do you see yourself with either just one dog or two dogs. Then decide.

Good luck.


You need to take the well-being of the dog in the first place.

It's the same as with cats. 

You can have 1 cat or 7 cats, but if you keep them in a 25 square meter apartment, they will not be very happy.

Dogs require of course more space. 

So, if you have a one room apartment, Zero dogs is the number perfect for you.

If you have a backyard for the dog to play at, you can have Two dogs, no problem there.


We have always had two dogs so they have  a companion. not everyone can afford to keep two dogs and they may not have  a big enough garden either.

We have a big dog and a smaller dog so there is no fighting  over who is more dominant. I believe that when we are not there during the day that a dog on its own would be bored. Having a playmate I think is great for them as they do everything together.


It totally depends on the time & budget that you have because pets have a tendency to be time consuming & costly.

If you're a beginner in taking care of pets, then I suggest for you to have only one dog until you are able to cope up with it. If by then you think that your spare time & budhet can allow one more dog then you can add one more to the pack😊