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Are multi-vitamin supplementshoek actually healthy?

Yes, especially when you have a medical condition that makes you lose specific vitamins in your system. However, vitamins are not cures unless their deficiency is the one causing you the disease. Good examples of this is scurvy which is caused by lack of Vitamin C. 

Taking vitamins does not necessarily give you a strong advantage against diseases. Frequent intake may even be harmful to you if your body has no way of regulating them in cases of liver problems where fat soluble vitamins just accumulates. I recommend reading more about hypervitaminosis in this case. 


Like this, supplements can indeed present a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. But, I think only for certain groups, like pregnant women or parents, but for normal people, I don't think it's necessary.

Why did I say that?

It's true, to get vitamin intake in the body, many people really choose to take supplements.

However, do they know what they are doing?

I think regular vitamin supplements are still safe to drink because they work in accordance with food and contain smaller doses, these supplements are in accordance with our daily intake.

However, it is different from high-level or high-dose supplements.


Because as I know, this multivitamin content is a high-dose supplement of several vitamins, for example: Vitamin B (including B1, B12 and biotin), and other types of vitamins. In addition, calcium, magnesium and potassium are also relatively high.

So, mixing various types of vitamins and minerals can cause health problems.

So, if you take supplements, it is wiser to choose the product to be used and try the normal dose.

If you want something extraordinary, nature is the right answer, I think you understand what I mean. 🙏


There are several pros and cons in taking multi-vitamins.


  • Improve body function.
  • Improve mental health
  • Reducing the risk of vitamin deficiencies
  • Increase appetite (especially for children and the elderly)


  • Risk of poisoning
  • Can cause more damage to the body if consumed in excess. 

actually taking vitamin pill supplements daily isn't harmful to health. This action is truly helpful. however it ought to be noted, supplements aren't medicine to forestall and treat bound sorts of diseases.

In addition, another issue that you just additionally ought to listen to is do not let the necessary role of nutritive foods like vegetables and fruits get replaced by supplements. as a result of primarily, natural sources of nutrition and food derived square measure higher than those obtained from supplements. So, if you bear daily food, all biological process desires like vitamins and minerals are often consummated, you do not ought to take supplements, particularly people who square measure overpriced.

Overall, consumption of supplements like multivitamins et al. is safe. However, this doesn't essentially cause you to healthier than not taking supplements in the least. Therefore, you're suggested to not think about supplements. it'd be higher if you adopt a healthy life-style, eat nutritive and balanced foods, and exercise frequently and frequently.


As the word implies, it's a supplement to a person's required nutrition.

I would say it's healthy, but it wouldn't make a person even healthier compared to a person that doesn't intake any vitamins. For as long as a person eat a balance diet and do sufficient exercise then we're good even without the vitamins.