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What was the last thing that made you cry?

ARROW: Season 4.

I don't know if I am too emotional but laurel's death really shook me a bit while I was watching the movie and I ...... erhm ..... cried.

Maybe because I wasn't expecting it or because of the background music used in her death scene, but I was moved and touched at her dying words.

I don't know if you have watched the movie but I wasn't really surprised when Damien Darkh or is it the Ras al ghul stabbed her in the stomach because I was expecting quick recovery from her like the other American fiction movies, but then I just saw Oliver reaction (even though he faked it) at her death bed then I knew she would die. I was moved and I started to blame John Diggle for trusting his brother too much who later betrayed them.

Anyway, I stopped watching the movie already, and I have really missed it but my schedule seems really tight these days so I have stopped for now.

But that was the last time I can remember shedding some real tears. So it is more than a year now that I cried and I don't think I ever want to cry like that again



When I found this question, I remembered my mother's memories again. 52 days ago I still held his hand and fed him with my hand. I took care of him when he was sick and lay weak in the hospital.

As a child and I am also a mother, I remember when I was treated and cared for from childhood until I grew up and married. Mother is always present when I am difficult, happy and makes me as a life mate.

When I write this answer, my tears keep coming out endlessly, I miss him so much. The last time I cried when I saw my mother's body was put into the graveyard as her final resting place.

I could not imagine how sad I was at that time, a very person. I love going now forever.

Tonight I cried again because I remembered the happy memories of my mother still in this world, goodbye, mother. May you calm down in heaven with God.


My family. Few months ago, my family went through some financial crisis. We couldn't provide a three square meal for ourselves the adults and the children barely had two square meals. Despite the financial crisis, my aunt was terribly I'll and one morning she woke up and was crying. I saw her and asked her why she was crying and she told me that she can't bear the pains anymore. She wanted to die and all this because we couldn't afford her treatment.

I left her, but the picture of tears flowing down her cheeks kept on flashing on through my memory and I cried. I cried because despite all my endeavours to generate funds nothing seemed fruifuil. It seemed as if we were being punished for a crime we didn't commit.

Thankfully, all these were in the past and though we've not attained the celebrity type of wealth, we'll never be in that kind of situation by God's grace.


An onion. I was making home made hamburgers and one of the ingredients I put in my burger mix is finely diced onions.

I normally don't get affected by onions but these ones were strong. Sorry it was nothing sad and more interesting.


I can't really say what made me cry but the last time I cried was when I got an unjust treatment. All my hardwork was just like something that was thrown into the Ocean. I wanted to blame myself for failing, I just wanted to took the blame but I couldn't because I did my best I was treated unjustly by some folks. That experience of mine made me more stronger and ready to face difficulties


I cry a broad measure. The last time I cried was the time when I was driving and a vehicle that had been before me for thirty minutes anticipated that would turn. A few minutes at some point later the vehicle that had been behind me for around 30 minutes in like way turned right. I just got so stunning in light of the way that I thought we were ensure pals and after that they all left.


That frickin' movie, Then Came You. Boohooo. Made me cry but not too much. Just enough. It's not all sad but there are sad parts that can make one cry.