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What is your favorite means of public transportation??

With this question, i guess it would depend on several factors such as distance , urgency ,convinience, etc.

But since not specified, i will answer for long distance travel.

Withinn Africa, moving from country to country, i prefer using a bus. I am adventurous at heart, this would give me a chance to make few stops here and there for overnight or 1 day stay giving

me chance to explore the area.

I have not particularly done this before but its in my to do list.

What i have done before is, for instancr travelling from Dar es salaam, Tanzania to Kampala, Uganda.

We used t to leave dar early morning, since i was experienced with this long 48hrs journey, we would get comfortable with pillows, warm socks, good music, snacks And book. This journey goes and makes Brief stops In many cities in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, with an overnight stay in Nairobi. We would leave Dar early morning and arrive. Kampala In the late afternoon on the 3rd day. I wasn't as adventurous then as i am Now, so. I plan to make the trip more worth while.

Each city had its Different set of people with different approach and accents, this is a nice Way to learn the differences of many regions , if you are the adventurous type.

Another enjoyable journey is Tanzania to Zambia via the Tazara Railway line. This is another long 48 hour trip. A first class or semi ticket would provide you a bed and a bathroom. There's a restaurant inside And even bars. You get to mix up and meet alot of people. And like. Mentioned above, you make several stops in different towns that will make it easier For you to explore.

Another very long road journey i have embarked on os from Tanzania to Botswana, via Zambia and Zimbabwe. We passed through 4 countries in 3-4 days, this was Amazing and eye opening at the same time.

Of course i traveled thid way because i had the time too, other wise i have done the same trip by air and arrived in 10hrs.


Very interesting question. My favorite means of public transportation is train.

I can name a couple of reasons for my choice. The first and most obvious one is being able to watch the view. 

When I am on the train, I sometimes feel like the railways are specifically built on places where the nature is the most beautiful. Wouldn't you agree?

The other reasons are that it is mostly cheap, comfortable, and without traffic. If you are coming from a city where people spend hours and hours in traffic (I come from Istanbul, and Istanbul is probably the best example of such cities), you automatically look for methods of transportation which do not make you lose time. 

However, it is not the fastest way of transportation. Especially for long distances, taking the plane would make you arrive your target much faster. Nevertheless, I somehow find the planes unattractive. The whole security problems, the things that you are not allowed to take, being in the airport before hours etc. I prefer spending my time in the train looking out of window, enjoying the view (if you want, you can use your mobile phone too!)

Source for image: https://www.wallpaperu3.com/leaves-on-rail-track-wallpaper-background.html


Air. I live in a country and city where everywhere is congested. There is always traffic and a journey of perhaps 30 minutes will take you approximately 2 hours or more due to traffic congestion/jam. I travelled from a state to another which would normally take 10-12 hours. But I used flight and I ended up spending just an hour 30 minutes on air. It was such a huge relief as I couldn't imagine spending close to 12 hours on the road. It could have been exhausting and discouraging if I had gone by road. Being someone who doesn't really like travelling, spending even 2 hours on the road, sweaty, stuck in traffic gets me really exhausted.  Sometimes, I wish we can also have cars that move in the air to reduce my plight of having to move by road. Most times, I rather stay at home because I detest the traffic I'll encounter on the road which is almost always a given. 

So, to me, my favourite and best means of transportation would be Air. Someone please get me an air-car.


Here in the Philippines, we have jeepneys and it is my favorite means of public transportation.

I like it because I prefer non aircon public transportation cause I could feel/ become dizzy inside an aircon vehicle. Depends if what is the smell, I mean, I do not like the smell of air fresheners especially in a closed space.

Although there are aircon type jeepneys already, it is still very few and in limited areas only.

If it is a long travel like going to the provinces, the public transportation for it here are usually the buses. Whenever riding a bus, I also choose the non aircon ones if ever there is available.

I also enjoy riding in the train since there is no traffic although seldom to get a seat cause it is usually full.


My most loved method of transportation is a blend of bike + transport or bike + train. Being in the US, it is anything but difficult to convey my bike (bicycle) on a transport or train and go to work, removed shopping center, stop, mountains, shorelines and so forth and so on. 

Biking to the station gives me great exercise, and after that I can stop my bicycle on a rack on the transport or train (most transports and prepares in the US have bicycle racks on them). 

Riding the transport or train gets a good deal on gas and furthermore spares me from the problem of driving (which implies activity, stopping, and taking a chance with my life on interstates). As opposed to agonizing over driving diverted, when I'm on the train or transport, I can be as occupied as I need, on my phone, iPad, PC, and so forth. Numerous individuals tune in to music or play diversions with earphones on. A few transports and prepares even have WiFi as well as charging outlets. 

Furthermore, riding on the transport or train is unwinding and it gives personal time to make up for lost time with perusing material, web based life/correspondence with family and companions, composing or other innovative exercises. Some of the time riding the transport or train can likewise be an extraordinary affair of meeting new individuals. I've heard that a few people who drive on a similar transport or train each day even make durable fellowships. Also, I have seen individuals completing a portion of their assignments while riding a transport of train, such a sewing a sweater, helping their child with home work, and notwithstanding applying cosmetics. 

In conclusion, on the off chance that I was driving my child some place in the vehicle he would need to be in a vehicle situate in the secondary lounge. Be that as it may, going with him on a transport or a train, it allows us to invest greater quality energy!


Domestically, train. I always take the train if a train connection is available. That's because I can go to the restaurant car and have a beer. There are more people on board a train than on a bus and it's easier to find someone to talk to and pass the time that way. Train connections are usually much faster, too. There's something special about trains. I've loved trains since I was a kid. If no train connection exists, I can live with taking the bus, which is usually cheaper, too.

Internationally, airplane. Nothing beats flying in speed and cost-effectiveness in international travel. 


I love to fly. I hate buses and have never been on a train. I am not sure why I like flying so much but I do.